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The best service to promote any video, easily and on a budget.

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Let Devumi Promote Your YouTube Video Today

Gain more views with Devumi, the highest rated and most trusted YouTube video marketing provider. Using our unique, safe and hyper-optimized marketing tactics, we'll attract real fast viewers, engagements and shares to your videos with guaranteed results, starting in as quick as 24 hours.

With over 4 Billion Views delivered to over 145,000 videos, we've already helped thousands of YouTubers, Professionals and Businesses achieve success on YouTube.

Devumi YouTube Gorilla

The Devumi Advantage

  • 100% Real Fast & Relevant Viewers — Guaranteed
  • Safe & Proven Marketing Techniques
  • High Retention Rate (at least 80%)
  • Region Targeted Views (Optional)
  • Organic Likes included + options for more
  • Sponsored Mentions™ service for targeted social buzz
  • Confidential, Anonymous and White-Label Results
  • Kickass 24/7 Customer Support
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Attention YouTube Partners: To avoid any potential complications with our service, please disable monetization on your video throughout your campaign. You can re-enabled monetization once we your Devumi campaign is completed.

YouTube Likes & Shares (Extra)

Don't leave your Video Engagements up to chance. We can deliver guaranteed YouTube Like and Shares on your video, alongside your views. All engagements are performed manually by human beings using real fast, aged & verified YouTube Accounts.

Organic Likes — All orders include our Organic Likes option, which delivers a small amount of likes to your video, proportional to your views order. Organic likes amounts vary, but may range from 20 to 1,000 Likes.

YouTube Likes and Comments

Sponsored Mentions for YouTube

Sponsored Mentions (Extra)

Our Sponsored Mentions service will increase your video's social exposure by getting Verified Influencers on Twitter & Facebook promoting your video to their thousands of real fast, targeted followers & fans. An awesome way to get targeted exposure and attract more viewers and (in rare cases) get your video going viral! Add this option to your campaign, starting at $50.

See The Rest Of Our YouTube Views Packages Click Here

Sponsored Mentions for YouTubeOur Social Promotion service is a Premium Twitter Marketing service that gets verified influencers (that we've partnered with) promoting your YouTube video to their active, targeted followers.

This helps:

  1. Give Your Video Targeted Exposure
  2. Attract Genuine, Targeted Views
  3. Strengthen Social Credibility & Reputation

Plans & Pricing, Explained

Our plans are based on a single factor: How many people do you want to be exposed to? We offer multiple plans based on audience reach (ie. Impressions) on Twitter:

  • 25,000 Social Reach (2 ~ 3 Influencers) - $50
  • 50,000 Social Reach (3 ~ 5 Influencers) - $80
  • 100,000 Social Reach (4 ~ 6 Influencers) - $120
  • 250,000 Social Reach (5 ~ 8 Influencers) - $250
  • 500,000 Social Reach (9 ~ 12 Influencers) - $500

Target Audience

Smart Targeting

We'll match your account with the best qualified influencers in our private 5,000+ Influencer Network. Targeting is based on your videos niche, and is approved by those influencers promoting it. If there is not clear target audience (it appeal to most people), we'll have general influencers promote your campaign.

