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Use our Auto Engagements service to quickly expand your influence on Twitter. Once you choose one of our plans you will receive...

  • Likes & retweets on all your tweets
  • Engagement from real, active users
  • Instant, organic & safe results
  • Stronger credibility & wider reach
  • Our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee
Engaged tweets
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How do Auto Engagements work?

Twitter Followers Example

Our cutting edge, and time-tested, techniques involve our large network of Twitter users. They drive retweets and likes to your tweets, dramatically increasing the number of engagements you receive on every tweet. Don’t worry, the accounts that are engaging with you are active and look natural. You tweet whatever you want, and we handle your success!

100% Safe, Natural & Anonymous


We’re constantly testing, improving, and optimizing our Auto Engagement service. Our goal is for it to be 100% safe, effective, and anonymous. Our service is delivered to you organically, we never ask for your password, and your info is always kept confidential. You’re sliding into home plate, and the umpire has both arms out wide: SAFE!

Money-back guarantee

Our Guarantee and Replacement Warranty

Money-back guarantee

We are not satisfied until you’re completely satisfied! Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee will make sure of it. What’s even better is that there is no contract. You are free to cancel at anytime.

Customer Feedback & Reviews

Common Questions & Answers

Can Auto Engagements be Geo-Targeted?

Yes, Geo-Targeting is available as an optional Premium add-on to any Twitter Auto Engagements order. With this option selected, your Auto Engagements campaign will be more specifically targeted to users in the region(s) selected, resulting in more retweets and likes from users in the region.

By default, Worldwide is our standard. We do not filter or target specifically, allowing you to receive retweets and likes unfiltered and naturally. Premium Geo-Targeting options include • USA
• Canada
North America
, • United Kingdom (UK)
• Ireland
• Germany
• France
• Italy
• Poland
Western Europe
, • Qatar
• Kawait
• Saudi Arabia
Middle East
, • Mexico
• Spain
• Argentina
• Puerto Rico
• Chile
• Colombia
Latin America
, and • Australia
• New Zealand

Not _all_ of the Retweets and Likes you receive will be from the region you choose. However, engagements with these tweets will be of a higher percentage of users from that region—in the area of 50–90%, generally. Additional organic users may still retweet or like your tweet outside of the region, which Devumi has no control over.

Can I Help Another User's Tweet Gain Retweets and Likes by Retweeting Them?

Yes, you can. You can become a “Retweet Hero” and be able to send anyone’s tweets massive amounts of Retweets and Likes by simply retweeting their tweet yourself. That’s it.

In order to enable this feature, simply select the “Tweets I Retweet” option under “Tweets To Engage” when you are placing your order. Simple!

Now, when you want to promote someone’s tweet you simply have to retweet it. With that, their tweet will be promoted under your plan and gain similar amounts of likes and retweets that you receive.

How Can I Change My Plan Settings?

It’s easy! Simply touch base with our awesome customer service via this contact page.

There, you will find information about connecting with our stellar team. Our rep will take you through your options and will make your changes quickly and accurately.

Do You Need My Login or Password to Deliver Automatic Retweets or Likes With Auto Engagements?

Banish the thought…never! We won’t ever ask you for login or password information. Your personal info is kept absolutely confidential when you order Twitter Auto Engagements from Devumi.

How Many Retweets and Likes Can Devumi Deliver to One Tweet with Auto Engagements?

It depends upon which plan you choose. One thing that every Auto Engagement order delivers includes active users and organic results.

We can deliver thousands of engagements per tweet, buy that number may vary on how often you tweet and if you’d like to target specific users to retweets / like.

We can do a maximum of about 10,000 Retweets & Likes per tweet with Auto Engagements. Geo-Targeting Plans are typically more restrictive with around 1,000 or less engagements per tweet on average. If you’re seeking a larger plan outside of our norm, just contact us and we’ll discuss it.

Do Retweets and Likes Look Natural?

Absolutely! The Retweets and Likes you will receive from Devumi’s Auto Engagement service will look completely natural. They’ll be from real fast and active Twitter users, begin almost right away but are gradually delivered so you don’t have a sudden spike.

