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Twitter Follower Tracker Tools: 5 Which Accurately Track your Followers

Written by John Beckett on November 23, 2017

Keeping track of your followers on Twitter can sometimes be tedious work. Here are five Twitter follower tracker tools that can help with the work and do more for your efforts on the platform.

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What is Twitter Used for, and Why do People Tweet?

Written by John Beckett on August 10, 2017

Ever since it was launched in 2006, Twitter has grown to become one of the biggest social media platforms for businesses, organizations, and individuals alike. While it has indeed become ubiquitous, some still ask, “What is Twitter used for?” Read on to understand what Twitter is used for and how to harness its power.

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The Dangers of Twitter Auto Follower Tools

Written by John Beckett on May 1, 2017

An important task you need to accomplish for a successful Twitter presence is to attract as many followers as you can. This is often easier said than done, though, which is why many are tempted to resort to using Twitter auto follower tools. But, are these tools really worth the time and money? Read on […]

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United Airlines PR Disaster: What you Can Learn from Their #FAIL

Written by John Beckett on April 21, 2017

Social media has become an indispensable tool for brands to connect with their customers and the general public. There are times, though, where companies fail to properly communicate on these platforms. When left unchecked, they turn into PR disasters like what happened to United Airlines recently. Read on to understand what went wrong, and how […]

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Make Money with Twitter: Get Rich in 140 Characters or Less

Written by John Beckett on April 18, 2017

Twitter has long been proven to be an effective tool to market businesses. Marketers are finding that the platform can be used to directly generate income. Read on to learn about some of the strategies that can help you make money with Twitter, and how you can increase the effectiveness of your own tweet monetizations […]

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