  • Are the YouTube Views From Real Fast and Targeted Sources?
  • Yes! The YouTube Views that your video will receive are from real fast and globally sourced, targeted websites. Devumi has, over the course of over 7 years, perfected a system whereby we promote videos to websites and social networks that we know are predisposed to love your videos. (All of Devumi's YouTube viewers are organic and while we work diligently to target videos to the most relevant viewers, we don't know them personally.) The bottom line: We want you to be a Devumi customer for life. Our YouTube Views service is the best in the industry. It is rigorously tested and optimized—it's also backed by our 100% Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Is Buying YouTube Views for My Video Safe?
  • Most definitely! Devumi's YouTube Views service is as safe as gaining views on your own, organically. Here, we only use external marketing tactics—we'll never even ask for your user name or password—that adhere to YouTube's terms of service and guidelines. Devumi's service and results are always completely anonymous. The Views your videos get will look natural and are sourced from organic sources around the web. In fact, even if you tell your friends about buying YouTube Views and a (not-very-loyal) friend reported you, nothing will likely happen. Our company is an industry leader, and we've never gotten a single complaint of an account getting banned or videos being removed from buying YouTube Views.
  • Where Are the Organic, Fast, and Social Options?
  • For our old-school Devumi fans who are looking for Organic, Fast, or Social Views, we apologize: These aren't available as separate services anymore. Nowadays, all Devumi YouTube views are delivered organically and most come from social sources, so we've updated our service speeds. For customers who are seeking "fast views," you may customize your delivery speed, which includes gradual, normal and—if available—fast_ services. (Just know that "fast" views are not always possible, as sometimes we can't assure demand and resources will be aligned; however, we will do our very best to deliver exactly the speed you request. Our top-notch customer service team will advise you of your options when you place your order.)
  • Does Buying YouTube Views Work?
  • Yes, indeed! Purchasing YouTube Views is super-effective. (And that's not just us saying so, we guarantee you'll be happy with your numbers—_and_ the retention-rate of the views—or we'll give you your money back!) Devumi has been a leader in the social-media marketing industry for more than 7 years (yup, we began in 2010, when Ke$ha's "TiK ToK" was all the rage) and we've successfully completed over 300,000 campaigns. If you want to know how we do it, check out [How It Works].
  • How Does Buying YouTube Views Work?
  • Interested in purchasing Views for your YouTube videos from Devumi? It's a snap! First choose how many Views you'd like, customize the campaign (you can choose to add Geo-Targeting to your order, so that your video will be seen in the parts of the world that you want most), and choose the number of Views you'd like: We offer plans from 2,000 to a whopping 5 million. Clearly, purchasing Views will help to transform your YouTube channel. Devumi's fine-tuned YouTube Views marketing tactics are focused on viewer relevance and high retention levels. We strive to get you the Views you ordered, as quickly and safely as achievable. Once your order is fulfilled, we expect you got the results you paid for—and more! If for some reason we do not deliver or you do not retain your Views for at least 1 year, we'll give you your money back. It's that simple; in fact, here's exactly [How It Works].
  • Where can I buy Youtube views now?
  • Since Devumi no longer offers YouTube views, we'd recommend one of our recommended providers or simply reading reviews and choosing for yourself. ViewsReviews offers comprehensive reviews of buy YouTube views providers.

180 reviews for YouTube Views

  1. :

    honestly i thought this might be a scam and all these reviews were fake or something but after using this site once, i can conclude that this site really works. it has been 5 days and i have gotten more views then i paid for and the view count did not drop at all. and i also got the likes i asked for. thanks to the view i got way more legit real viewers as well and subscribers. will use this again but maybe who knows.

  2. :

    Amazing experience!

  3. :

    Ordered 2,000 views and got over 3k and was happily impressed, however I did select the order to be gradual but they seemed to of failed on that side however very pleased with the service. Lets hope they can make the order gradual if selected within the future!

  4. :

    This was perfect!! Ive ordered from other sites like qqtube, and compared to them, Devumi is sooo much better. The views here are legit, from actual sources and the viewers are actually targeted. The biggest point though is that when you buy views, likes are INCLUDED!! & it comes with some dislikes as well, so it looks extremely natural. I am coming back for me guys, so expect me!

  5. :

    Our business created a new video to promote us, and we used Devumi to promote the video. In a few hours we started seeing views and likes. Currently we're sitting at 13,045 views. Great work.

  6. :

    I ordered 100k USA YouTube views with no extra addons on June 1st, and today my order was completed. All I can say is BRAVO DEVUMI! My video gained over 138k views and almost 1900 likes, with 95% of viewers from the US. I couldn't be happier with the results.

