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Devumi has helped over 14,000 artists, musicians and bands kickstart their music career on SoundCloud. We have delivered over 1 Billion plays since 2010 and we’d love to help you too. Let our marketing experts boost your tracks and get you more exposure instantly. We make it easy!

How It Works

Using proven tactics (we’ve been doing this for years), we’ll attract an army of listeners to your track to increase plays, boost social proof and make you more popular. Additionally, we can help kickstart your tracks further with guaranteed likes, reposts and comments with Add-Ons.

100% Safe, Natural & Anonymous

We’re constantly testing, improving and optimizing our SoundCloud service to be as safe, effective and anonymous as possible. We deliver plays organically, perform only external marketing and keep your info private and confidential.

Exclusive Guarantee & Warranty

We want you to be completely satisfied, so we include a 100% Money-Back Guarantee if we’re unable to delivered as promised, and extended replacement warranty… just in case. We’ve got your back.

Customer Feedback & Reviews

Common Questions & Answers

When Will I Receive SoundCloud Likes and Reposts From Devumi?

We know that you are excited to begin seeing your Likes and Reposts roll in, so we aim to begin delivery within 48 hours—and this is true no matter what date or time you place your order.

Can My Account Get Banned If I Buy SoundCloud Likes and Reposts?

Not a chance! Buying SoundCloud Likes and Reposts from Devumi will gain you likes and reposts that appear organic and just as safe.

We do not gain access to your account (which is how 99% of suspension cases occur with buying likes), nor do we use tactics that may even remotely come close to putting your tracks or account at risk.

We’ve promoted and helped users gain more engagements in over 400,000 SoundCloud tracks since 2010, and have had 0 incidents. Fear not, you are in good hands.

Is It Safe to Buy SoundCloud Likes and Reposts?

For sure! Devumi’s SoundCloud Likes and Reposts service is exactly as safe as gaining SoundCloud Likes and Reposts organically. Our marketing tactics are all external and comply with all of SoundCloud’s terms of service.

In addition, Devumi provides a completely anonymous and discreet service that helps you gain real exposure and encourages listeners to subscribe. Your information is kept confidential and will never be shared with anyone, ever.

To truly put your mind at ease, know that we haven’t received a single complaint of an account getting banned or tracks being removed after our customers bought SoundCloud Likes and Reposts.

Why Should I Buy SoundCloud Likes and Reposts?

Social media professionals know how crucial it is to purchase engagements like SoundCloud Likes and Reposts. Buying Devumi Likes and Reposts is the fastest way to likely achieve the following:

• Tracks rank better the more Likes and Reposts they get.

• Naturally attract more listeners, followers, and fans who will buy your music!

• SoundCloud Likes and Reposts from Devumi will likely show up in your account rapidly and organically.

• Your social proof will be reinforced.

• An impressive increase in your reputation.

• All of your other tracks will gain more exposure, more engagements, and increased sales.

• Conversions (such people subscribing to your other social media accounts) will be boosted.

Along with all these awesome perks, you’ll get Devumi’s 100% Risk-Free Guarantee, a 90 Day Retention Guarantee, and stellar customer service.

What Do the SoundCloud Likes and Reposts Look Like?

Your new SoundCloud Likes and Reposts from Devumi will be real fast, organic, and relevant.

The SoundCloud Likes and Reposts that you are about to receive are sourced from a range of social networks, websites, and targeted ads. The SoundCloud Likes and Reposts will be delivered gradually and over the course of a few days or weeks, depending on the plan.

Finally, your SoundCloud metrics will most likely show increased engagement—a lot more people listening to your tracks!

Does Buying SoundCloud Likes and Reposts Really Work?

It most certainly does! Buying SoundCloud Likes and Reposts from Devumi will revolutionize your account.

We’ve been doing this for nearly 8 years (seriously, we started this work way back in in 2010) and we’ve successfully completed over 300,000 campaigns. We want you to be happy. Our SoundCloud Likes and Reposts service includes a 100% Money-Back Guarantee if we’re unable to deliver as promised, and a 90 Day Retention Guarantee for the followers we bring to your SoundCloud page.

Since we know you’re dying of curiosity, here’s [How It Works!]

How Does Buying SoundCloud Likes and Reposts Work?

Buying SoundCloud Likes and Reposts from Devumi could not be simpler!

The first decision you’ll need to make is how many SoundCloud Likes and Reposts you desire.

We offer plans ranging from 100 Likes for $12 (the max is 10,000 for $600); to 50 Reposts for a mere $9 (the max is 5,000 for $500). After you place your order, get ready to be excited—orders typically begin less than 24 hours after they are placed, with gradual, organic delivery.

