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Get real fast Retweets & Likes on any tweet instantly.


Real Fast. Instant Results. Maximum Impact

Kickstart and promote any tweet with our exclusive, high-quality buy Twitter Retweets & Likes service. Select a plan from 50 to over 10,000 Retweets and Likes for any public tweet and receive them gradually starting within 10 minutes. It's super simple to order and you don't need to do anything after ordering — We take care of everything. Devumi uses its own private network of hand-picked, real fast, and active Twitter users and influencers to promote your tweets quickly, effectively and safely. This makes our service the most effective at boosting your tweets, getting you more exposure, making a larger impact and strengthening your credibility and social proof.

If you're in the mode to buy retweets, we won't let you down!

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Benefits of Buying Retweets

  • Make Your Tweet Look Popular As Hell
  • Reach A Much Broader Audience On Twitter
  • Receive Top Tweet Status on Twitter Search Results
  • Strengthen your Social Credibility
  • Improve Your Twitter's Klout Score
  • Attract More Organic Retweets
  • Increases Website Social Signal (if tweet includes link)

Benefits of Buying Likes (aka Favorites)

  • Make Your Tweet Look Even More Popular
  • Attract More Organic Likes Via Social Proof
  • Earn Long-Term Traffic and Engagement
  • Strengthen your Social Credibility
  • Improve Your Twitter's Klout Score

The Highest-Quality Retweets & Likes In The Industry

All the retweets and likes we deliver are from active, unique and high-quality Twitter users, each with their own unique following. No inactive accounts or bots. This means unlike others that will only boost numbers, we help you gain more exposure and make an impact on your audience.

Free Twitter Followers

  • Does this really work?
  • Yes, it does. You can place an order and receive any amount of retweets and likes on your tweet(s). Guaranteed or your money back.
  • How fast can you deliver?
  • We strive to deliver results within 10 minutes of ordering, and guarantee we’ll complete your order in less than 24 hours.
  • Can I purchase Twitter likes?
  • Yes, you can purchase both retweets and likes here. Likes are just as high-quality as retweets.
  • Why aren't you cheaper?
  • We admit it. We’re not the cheapest company around, but we are the best. We strive to deliver retweets from real fast users, so you can experience better results.
  • Can I order twice for the same tweet?
  • Yes, of course. As long as you don’t go over the 10,000 limit per tweet, you can order again and again.
  • Do you need my password?
  • No. We never need or ask for your Twitter password. All of our marketing is performed externally.
  • Who will be retweeting my tweets?
  • Real fast, active Twitter users. Pretty simple.
  • How many retweets and likes can I buy?
  • You can purchase up to 10,000 retweets and/or likes for a single tweet.

51 reviews for Buy Retweets & Likes

  1. :

    Amazing, unbelievable service. Ordered twitter likes and retweets and received them within 1 hour.

  2. :


  3. :

    Received the retweets and likes about 5 minutes after ordering, and it actually works.

  4. :

    Not only are followers important, but retweets and likes are too. If you dont have people interacting with your tweets, dont matter how many followers you buy, its not gonna help you lure more real followers. That's why I purchased some retweets and likes. Thanks for having this option Devumi.

  5. :

    Love love love Devumi. You guys are the very best in all that you do. Why I keep coming back!

  6. :

    Greatest service for retweets and likes goes to Devumi. So happy with your speedy delivery and quality work.

  7. :

    Can never get enough of Devumi services, they have made twitter such a useful marketing tool for me with the added retweets. I'm glad I found out about them!

  8. :

    Need some quick retweets and likes, order from Devumi. I did, and it was great!

  9. :

    Got my retweets within 10 minutes and they were good quality. A+

  10. :

    This really works. Was completed within 2 hours. Would recommend.

  11. :

    Highly recommended. Works perfectly. I need 10 words in this review so here are the extras.

  12. :

    I mean, don't get me wrong for the price this is awesome service, but other than the likes and retweets I bought, I didn't get any additional ones. :/ I wonder if I did something wrong.