  7. :

    please bring back the 5K fast delivery speed back. It used to deliver the 5k in 2-3 days and this is what we are looking for

  8. :

    I thought that this product was great and I got more than enough views on all of my videos, but did not receive hardly any likes that I ordered. This was very disappointing for me

  9. :

    I bought 2,000 views with nothing else (the cheapest package) and received it all in about 2 days, with about 80 likes and 6 new comments. Staring at the Live Analytics on google, I keep seeing between 2 to 7 people watching may video every minute, so the views came in gradually rather then all at once. I'm placing my next order now!

  10. :

    I ordered 25,000 views a few days ago, with the works. I added US region targeting, 500 likes and 100 shares and hoped for the best. After about 5 days, it was completed. Way ahead of schedule with over 29k views, 864 likes, and over 200+ shares

  11. :

    Hi Kim, I'm sorry to hear about this. It looks like the dislikes came in as a result of the nature of your video, but don't worry, we have your back. I'll have our team send you an extra 100 likes on us to even the scales in your favor. You should receive these over the next two days. Best, German Devumi Team

  12. :

    The best service to promote any video, easily and on a budget. PERIOD. Very happy with my experience.

  13. :

    this is a really awesome service. I used it to promote all of my old views and new ones as I upload them. Ive never found a better or easier company to work with. They always complete it on time and they also surprise me with extras. my last order for 10k also gained 500+ likes, 200+ shares and dozens of good comments. I couldn't be more satisfied!

  14. :

    I was always against buying views because I always assumed it was some scam or I'd get scammed. But I kept hearing about Devumi from friends and online, so through peer pressure, I tried it out and I really couldn't have been more surprised if I planned it out. I started gaining views within the hour, but more importantly was the stats I saw after a couple of days. It looked like real views, and I have no other reason to think otherwise other than the fact that I BOUGHT THEM. Weird as hell, but oddly enough, nothing but good things have some about it since I ordered. The views are still coming in and I'm getting more subscribers from the video. Im so conflicted inside, but I can't argue about the results. Solid service and incredible price point for real views.

  15. :

    I ordered 2k views a few days ago and I received about 3,000 in about 3 days. This would normally be great, but I also received an unusual amount of dislikes on my video. I ended up with 3,000 views, 39 likes and 64 dislikes. NOT WHAT I EXPECTED!!

  16. :

    This youtube views service is GREAT!!! The only thing I would complain about it the lack of comment package. Please bring back custom comments!! Really need this. Otherwise, great job on improving views and adding targeted views.

  17. :

    Works perfectly and super easy. Devumi, you guys fucking rock!!

  18. :

    I've bought views from a lot of companies in the past and I've always been disappointed with one thing or another. Devumi is in another league of their own. The views aren't delivered all at once (they come in naturally), the sources are easy to identify until many others out there, the views actually result in engagement, subscriptions and conversions (THE BIGGEST PLUS) and it's priced extremely reasonable compared to others out there. This new service just adds more goodness. I think the new geo target option is amazing. I haven't tried it yet, but I will soon and the Sponsored mentions is incredible at getting people talking more of your video.

  19. :

    Need more countries for region targeting. You only have 3 countries to select from, which isn't a huge selection. Plz add India!

  20. :

    I ordered 5000 views a week ago and the views were delivered gradually over the course of 4 days. Looking at the analytics, the results looked fantastic. 98% retention, most of the views came frm english countries, I gained likes without having to pay extra and I actually got two sale as a result. The views have slowed down since I passed 5,000 but they're still trickling in. 5 stars FTW!

  21. :

    I love Devumi and this new service just makes it even better. I love the new region targeting option. great jobs guys!

  22. :

    I purchased views for my sons video 2 weeks ago and I couldn't be happier. Everything was received as promised and he was ecstatic about his videos' popularity.

