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Pinterest Integrates with Facebook Messenger, Also Launches New Chatbot

Written by John Beckett on December 18, 2017

With Facebook being the most used social media platform, Pinterest decided to ride that popularity with two new tools for the former’s Messenger app.

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Pinterest’s New Lens Your Look And Pincodes are a Vast Improvement

Written by local on November 15, 2017

With more people using Pinterest to discover new products and ideas, the site has been actively providing a helping hand in making it easier easier to do so. Newly announced visual discovery tools, know as Lens Your Look and Pincodes, will surely help even more.

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Pinterest Board Sections Feature Gives You New Pin Organization Options

Written by John Beckett on November 14, 2017

With more people using Pinterest to discover new brands and product, helping them locate a specific pin within your page is always a good move. Now, the site makes that easier with its new Board Sections feature.

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Pinterest Traffic: Use Your Pins and Boards to Attract More Site Traffic

Written by local on October 19, 2017

Pinterest users frequently use the platform to help them discover new brands and products. Getting those users to move from discovering pins to visiting your website will surely boost your brand. Here is a useful strategy to drive more Pinterest traffic to your site’s pages by optimizing your profile, boards, pins, and ads.

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Marketers Should Rejoice; Pinterest Hashtags are Here to Help you Get Followers!

Written by John Beckett on October 2, 2017

Pinterest is a great tool for discovering new ideas. A problem is that it can sometimes be hard to sift through the multitude of pins on the platform. The site has now made that search easier thanks to Pinterest hashtags now being functional!

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