2023 Strategies to Increase IG Likes

When an Instagram post has many likes, it sends great messages to viewers. For instance, it indicates that a post is engaging, relevant, and/or entertaining. In the past few years, a lot has changed on Instagram as public visibility of likes no longer exists. However, a post can still receive a good number of hearts.

Instagram likes remain important for brands and influencers whose income depends on their accounts’ engagement rates. It’s also crucial for account growth because likes are one factor the Instagram algorithms use to allocate greater exposure on the platform.

Getting more IG likes in 2023 requires being consistent, creating great content, and evaluating your competitors to determine how they grow their accounts. However, the best and easiest way to increase IG likes is to buy packages of real IG likes from reputable sources.

How to Increase IG Likes

Ensure your content is creative

People are drawn in by creative and compelling posts that capture and maintain their attention. Spend lots of time creating and perfecting your videos and photos to ensure that they’ll induce viewers to hit the like button.

Detailed and catchy captions are also important. Ensure your caption has the appropriate style and tone. It is very easy to attract more eyes to your post with well-written captions and creative captions. They’ll help you get more views, which means more likes.

Use Instagram stories

IG users are now using Instagram stories as a way of getting more likes. The use of these stories has increased since they allow influencers and businesses to be more “real” in short, catchy videos. Instagram stories don’t require any complicated video production, so they are a straightforward way to push people to your posts and boost your likes.

Many Instagram users now prefer to go through stories rather than their feeds.  It makes sense to pay a lot of attention to your IG stories, since you may be missing out on potential viewers and followers otherwise.

Tag your location

Tagging your location can help you get more likes, especially if your niche is a “local” one like travel, hospitality, or retail. A location tag will bring up your IG post when users visit their geo-tag.

According to research, using location tags increases users’ engagement by 79%. This means you can get more likes on your posts when you simply tag your location. You can use location tags on your Instagram stories as well.

Buy likes from reputable services – Our Best Strategy

Creating great content and using captions and geo-tags may earn you small numbers of likes if you have a small Instagram account. Purchasing likes, however, can start the ball rolling toward increases of hundreds or thousands of organic likes for your account.

As mentioned above, the system decides what posts should receive large audiences based on metrics like engagement rate, which is greatly influenced by like counts. Chasing larger audiences is an important goal since new viewers are the ones who can quickly add to your popularity and importance by liking your content and following your account.

There’s another good reason to buy IG likes. When you post content and it quickly has lots of people liking it and commenting on it, it appears more popular to the users who come across it. Those likes all serve as “votes” that vouch for the video, making people more likely to watch it and like it themselves.

How it works

Reputable service providers offer different likes packages that will jumpstart your Instagram growth.  Make sure the vendor you choose only delivers “real” likes from authentic IG users; many scam services sell “fake” likes created by bots which won’t contribute to increased exposure for your content and may get your account kicked off the app.

Likes are sold in packages which usually range from 25 or 50 all the way up to thousands of real IG likes. Choose a package that’s in line with the size of your account; you’re best off leaving the huge packages of real likes for when your account has grown considerably.

Purchased likes usually arrive just a few minutes after you place your order, and you should start to see growth in your audience, likes, and followers within hours or days.


The above-mentioned strategies are for brands and influencers that want to boost their popularity growth and importance on Instagram. Being real, consistent, and relevant can help you increase the number of likes you get, but those approaches aren’t as effective as buying likes from reputable Instagram services.