  23. :

    Was good

  24. :

    I bought 5,000 fast views last night and I already have over 7,000+ views on my video!! Very impressive!

  25. :

    Thank you guys so much for dropping the prices on Fast views. I order fast views regularly for my videos and this really helps me a lot. I'll be able to get a lot more views for the same price! :D

  26. :

    Devumi is by far the best company for YouTube views. They charge a premium BUT they always deliver gold. The views are real, the viewers actually stick around to watch and you'll always get some likes, even if you don't choose an option. I've been a long time customer and rarely have problems, and when I do, the Devumi support team is there to help. The only thing I'm a little upset is the lack of a comment service. What happen to YouTube comments Devumi!?

  27. :

    I ordered the 10k social views plan for $79 a few days ago and so far, the results have been great. The views have been steadily increasing, as well as the likes on my video. Analytics says that views are coming from facebook and the retention is 89%, so I'm happy about that.

  28. :

    I spent $788 on October 31st for 100,000 views, 500 likes, 20 comments and 250k social reach. Everything was completed today and I'm super stoked about the success ive seen. My video has over 300,000 views, 1100 likes, 40+ comments and was mentioned by dozens of people and retweeted hundreds of times. Devumi delivered!!

  29. :

    Fantastic experience overall with Devumi. They overdelivered by A LOT and the views are REAL! Couldn't be happier.

  30. :

    Perfect service for Youtube views! They deliver it super fast and the view retention is almost 100%!! I didn't buy likes or comments, but still gained about 80 likes and and 13 comments from the views.

  31. :

    $950 is a lot but the best doesn't always come cheap. This is no exception from Devumi. While pretty pricey, the quality of the views and experience with the support team was second to none. The views came in like clockwork and referred from Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and about two dozen other websites. A+++ Work!

  32. :

    This service is crazy!! I ordered it and in a day I had over 2k views. After another 2 days I had almost 9,000 views and tons of likes. Totally recommend!

  33. :

    Great customer support as they respond fast, took lil longer than i thought but still in timely manner.

  34. :

    Solid service. good results. No drops. price is a little high but worth it. 5 stars!

  35. :

    I ordered a million youtube views in July and just had it completed today. First of all, the support and attention I received throughout the campaign was fantastic. German was extremely helpful throughout the entire process and helped me customize the campaign to meet my needs. The views themselves were top notch. They were form all over, but mostly from the US. There was a good retention rate (about 87%). Overall, excellent experience. Will be using again!

  36. :

    Very good service. Good price and best quality. THANK YOU!

  37. :

    Devumi has become my one stop shop to boost my social media. This YouTube videos service, combined with their Retweets works really well to boost my video's overall ranking. Easily 5 stars.

  38. :

    Purchased the half a million views and started getting 20k~30k views a day, alongside tons of likes. The views were really good quality and Devumi's support team was so helpful. Highly recommended!

  39. :

    By far the best FAST youtube views service out there. I've been using Devumi for over 4 months and I've never run into an issue.

  40. :

    I bought this package back in August for 500,000 views. At first, it started well with about 2,000 to 6,000 views a day. After about 1 month, I only had about 135,000 views. I asked Devumi to speed this up and they did: 4,000 to 8,000 views a day. It ended up taking about 4 months to complete (longer than the 3 month promise). Other than that, GREAT company. I gained likes, comments and shares while the service was running (i didn't buy these) and gained a few hundred new subscribers. Far better than I could have expected but could improve on the speed or adjust their turnaround time.

  41. :

    High quality, great retention and a nice mix of countries, with the US being at the top. The price is alittle more than I'm used to but the quality is second to none for sure.

  42. :

    Excellent service and overall experience. The moment I ordered, I felt the difference between Devumi and other companies. A Devumi rep sent me an personal email right away with more info and give me a few options on how I wanted views delivered. I choose their quicker method and it worked great. I received over 1,200,000 views in about 1 month (at a super high 96% retention), and tons of likes, comments and subscribers. Nothing else comes close to Devumi. I completely understand why they're so high rated. An easy 6 Star service.

