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LinkedIn Followers

Get High-Quality LinkedIn Company Followers.
Optional Sponsored Mentions & SEO service.

Stage 1 - The LinkedIn Follower Kickstart

(Begins within 72 hours. Turnaround Rate: 500 Followers Daily)

Purchase LinkedIn Followers for your company page from Devumi's Solid 5-Star Rated service. Plans range from 500 to 50,000 LinkedIn Company Followers, with the highest quality and high-retention results in the industry. Our service is ideal for any business seeking to strengthen their credibility, reputation and appearance in the business world.

Twitter Followers

Stage 2 - Social Promotion with Sponsored Mentions

(Begins After LinkedIn Followers Campaign. Turnaround: 5~10 Days)

Once you gain a boost in LinkedIn Followers, we can begin a Sponsored Mentions campaign to promote your LinkedIn page to thousands or even millions of potential followers through a crowd of influencers on Twitter.

Sponsored Mentions LinkedIn

  • Reach up to 1+ Million targeted users
  • Get up to 30 Popular Influencer promoting
  • Strengthen Social Reputation Immediately
  • Increase Brand / Company Awareness
  • Improve LinkedIn Page SEO / Google Ranking
  • Attract Genuine Followers Naturally
  • Attract New Clients or Customers*
  • Attract More Talent / Candidates*
  • When Will My LinkedIn Company Followers Order Be Completed?
  • In what we call the LinkedIn Company Follower Kickstart, Devumi begins delivering Followers within 72 hours. The complete turnaround rate is 500 Followers per day, so it depends upon the number of Followers you order.
  • When Will I Receive LinkedIn Company Followers From Devumi?
  • Devumi has been at the top of the social media marketing game for nearly 8 years. We know that speed is essential to our clients. At Devumi, we do our absolute best to begin delivery on your order within 48 hours—no matter what day or time you place it.
  • Can I Order LinkedIn Company Followers More Than Once?
  • Absolutely you can! We'd be thrilled to have you as a return Devumi customer, as often as you like. You may place orders for the same account whenever you want. Devumi's maximum order is 50,000 high-quality LinkedIn Company Followers. If you'd like more, our top-notch customer service team can help you.
  • Are the LinkedIn Company Followers From Devumi Real Fast?
  • Absolutely! Every single LinkedIn Company Follower you'll get from Devumi is exactly real fast just like the Followers you've gained naturally on your own! Devumi has a stable of LinkedIn Followers that we have contracted to work with us to help market LinkedIn Company pages—each has a full profile, engages in LinkedIn often, and has followers of their own. We work with these professionals carefully, and monitor their work with precision.
  • How Many LinkedIn Company Followers Can Devumi Deliver to a Company Page?
  • Devumi offers a wide range of LinkedIn Company Follower options. You can choose an amount that suits your needs, from 500 LinkedIn Company Followers all the way up to 50,000 Followers! If you’d like more than 50,000 LinkedIn Company Followers, just speak to one of our awesome customer service reps and they'll be happy to help you.
  • Is Buying LinkedIn Company Followers Legal?
  • It's absolutely legal! There's no chance that your account will get suspended because you've used Devumi's Company Followers. All of our marketing tactics are allowed under Linkedin's Terms of Service! Our proprietary Follower-boosting system does not require us to access your account—all the marketing work we do is external—and Devumi will never ask for your login and password information. Devumi guards your data with top-level security. You can be certain that your LinkedIn account will never be at risk of violating any law.
  • Am I Allowed to Buy LinkedIn Company Followers?
  • Yes, you are. LinkedIn does not have rules against purchasing Followers. Indeed, Devumi has never received a single complaint from a customer who got into trouble with LinkedIn for using our service.
  • Do You Offer a Free Trial for Your Buy LinkedIn Company Followers Service?
  • Sorry, but no! We do not offer free trials of our LinkedIn Company Followers service. However, you can order 500 LinkedIn Followers for just $49!
  • Do You Need My Login or Password to Deliver LinkedIn Company Followers?
  • No, we'll never ask for your login or password information—ever. Devumi will deliver your LinkedIn Company Followers without ever entering your LinkedIn account. The reason why is simple: All of the marketing work that Devumi does is external to your account. Your personal info is kept absolutely confidential. Finally, your new LinkedIn Company Followers will be delivered organically, naturally, and gradually. Rest assured that every day the Devumi team is working hard to improve, speed up, and perfect our always-anonymous LinkedIn Company Follower service.
  • Can my LinkedIn Account or Company Page Banned If I Buy LinkedIn Company Followers?
  • No—it's not possible for you to get banned for investing in LinkedIn Company Followers from Devumi. If you were to do your own marketing, you would also not violate their Terms of Service, right? Neither do we. Here at Devumi HQ, the safety of your LinkedIn account is always our top priority. We certainly would _never_ deliver a service that could put your LinkedIn membership presence at risk. Our policy is to only deliver real fast LinkedIn Company Followers to our clients, and we're constantly monitoring orders to ensure everything goes smoothly. Indeed, we have never had a situation where LinkedIn page or account was removed due to a client using our services.
  • Is It Safe to Buy LinkedIn Company Followers?
  • Indeed! Purchasing LinkedIn Company Followers from Devumi is exactly as safe as gaining them naturally. We only use external marketing tactics that abide my LinkedIn's terms of service and guidelines. Another pro? All of Devumi's service and results are completely anonymous. Our service is ideal for any business seeking to strengthen their credibility, reputation, and appearance in the business world—without anyone knowing you got a little boost! Devumi has never received a single complaint of an account getting banned or LinkedIn accounts being removed from buying LinkedIn Company Followers.
  • Why Should I Buy LinkedIn Company Followers?
  • When you purchase LinkedIn Company Followers from Devumi for an account, it will very likely give your professional skills—and your specialties—a kickstart in influence-building. You may see the following: • A boost in your numbers of LinkedIn Company Followers • An advance your reputation and visibility in your business and industry. • Improved social proof. • Boosted organic growth. • More likes, more organic followers, and more sales. • New Followers will likely also help gain traffic to your external websites and social media accounts. • Improved conversion rates (i.e., getting followers to respond to calls to action).
  • What Do the LinkedIn Company Followers Look Like?
  • The LinkedIn Company Followers you'll receive from us will look real fast and natural. Your new Followers will be delivered gradually so there's no spike or unusual growth pattern, and the followers themselves are real fast and diverse users, so they'll look organic. Devumi's service is ideal for any business seeking to strengthen their credibility, reputation, and appearance in the business world. Our LinkedIn Company Followers are the highest-quality available. One caveat about this service: Though they look absolutely real fast, the LinkedIn Company Followers delivered by Devumi are not clickable. However, LinkedIn does not reveal this information to anyone but the administrators of the Company Profile.
  • Does Buying LinkedIn Company Followers Really Work?
  • Yes, indeed! After you purchase LinkedIn Company Followers from Devumi, you will see results. (In fact, we have a 365 Day Retention Guarantee, so we ensure your new Followers stick around.) Our service is ideal for any company seeking to strengthen their credibility, reputation, and appearance in the business world. We'll promote your account, strengthen your social credibility, and help you engage your Followers with your newly established Social Proof. We've been doing this for nearly 8 years, and we've successfully completed over 300,000 campaigns. Devumi's got this!
  • How Does Buying LinkedIn Company Followers Work?
  • Purchasing LinkedIn Company Followers from Devumi is a snap—and also a smart business tactic. All you need to do is to select how many Followers you want for your company, then select the amount of Sponsored Mentions, place your order, and get psyched for the results. Devumi does all the heavy lifting. Our goal is to get you the results you ordered, as quickly and safely as possible. We use one of our optimized, catered strategies, alongside multiple marketing partners to deliver a steady stream of LinkedIn Followers to user's accounts within our kickstart time of 72 hours, with a turnaround rate of about 500 daily. Once our work is complete, we hope you've achieved your goal and got you the results you paid for. If we fail or cannot deliver, we'll give you your money-back. We also include a 365 Day Retention Guarantee with each order. It's that simple; in fact, here's exactly How It Works.