One note from Devumi: We don’t use marketing tactics for this method, instead we reward users to like and/or share your track. This promotion work is performed real fast and comes with guarantees results!

Devumi’s aim is always to get you the SoundCloud Likes and Reposts results you ordered, as quickly and safely as possible. Using a combination of marketing avenues, tools and tactics, we promote your track in a focused matter to increase your plays within our speedy turnaround time.

At the end of it, we hopefully achieved the goal and got you the results you paid for. If we fail or cannot deliver—we offer a 90 Day Retention Guarantee—we’ll give you your money back. It’s that easy.

Will I Gain Followers If I Buy SoundCloud Plays?

Maybe. It’s possible but keep in mind that we usually promote your tracks externally and not all listeners have a Soundcloud account. If you want to be certain, you can order Devumi SoundCloud Followers, starting at just [$12 for 100].

Can I Split SoundCloud Plays I Order on Multiple Tracks?

You certainly can! Just tell our top-notch customer service team how you would like to divide them when you place your order.

Will Users Comment on My Track If I Order SoundCloud Plays?

At this point, Devumi doesn’t offer a comment service nor can we guarantee you’ll receive comments. In fact, due to our methods of promoting your track requiring us to embed them outside of SoundCloud, you likely won’t receive many if any comments.

We’re currently working on a solution.

Can I Order Geo-Targeted SoundCloud Plays?

Unfortunately, no, Devumi does not offer Geo-Targeted SoundCloud Plays at this point.

Where Are Listeners From?

Using our SoundCloud proven tactics (we’ve been doing this for years), we’ll attract an army of listeners—from the U.S.A. and other English-speaking nations—to your tracks.

Devumi will help you gain increase plays, boost your social proof, and will make your tracks more popular.

Will I Receive Likes and Reposts on My Track If I Just Order SoundCloud Plays?

It’s very likely and most of our clients do experience a natural increase in likes and reposts as they receive plays on their track.

However, we do not guarantee how many, if any, Likes, or Reposts you’ll receive if you don’t select one of the relating Add-On services.

Are the SoundCloud Plays From Devumi Real Fast?

Yes. All Devumi SoundCloud Plays are real fast.

We utilize marketing partners to promote tracks and deliver real fast plays. Unfortunately, listeners may not always be targeted.

We want you to be completely satisfied no matter what, so we include a 100% Money-Back Guarantee if we’re unable to deliver as promised, and 365 Day Retention Guarantee. Basically, we’ve got your back.

How Many SoundCloud Plays Can Devumi Deliver to One Track?

There is no limit to how many plays we can deliver to a single track. Our record is over 20 million plays to a single track.

Is Buying SoundCloud Plays Legal?

Yes, indeed! Buying SoundCloud Plays from Devumi is perfectly legal. There is no chance that you, or your account or track will be penalized or removed for using us.

All marketing efforts are external and we don’t need to access your account to promote your tracks, so you’ll be fully abiding by SoundCloud’s terms.

Do You Offer a Free Trial for Your Buy SoundCloud Plays Service?

Sorry, no, we do not offer free SoundCloud Plays, nor have we ever.

However, for the super low price of $12, you can order [5,000 SoundCloud Plays]!

Do You Need My Login or Password to Deliver SoundCloud Plays?

The simple answer? Nope, never. Devumi will not request your login or password information when you order SoundCloud Plays.

The reason is simple: All of the marketing work that Devumi does is external to your account. Your personal info is kept absolutely confidential.

Finally, your new SoundCloud Plays will be delivered organically, naturally, gradually. And know that every day we here at Devumi working tirelessly to enhance our always-anonymous SoundCloud Plays service.

Why Should I Use Devumi for Buying SoundCloud Plays?

SoundCloud Plays from Devumi are the absolute best in the social media marketing business. Our service never leaves a trace, and buying engagements from our talented team will help boost your SoundCloud track and account to the next level.

Buying SoundCloud Plays will increase your credibility and will help you reach an enormous audience. In turn, this will allow your tracks to make a larger impact and reinforce your social proof.

The bottom line is: Why shouldn’t you use Devumi?

Can I Order SoundCloud Plays More Than Once?

Yes, of course. In fact, we offer SoundCloud Plays plans that go up to 1 _million,_ so that should fulfill your dreams! Feel free to order more than once, though, we’re here to serve!

The largest campaign we’ve worked on and successfully completed was for 20 millions plays, and 50,000+ likes, so we’re pretty confident we can take on just about anything.

Can My SoundCloud Account Get Banned If I Buy SoundCloud Plays?

Not a chance! It’s damn near impossible that your SoundCloud account will be adversely affected should you purchase SoundCloud Plays from Devumi.