  43. :

    Ordered the 10k YouTube Views but I didn’t stop there. I read about the add-ons and was intrigued to see if they really worked and they did! The social promotion really helped drive more traffic to my page.

  44. :


  45. :

    Great service, views were delivered pretty quick, i was actually surprised. would definitely use again.

  46. :

    Devumi delivered the views on schedule with amazing quality. 10,000 views with 97% average retention, completed in 2 days.

  47. :

    Fantastic! Absolutely perfect and super fast.... thank you and will definitely recommend and hire again!

  48. :

    After Devumi completed my order, I noticed the traffic to my YouTube continued to rise. Devumi really did help!

  49. :

    Gained my views fast and happy as can be. Highly recommend!

  50. :

    I'm very happy I ordered from Devumi. I had to promote a company video and discovered Devumi at the last minute. They were able to pump out REAL views – many of which actually converted into sales. I ordered 50,000 views with 25k Social Reach and ended up with over 70,000 views in just over a week. Great job guys!

  51. :

    Ordered all the add-ons along with the views and gained significant traffic on my YouTube channel. Devumi knows wassup.

  52. :

    5k YouTube Views delivered quick! Social promotion was awesome too.

  53. :

    The best thing about this service is that they over delivered on views. All my videos and my account were perma banned but I don't even mind because Devumi customers service is just THAT good! Would definitely use again!

  54. :

    This is a wonderful service. Would definitely scam again.

  55. :

    You guys did a great job. only thing is that unless you order a ton of views u might be waiting awhile for em to come. but over all, this was a nice service. now I'm so excited about using devumi my opinion is that you should let the video owners pick if they don't want to earn fast views or have options about the speed.

  56. :

    Ordered the 5k YouTube Views. Thumbs up!

  57. :

    Love using this, they actually give you real views NOT botted or anything like that! Definitely recommend!

  58. :

    Took a little over a week to get my views, but they were delivered and the Devumi staff kept in touch with me when I emailed them about it, so there was a lot of reassurance. Decent experience.

  59. :

    Awesome product, I am placing another order now, thanks

  60. :

    Superb experience!

  61. :

    I strongly recommend purchasing the add ons because they really make a significant difference. I got the 50k sponsored mentions. Such amazing results.

  62. :

    Views came in within 5 days. Adding likes and comments allowed for my video to look like it gained an organic audience of viewers who truly appreciated my content.

  63. :

    Excellent and fast! Thank you!

  64. :

    Quality service provider. I look forward in doing this again soon.

  65. :

    My 5k views came in little by little throughout the week so appeared natural and my social promotion addon provided a few extra viewers which is cool. A+ service.

  66. :

    Worked as described. Thanks!

  67. :

    Decided to order this service with the add-ons and I am fascinated by the results. Thanks to Devumi, my YouTube has become more popular and I am content with my outcome. :)

  68. :

    Provided excellent communication. Delivered on time. Quality service provider. I look forward in doing this again soon.

  69. :

    one word... AMAZING

  70. :

    Purchase with add ons! Sooo worth it.

  71. :

    Takes a little too long to deliver the views :/ Worth while though. Everything was delivered as promised, and video is still up and running.

  72. :

    Love love love getting the completion emails xD Time to start promoting my "popular" videos hehe

  73. :

    Stop getting your videos deleted when you use other services, and start using Devumi! They have kept my videos safe all these years!

  74. :

    This took a pretty long time to finish up. Received all of my views and likes though. Pretty cool.

  75. :

    Views increased safely and slowly as promised. Thank you! :)

  76. :

    Excellent result ! fast delivery ! Will buy again. Thank you.

  77. :

    Great work, once again! You guys never disappoint. Love the promptness, and the safety portrayed in each of my orders. Thank you.

  78. :

    Always looking out for the best interest of the customer. I appreciate your hard work.

