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YouTube Ranking Experiment: What Happens When You Buy YouTube Views?

Written by John Beckett on September 7, 2017

Here at Devumi, we are not just talk. We are here to truly help you improve your YouTube channel through our services. If our services don’t work, then we can’t help you. We run experiments to make sure that our techniques are still working, and I would like to share our YouTube ranking experiment with […]

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Better Use YouTube for Business: Understand its Strengths and Weaknesses

Written by local on July 17, 2017

Using YouTube for business is a tactic that anyone doing online marketing can benefit from. YouTube is good at many aspects of marketing, and can really help your business, but there are some drawbacks that you need to be aware of. Learn to use it better by understanding its strengths and weaknesses, and get the most […]

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The Fyre Festival Fiasco: When Influencers Go Bad

Written by John Beckett on May 4, 2017

The Fyre Festival was a planned music event spearheaded by Ja Rule and businessman Billy McFarland. Billed as a “luxury music festival,” the event was to be held on an island in the Bahamas. Aside from performances by popular acts like Blink-182, Tyga, and Designer, event-goers were promised two weeks of “fun-filled” activities amidst luxurious amenities.

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United Airlines PR Disaster: What you Can Learn from Their #FAIL

Written by John Beckett on April 21, 2017

Social media has become an indispensable tool for brands to connect with their customers and the general public. There are times, though, where companies fail to properly communicate on these platforms. When left unchecked, they turn into PR disasters like what happened to United Airlines recently. Read on to understand what went wrong, and how […]

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Every Single Thing That You Can do With our YouTube Marketing Services

Written by John Beckett on March 15, 2017

We are having a promotion on all of our YouTube marketing services, and we wanted to show you all the ways that these services can benefit you. With three different services to choose from, there is one that is guaranteed to help you improve your YouTube channel right now. Don’t sleep on this promotion, take […]

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