  13. :

    I bought the 100 retweets with random favorites and it was better than expected. I got about 130 retweets and about 30 favs,, and the actual results afterwards was amazing. About 7,000 impressions and over 300 clicks!!

  14. :

    I buy retweets for my websites tweet counter and to boost social signals for SEO. Devumi offers the best quality service of anyone!!

  15. :

    I bought 100 retweets with random likes and got it all within 10 minutes. 142 Retweets and 38 Likes.

  16. :

    I love most of Devumi's services but the retweets were a little disappointing. I ordered and didn't receive any retweets for 4 hours - longer than I wanted. The retweets did look real as hell and I did get a nice boost in impressions but not as good as an instant service. Devumi's auto engagements does instant though, so at least there's that.

  17. :

    Best retweet and likes provider hands down is Devumi, idc what anyone else says. They are always on time.

  18. :

    Glad I came to Devumi for these retweets and likes, so affordable and delivered right on time.

  19. :

    Wanted people to like my photography, so tried the retweets and likes and it actually brought in more real likes and retweets. Just bought more. Thanks Devumi!

  20. :

    I just won a contest for a trip to the Bahamas with $100 worth of retweets here. The retweets and favs look so real (are real) that there was no issue. The contest asked for the person with the most retweets won and I got it. Thank you guys sooooo much!!

  21. :

    Buying retweets and likes really helped me attract more authentic likers to my tweets. great idea Devumi!

  22. :

    TBH at first didnt know how this would help my twitter, but it helped bring more attention to my tweets so that was cool. Will buy more!

  23. :

    This is an awesome service that allows you to customize your order for specific amount of Twitter Retweets and Favorites. It really lets you have more control over the speed of your twitter's popularity growth. I am really glad Devumi allows customizable orders. Prices are very reasonable too!

  24. :

    Very content with delivery speed. Was skeptical about service at first, but it really works!

  25. :

    Unlike many customers, I wasn't marketing, I just had a simple social message I wanted to get out and Devumi‏ was able to get out for me to a huge number of followers speedily. The retweets were effective, drove a lot of traffic to my page. Definitely recommend.

  26. :

    Devumi was attentive and helpful, responding to my inquiries on the same day. I did see an immediate increase in traffic from Twitter. Thank you so much :D

  27. :

    Great seller - PERFECT!

  28. :

    Magnificent seller!!!! Retweets had a fast delivery, I am very happy with the results!

  29. :

    Fabulous job Devumi! You're wonderful to me :) Thank you for your help!

  30. :

    Service was great, will order again!

  31. :

    Fantastic! Absolutely perfect and super fast. Thank you and will definitely recommend to my friends and hire again!

  32. :

    With this customizable service, I was able to order and split retweets between 10 tweets which was great because it brought more attention to my twitter. Each tweet started to gain attention and I received a lot of retweets and favorites on each. Some of the tweets received a little more retweets and favorites than others, but it made it look more natural so that is okay. Very glad I purchased from Devumi.

  33. :

    Worked as described. Thanks a bunches!

  34. :

    The fast service made me happy. Quick and simple to use.

  35. :

    Thanks again for the service!!!! Will reorder this week

  36. :


  37. :

    Exactly what I asked for :)

  38. :

    Excellent. This is the best retweet/favorite service available. They deliver the most in numbers

  39. :

    very quick service! A+ Thanks!!

  40. :

    Retweets and favorites were delivered as promised

  41. :

    I thought I would try this as a way to get something trending. Turns out that 5000+ retweets was more than enough. The #hashtags I included on the tweet actually trended for about 2-3 hours!!!

  42. :

    They jumped right on the task and finished it right away. I will buy again and recommend using this service. thank you very much

  43. :

    Absolutely AMAZING! Would recommend to ANYONE! Will order again!

  44. :

    Delivered as advertised.

  45. :

    Amazing job !!! It's working right now very pleased :)

  46. :

    Thanks. Just as described! Will buy again.

  47. :

    Top! Will order again soon!

  48. :

    Superb, did exactly what they said, I will be using this again

  49. :

    the best retweet service on EVER... order now..you won't regret it!! A+

  50. :


  51. :

    the best there was the best there is and the best there ever will be

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