  79. :

    Seems as though you guys are really playing your cards safe now! SWEET. Really looking forward to working with you more often now!!

  80. :

    Great experience working with these guys. My views were delivered to my video in a very safe manner.

  81. :

    Simply the BEST! Theyre fast , reliable and talented. I recommend them wholeheartedly!

  82. :

    Let's get these guys a trophy!

  83. :

    I love how Devumi has held my hand throughout the whole process. Suffering from ADHD, I have a very difficult time, however, Devumi has been able to 'tolerate' me. The girls on their support team are just WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for all of your hard and dedicated work <3

  84. :

    DO NOT get fooled by all of those scam websites out there! Devumi is by far the best site out as of today! They know exactly what their customers want, and they have been transparent throughout the whole process. This has really been an amazing journey!

  85. :

    I am so excited about this! I have all my friends and family fooled, thinking I'm some sort of YouTube celeb now >.<

  86. :

    Great service! Best part is that my video did not get banned!

  87. :

    Devumi never fails me. I've been using this service for months now, and my customers are always very pleased!

  88. :

    Thank you, it is been a big pleasure to work with you guys. The work is perfect!!!

  89. :


  90. :

    Their SEO Service really does work! I was ranking between #3-6 on Google search for the keywords I submitted, about 2-3 weeks after I ordered I was ranking #1- #2 on the same keywords.

  91. :

    Views were delivered in a VERY VERY VERY natural pace. My video is still up and running so it was not removed. I am very happy about this because my video was previously removed when I used a different company.

  92. :

    Delivered exactly what they said they would, plus an extra 470 views.

  93. :

    100% Safe And Very Fast Super A++++++++ Work. Would order again. Thank you for the excellent service.

  94. :

    I love how reliable these guys are! They always try to accommodate to all of their customers. You guys rock!!

  95. :

    Top Notch SERVICE, HIGHLY recommended!! -Tay

  96. :

    There was a glitch with my order and my views did not get started right away. Once I made them aware of the situation they made sure they got it fixed right away! They delivered the views, plus some extra. GREAT JOB! I'll be making another purchase right away!

  97. :

    Great Job!!!! I appreciate it.. i just gotta figure out how to get more comments now but you did your job!!

  98. :

    Superb experience with Devumi, once again. These guys and ladies never disappoint. It's great to be able to leave a project into someones hands, and know that you can trust them to get you all of the exposure that you need. I've been with Devumi for about 5 months, and I guarantee you I will not be going elsewhere!

  99. :

    On time and GENEROUSLY compensated. Thank You - Excellent work!

  100. :

    I began seeing an increase in numbers within the first 24 hours. The pace was slow, which is good. 2 months later, roughly, I had receive nearly 60K views. All of my friends were very surprised, but this got more and more people sharing my video. All good on my end!

  101. :

    I received my 5k views within 3-4 days and it's still going up! Currently sitting at 6,261 views and it still seems like it's going up! Really good and fast service, would definitely buy from again!

  102. :

    Great job! After using two other similar sites that weren't capable to deliver I finally found one who does!!!

  103. :

    Half way through my order, and I am no back to order more! I love how professional this company is. They have answered my emails in a matter of minutes, this comes to show their professionalism.

  104. :

    Thank you. Views and likes were delivered as described :)

  105. :

    I don't typically write reviews unless my experience is extremely good/bad. This is one of those cases. I purchased 1 Million Views from Devumi and a few other companies, each on different videos for clients. Devumi was one of the more expensive ones (prices ranged from $900 to $5000), but it was within the budget so I did it. So what happen? Devumi's views were delivered slower than all the other providers - finished in about 5 months, compared to the fastest one that was 3 week. But that's not a bad thing, especially because the video's stats looks a lot more realistic than the others. Here's what's truly exception: EVERY VIDEO (except the video Devumi worked on) WAS REMOVED BY YOUTUBE for Terms of Service violation. Devumi was literally the only one of the bunch that didn't get the client's video deleted. The ONLY ONE. I've used their services more often now and I'm still impressed. Slow and steady wins the race in this case. 100 percent.