Will People Know I Use Devumi's Twitter Auto Engagements?

Not a chance! The Retweets and Likes we deliver are from users with full-fledged profiles, including (attractive) photos, plenty of their own tweets and followers of their own. Using our cutting-edge, time-tested tactics, we’ll deliver these Likes and Retweets directly to you. Your account will see strong, steady growth.

In fact, the only way that your friends and current Twitter followers will know that you’ve purchased Devumi Auto Engagements is if you tell them. (And even then, they might not believe you!)

The best part? We’ve been doing this over 7 years, have successfully serviced more than 300,000 accounts, and your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Is It Safe to Buy Auto Engagements?

Yes, our Auto Engagements service is as safe as gaining likes and retweets organically. We only use external marketing tactics that abide by Twitter’s terms of service and guidelines.

In addition, our service and results are completely anonymous. They look natural and are derived from organic sources around the web. Even if you bragged about buying Devumi Auto Engagements and someone reported you, nothing would likely happen.

We haven’t receive a single complaint of an account getting banned or a tweet getting removed from purchasing Twitter Auto Engagements.

What Happened to Daily Engagements?

Sorry, any Daily Engagements superfans, we have phased it out, yet all existing subscriptions will be honored. C’mon over and check out our Auto Engagements service, we think you’re going to love it!

What Happened to the Bird Plans (Hummingbird, Sparrow, Owl, etc.) for Auto Engagements?

Well, some of our birds wanted to form a union in order to fly south for vacation earlier in the season, so we had to let them go.

Kidding! We found that all the different avian plans were confusing to some customers, and decided to streamline the names a bit.

This update will have absolutely no effect on existing subscriptions.

How Do I Upgrade My Auto Engagements Subscription to High Volume?

Congratulations! We’re thrilled that you want to widen the reach of your Auto Engagements.

Simply connect with our kick-ass customer support team, and they will be thrilled to make any changes you desire.

How Do I Change My Auto Engagement's Geo-Targeting Settings?

If you’d like to broaden your reach of your Geo-Targeting (or perhaps switch it up), please contact our awesome customer service department. They will be happy to alter any aspect of your account for you, accurately and quickly.

Why Did I Stop Receiving Retweets and Likes on My Tweets?

There are a couple of possibilities, neither of which is cause for worry.

If you tweet more than the Tweet Volume setting you have selected (20 or 50 tweets per day), your new tweets may not be promoted until the following day.

In rare instances, we have to perform emergency maintenance on our Auto Engagements system, and have to pause some campaigns to resolve the issue.

How Soon Will I See Results After I Tweet?

Believe it or not, the well-oiled machine that is Devumi will start delivering Likes and Retweets to your account within 10 short minutes (if you’re lucky, and we’re not swamped, you may see results within a whopping 30 seconds!).

The actual turnaround time, like many things in life, depends primarily on supply and demand.

Will the Auto Engagements Service Automatically Get My Tweets More Retweets and Likes?

Yes, automatically.

Our system will detect when you send out a tweet and we will add it to our Retweet and Likes campaign queue, where it will be promoted within 10 minutes.

Do you Offer Geo-Targeting for Twitter Auto Engagements?

Yes. Yes we do!

When you purchase an Auto Engagement plan, you will have the option to target your tweets to the regions of the world that are the most relevant for your content. The choices are Worldwide, U.S.A, U.K., Middle-East, Latin America, and Oceana.

What Is Tweet Volume?

Simply put, Tweet Volume is the amount of tweets you post over a given period of time.

When it comes to our Twitter Auto Engagements service, Tweet Volume is the number of tweets you’ll expecting us to retweet for you daily.

Normal Tweet Volume is considered 20 tweets or less per day. High Volume is considered 50 tweets or less per day.

What Are Twitter Auto Engagements?

Devumi’s Twitter Auto Engagements service is one of the most innovative concepts in the social-media marketing realm.This one-of-a-kind plan will quickly help you expand your influence on Twitter.