In fact, we have never received a single complaint of an account getting banned or videos being removed after our customers bought SoundCloud Plays.

When Will I Receive SoundCloud Plays After Ordering?

Here at Devumi, we know how important time is on social media, so we strive to start delivery within 48 hours—no matter what day or time you order.

Is It Safe to Buy SoundCloud Plays?

Absolutely! Yes, our SoundCloud Plays service is as safe as gaining listeners to play your tracks on SoundCloud organically.

Devumi strictly adheres to external marketing tactics that abide by SoundCloud’s terms of service and guidelines.

In addition, our service and results are completely anonymous. They look natural and are derived from organic sources around the web. Even if you bragged about buying SoundCloud Plays and someone reported you, nothing would likely happen.

We haven’t receive a single complaint of an account getting banned or tracks being removed from buying SoundCloud Plays.

Why Should I Buy SoundCloud Plays?

Would you like your SoundCloud channel to be crazily successful? Devumi’s SoundCloud Plays can help!

Purchasing SoundCloud Plays will likely accomplish all of this awesome stuff:

• Tracks will appear and BE more popular and reach a ton of more potential fans.

• Your SoundCloud account—even tracks that you haven’t purchased Plays for—will get more views and higher retention.

• More listeners and Followers, rapidly and organically, will be delivered to your SoundCloud account.

• You’ll increase your traffic _and_ your conversion rate (such as listeners subscribing to your Spotify channel and other social media accounts).

• Social proof will be reinforced.

• You’ll see an impressive increase in your reputation.

To remove any doubt from your mind, know that you’ll get Devumi’s 100% Risk-Free Guarantee and industry-leading customer service with every order.

What Do the SoundCloud Plays Look Like?

The bountiful SoundCloud Plays you’ll receive from Devumi will be real fast, natural, and relevant! There will be no unusual looking spikes in your growth, as we deliver Plays in an organic manner.

Your SoundCloud listeners are sourced from different social networks, websites and/or ads. Then, they’ll be delivered gradually, and usually listen to your track for the majority if not _all_ of it (depends on your track quality), resulting in real fast and organic plays, alongside natural likes in most cases.

Does Buying SoundCloud Plays Really Work?

Yes, buying SoundCloud Plays from Devumi really works and is likely one of the is most effective ways of gaining traction on your tracks.

We’re a team of crazy marketing geniuses that have developed SoundCloud track marketing strategies for almost every music genre and podcast niche, and partnered up with all of the right companies to deliver results fast and naturally. We’ve been doing this for nearly 8 years and have promoted tens of thousands of tracks with a 99.8% success rate in fully or over-delivering results.

We are so confident in our results that we support them with a money-back guarantee.

How Does Buying SoundCloud Plays Work?

When you buy SoundCloud Plays from Devumi, you’re ordering a marketing campaign with a target goal — whether that goal is 5,000 plays or over a million. You’re not just purchasing plays off the shelf, nor are you hiring a traditional marketing firm to take over your account, change up what you do and never guarantee results. Our approach is unique; we make things simple and we make it work.

##Here’s How Buying SoundCloud Plays Works:

1. Place Your Order — In this process, you’ll give us all the information we need to move forward, including the track link and target goals.

2. The Pre-Campaign Stage — Once we receive your order, our marketing team evaluates the campaign to see what we can do to achieve the results. We’ll decide on the correct strategy and marketing tactics to utilize to get you the plays and any additional goals you ordered. This step may take as little as 2 hours, or up to 48 hours to complete.

3. The Campaign Begins — Our team and partners gets to work launching your campaign and driving results right away. At this stage, you’ll begin receiving exposure and users on your track, leading to an increase in plays and engagements.

4. Campaign Monitoring — Our team will continue observing your campaign to ensure your tracks are progressing and achieving the desired results. If we notice delays or issues, we’ll make adjustments or address the issues proactively.

5. Goals Achieved — Once your track has met or surpassed the desired target goals, we wrap things up and give everyone a high-five. You’ll receive an email informing you that your order is complete and thanking you for your business.

That’s it. You do nothing more than place the order and we do everything else — completely externally, anonymously, and effectively. You don’t have to change what you do, go through a long process to get started or give us access to your accounts. We make it simple and we make it work.

You can learn more and get a visual of how we do things on our [How It Works page].

How many plays can you deliver to a single track?

We can deliver over 1 Million SoundCloud plays to a single track. Our 1 Million SoundCloud Plays package is available for $997, which also includes likes, reposts and followers.

Are Your SoundCloud Plays Real Fast?

Yes. All SoundCloud plays are real fast. We utilize high-traffic websites to promote tracks and deliver real fast plays. Unfortunately, listeners are likely un-targeted when compared to our other services.

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