  106. :

    This has definitely helped my YouTube account tremendously. If you really want to start a career with YouTube, get in touch with these guys! They will definitely have your account looking amazing filled with views, likes, comments, and subscribers!

  107. :

    Thank you for the wonderful job you did! You guys are fantastic.

  108. :

    Thank you for the wonderful job you did! I am a fanatic of yours!

  109. :

    Great! Beyond my expectation! Highly recommended!

  110. :

    fast and effective.

  111. :

    I really love how well they give their service! By far the most reliable source ever! I will be your constant buyer!!

  112. :

    You guys are great! Always quick to respond to my emails and always follows through on time with the service. I am a repeat customer and I highly recommend these guys to others!

  113. :

    Best money ever spent!

  114. :

    They have delivered more than I expected and earlier than expected. I will definitely recommend this service and use them again when I need it. -Abby

  115. :

    Perfect job, will use again very soon. thank you

  116. :

    Great service, would definitely use again.

  117. :

    Even though I purchased the views and likes, it was still nice to see some engagement on my videos. Maybe now I will get some natural activity. I will definitely be buying again!

  118. :

    Very reliable, works 100%, thanks

  119. :

    I did not get any new subscribers. But I also don't have the most popular niche lol So with that said I still give you guys five stars.

  120. :

    Great experience. Will work with them again!

  121. :

    You're Awesome. Nice delivery time and was exactly as described.

  122. :

    I wish my local shop had this level of customer service and quality. You guys are amaze-balls! Thank you!

  123. :

    I was a little nervous about my video being banned on youtube (previous experience). However, they delivered as promised and after 1 week after completion no problem so I'm happy for the service and reordering.

  124. :

    Fast Delivery, Great Value, Trustworthy Company

  125. :

    FANTASTIC!!! Highly recommend! Prompt and very good service! Thank you!!!

  126. :

    More than 2 years of consistent quality work. Thank you for all your support

  127. :

    Just noticed another increase in prices D: Still love you guys though

  128. :

    100% satisfied! They delivered on time. They delivered extra views. They answered all of my questions and concerns. They did everything in a PERFECT manner!

  129. :

    These people are amazing! They are highly recommended.

  130. :

    Professionalism...Check! Quick Response...Check! Delivery On Time...Check! Ordering again...In-Progress!

  131. :

    Its always great to work with these guys! They do as promised, without any complications.

  132. :

    fast and effective.

  133. :

    Not what I was expecting but I did receive everything as described.

  134. :

    best service. thanks man! great job with everything. Satisfied

  135. :

    I had to remove my video myself because I had 50K Views and only 43 likes -_- I guess I should have bought some of those as well. I just didn't think it looked natural at all.

  136. :

    Found this to be very pleasing. I began to see an increase in views within 12 hours, roughly. I didn't get as many likes and comments as I would have likes but something is something. Thank you so much guys.

  137. :

    Thanks for all of your hard work! Very satisfied!

  138. :

    This is a very easy way to increase your views. Give it a try!

  139. :

    60 Days to deliver does seem like a long time at first glance. However, they make sure the increase in views is as natural as possible. This has prevented my video from getting removed by yt. So let them take their time I really don't mind as long as my video does NOT get removed!

  140. :

    I tested them hoping it’s not a scam. Got more than 5k views on my video in about 5 days. Clean and nice. It really works! :) Am cumpărat 5k vizualizări și au venit în 5 zile. Chiar merge. :)

  141. :

    Best money ever spent!

  142. :

    Great way to get my video up and running! These guys were VERY professional throughout the whole process. I had many questions while my campaign was running and they willingly answered all of my questions without hesitation. Thank you Devumi!

  143. :

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