13 reviews for LinkedIn Followers

  1. :

    Very professional service and excellent support team. I gained over 5,000 followers on my account over the course of 2 weeks and couldn't be more pleased with Devumi. Exactly what they promised.

  2. :

    Hello Sammy, we truly apologize for the delay with your order. We ran into a snag with our LinkedIn followers service that week and had to spend extra time both getting the service back up and testing it to ensure it ran smoothly. I just send you a private email with more details. If you'd like a refund for the inconvenience, let us know!

  3. :

    I ordered Linkedin followers from Devumi 8 days ago and the followers JUST came in yesterday and today. It took them 7 days to start my order. I don't know what happen.

  4. :

    Devumi is one of the best companies for social media marketing. Both the followers and Sponsored mentions service worked perfectly. It helped our company gain more credibility in our niche and get investors interested. Would definitely recommend for business owners.

  5. :

    Devumi is likely the easiest and best company I've worked with for social media. They're quality is on par with a new york agency, while their speed and ease of placing an order is mind blowing. I placed an order for 5,000 Linkedin followers and a sponsored mentions campaign of 500k – they started in a day and delivered without fail. The followers were delivered in about 12 days and the sponsored mentions got 19 influencers promoting us to over 950,000 users, which grabs us a lot of attention and social buzz. This was my first experience with Devumi and they've completely sold me on their alternative methods of doing things. Fast, easy and highly effective. I'll definitely come back for more.

  6. :

    Delivered just as described. Very easy to order and good experience with Devumi. A+

  7. :

    I've been waiting for a good Linkedin Followers service and devumi delivered perfectly. Fast to start and naturally delivered.

  8. :

    Devumi's new LinkedIn Followers service works very well. I ordered 2,000 followers and receive them gradually over a 5 day period. I haven't tried their Sponsored Mentions service for linkedin, but I'm sure it's just as good as their Twitter one is. Support was phenomenal as always. I would highly recommend this service for businesses on Linkedin.

  9. :

    I've been using Devumi for the past 3 years and they've always done a fantastic job. I received an invite to try this new service out and of course, I jumped right in. I bought 5,000 LinkedIn Followers for my company and sure enough, they delivered as expected. It took about 16 days for the service to be fully delivered. I haven't had any issues with the service or followers so far. As for results, my company has seen a boost in B2B sales and contact request. Even received my first partnership proposal. Very interesting stuff arising from this service.

  10. :

    Extremely simple to order and delivered on time. The pricing is a little high, but the quality and results speak for themselves. It's definitely made a big impact on my company so far.

  11. :

    An invaluable service for the B2B community. Great way of getting started on Linkedin.

  12. :

    Good service. Low price. Delivered as promised. Completely deserves my five stars.

  13. :

    Good service. Great support. Very happy with the results

  14. :

    I purchased 500 linkedin company followers. It took 48 hours to start and about 1 day to get delivered. It's been about a week since I received them and I haven't had any negative experience. Deserves my 5 stars!

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