Once your campaign is active (we get to work, typically within 10 quick minutes); we’ll automatically promote your new tweets, which will attract real fast retweets and likes.

Our customization options are pretty sweet: You may choose which tweets to engage (“My Tweets,” “My Replies,” and “Tweets I Retweet”). Another great option is tweet volume (“Normal,” 2 to 25 Tweets Daily) or (“High-Volume,” 25 to 50 Tweets Daily).

You may also target your tweets to the regions of the world that are ideal for your content (Worldwide, U.S.A, U.K., Middle-East, Latin America, and Oceana). Of course, you may also choose the duration of your plan.

Once you choose and order your plan, you will receive likes and retweets on all your new tweets within about 10 minutes of tweeting; engagement from real fast, active users; instant, organic, and safe results; and stronger credibility and wider reach.

You’ll also receive our ironclad 100% Risk-Free Guarantee, and we even tell you How It Works. What’s not to love?

Do you offer a Non-Recurring Plan?

Yes, you don’t have to subscribe to enjoy Auto Engagements. You can purchase a prepaid version of Auto Engagements here, or as an Add-On with any Twitter Followers plan.

Do You Offer a Free Trial for Twitter Auto Engagements?

Unfortunately, Devumi doesn’t offer free trials for Auto Engagements.

If you’re interested in checking us out without commitment, we do offer a risk-free trial period. If you’re not satisfied with our Auto Engagements service within 48 hours, we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

As well, our Twitter Auto Engagement plans start at just $29 a month.

What Payment Methods Are Available for Auto Engagements?

You may pay for Auto Engagements with PayPal or with a major credit card. Bitcoin is not available as Devumi’s Auto Engagement service is an ongoing subscription.

How Can I Upgrade or Downgrade My Plan?

It’s easy. Simply contact our friendly 24/7/365 customer service via this contact page. There you will find information about emailing our reps, and they will make any plan adjustments you desire.

Do unused Auto Engagements rollover to the next day or month?

No, Auto Engagements do not roll over unfortunately. Plans are based on Daily Engagements, centered around your tweeting habits. If you do not tweet on a certain day, those missed daily engagements are not added to the next day.

However, if your not getting all of your daily engagements due to a change in your tweeting habits, we can easily readjust your plan (just contact us).

How are the retweets and favorites divided?

The Engagements plans are based on how many engagements you’ll receive daily. By default, retweets and favorites are divided based on your tweeting habits, while still looking organic and natural (each tweets receives different amounts of engagements).

This is 100% customizable when you order, and adjustable later on. Just contact Customer Support and they’ll assist you.

Why has my service stopped?

Each Auto Engagements plan has a Daily Limit. If you have been tweeting alot, you may have gone over this daily limit and won’t receive any new engagements until the next day.

You can always upgrade your plan if this happens too frequently, or contact us if you’d like us to readjust your split.

How do I know which package I should purchase?

Each plans are based on the maximum engagements (ie. Retweets & Favorites) you’ll receive daily. Choosing the right plan will depend on how many engagements you want per tweet and how often you tweet. If you tweet a lot and want lots of engagements, you’ll probably need a large plan. If you’re not sure what plan you choose, simply contact our support team. We’ll be more than happy to help.

Can I change the amount of retweets and/or favorites I am receiving on each tweet?

Yes, you may adjust the amount of retweets and favorites you are receiving by contacting our support team. They will be happy to assist you.

How Can I Cancel My Auto Engagements Subscription?

First off, we certainly hope you don’t cancel, and we’ll do everything in our power to get you to stick around!

However, if you are determined to go, we won’t give you a tough time. Just login to your My Account page and click the cancel button that appears next to your active subscription.

This action will automatically cancel your subscription and payment profile, and you won’t be charged again. If you do not have an account or have issues canceling, you may contact our support team, they will be happy to cancel the service for you.

Who’s going to retweet and favorite my tweets?

Tom, Dick and Harry. The door is open, so we don’t know exactly who’s going to be engaging with your tweets, but we can be certain that they are active tweeters and they look diverse and real fast. We can also filter your exposure, so only users from your country or region engage with your tweets.

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