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The Right Social Media Image Sizes to Create the Perfect Profiles and Content in 2018

Written by Matthew on February 20, 2018

Social media image sizes have a significant effect on the level of engagement you get from your visual content. Here is a useful infographic to guide you in choosing the right sizes for your images and videos.

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Facebook Reach Decline is Getting Worse, Which Social Media will Help the Most?

Written by Matthew on February 19, 2018

With reports of significant Facebook reach decline surfacing, marketers have started looking for alternative social media sites to maintain their online presence. Let’s explore the best ones and find out how you can make the shift from Facebook to another site to make up for the lost traffic.

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Social Media Case Study: Lego Built A Fun Social Media Presence for Kids of All Ages

Written by Matthew on February 2, 2018

Lego is a well-known name when it comes to fun and creativity. The company has brought that same fun spirit to its online presence. Discover how Lego built its popularity online one brick at a time in this social media case study.

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Perfect your Content Marketing Strategy with this Infographic Checklist

Written by Matthew on February 1, 2018

Creating and promoting content is an important part of any marketing effort. I recently discovered a very useful infographic for further developing a content marketing strategy. This infographic will show you some interesting information relating to content marketing, and I’ll dissect it so you can learn how to use this information.

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Why Influencer Marketing is HUGE in 2018, and How to Use It

Written by Matthew on January 31, 2018

Influencer marketing is an important strategy for many brands wishing to expand their online reach. A new infographic explores why it is set to be able to be the most important online marketing strategy going on in 2018.

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