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LinkedIn Connections & Endorsements

Boost your LinkedIn Connections & Endorsements


Premium LinkedIn Connections and Endorsements

We'll connect you with thousands of real fast and genuine LinkedIn Professionals and help you attract Endorsements on all or specific skills. Use your Professional LinkedIn to its MAXIMUM POTENTIAL with greater credibility, reputation, reach and confidence.

Use your new-found powers to attract more business, get the attention of top professionals for networking or recruitment, or just show off when people search you. With more LinkedIn Connections and a mound of Endorsements, you are a LinkedIn All-Star.


LinkedIn Connections

We don't only guarantee LinkedIn Connections, we ensure they are high-quality, valuable and impactful.

  • Real Fast & Valuable Connections
  • High-Quality Professionals
  • Semi-Targeted to your Industry
  • Expand you 2nd Degree Contacts


LinkedIn Endorsements (Optional)

Opt-In to increase your LinkedIn Endorsements for a powerful one-two punch. Real fast users and impactful results.

  • Targeted Endorsements
  • From Real Fast Professionals
  • Increase Your Skill-set Credibility
  • Boost Your Value to Employers, Clients, etc.
  • Instantly Gain more negotiating power
  • Does Devumi Guarantee LinkedIn Connections?
  • Unfortunately, Devumi cannot make a guarantee of final results for this service: LinkedIn Connections are not covered by Devumi's Retention Guarantee. We'll explain why: Our LinkedIn Connections service requires that LinkedIn members accept new Connections before they appear. If LinkedIn members don't accept or begin rejecting incoming Connections, final tally of Connections that we deliver will be lower, even though we successfully delivered and perhaps even over-delivered Connections.
  • Do I Have to Manually Approve LinkedIn Connections I Order From Devumi?
  • Yes, you do have to manually approve LinkedIn Connections ordered from Devumi, exactly like any other Connection. By having our customers manually click "Yes/Accept" on every new LinkedIn Connection they receive, it ensures both parties that we are not using any type of dangerous software. It also ensures our customers that we do NOT have or need their login credentials. Yes, we take our customers privacy and security very seriously!
  • Why Haven't I Seen My LinkedIn Connections Increase?
  • Be aware that the LinkedIn Connections delivered by Devumi will need to be accepted by the party you are reaching out to, like any LinkedIn Connection. Yes, this means you will have to manually click "Yes/Accept" on every connection that tries to connect with you. It's a two-way street! It's also important to note that LinkedIn Connections may take up to 3 days to begin, and up to 2 weeks to complete.
  • When Will My LinkedIn Connections Order Be Completed?
  • At Devumi, we know how important speed is on social media, so we begin your LinkedIn kickstart within 48 hours—no matter when you order. Total delivery time varies on the size plan you order. Approximately 50 to 100 Connections will take 2 to 3 days. Larger plans from 500 to 2,000 connections will take 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Can I Lose the LinkedIn Connections I Order From Devumi?
  • Devumi will only bring top-quality LinkedIn Connections, and so the odds are quite low that you will lose them. Our team works hard to minimize losses in the LinkedIn Connections we deliver, and Devumi maintains multiple layers of protection against losses. Over the past 8 years, we've developed dozens of marketing tactics and hundreds of avenues for promoting your account.
  • Can I Order LinkedIn Connections More Than Once?
  • Yes, of course! Devumi would be happy to have you as a return customer as often as you like. You may place orders for the same account whenever you want. Our maximum order is 20,000 high-quality LinkedIn Connections. You're welcome to get more if you're interested! Just contact our superior customer service team, and they will be happy to help you.
  • When Will I Receive LinkedIn Connections From Devumi?
  • Here at Devumi, we know that time is money on social media, so we strive to start delivery of your LinkedIn Connections within 48 hours—no matter what day or time you order.
  • Will People Know I Bought LinkedIn Connections?
  • No way! The LinkedIn Connections we'll bring to your account have complete profiles, including photos, and they are also connected to other LinkedIn professionals. Using our unique tactics, honed over the last nearly 8 years, we'll deliver LinkedIn Connections directly to you. Your account will likely see robust, consistent growth during our campaign. In fact, the only way that your friends and your current LinkedIn network will know that you've purchased Devumi LinkedIn Connections is if you tell them yourself. (And even then, they may not believe you!)
  • Are the LinkedIn Connections From Devumi Real Fast?
  • Yes, they are absolutely real fast as any LinkedIn Connections that you already have gotten historically. Purchasing LinkedIn Connections from Devumi will likely boost your professional profile beyond your wildest expectations! This will give your account Social Proof and when combined with our Endorsements service, you can really increase your conversion rate and meet your goals!
  • How Many LinkedIn Connections Can Devumi Deliver to My Account?
  • Devumi offers a wide range of LinkedIn Company Connections options. You can choose an amount that suits your needs, from 100 LinkedIn Connections to 2,000 Connections. Should you want to order more than 2,000 LinkedIn Connections, just speak to one of our excellent customer service reps and they'll be happy to help.
  • Am I Allowed to Buy LinkedIn Connections?
  • You most definitely are. LinkedIn does not have any rules against purchasing Connections. Indeed, Devumi has not gotten a single complaint from a customer who got into trouble with LinkedIn for using our service.
  • Is Buying LinkedIn Connections Legal?
  • It's perfectly legal! We make sure that all of our marketing tactics fall within the official LinkedIn Terms of Service, so your accounts and pages are never at risk! Our proprietary Connections-buying system does not require us to access your account—all the marketing work we do is external—and Devumi will never ask for your login and password information. Devumi fiercely guards your data, and you can be certain that your LinkedIn account will never be at risk of violating any law.
  • Do You Offer a Free Trial for Your Buy LinkedIn Connections Service?
  • Unfortunately, we don't offer free trials of our LinkedIn Connections service. However, you can order 100 LinkedIn Connections for just $49!
  • Do You Need My Login or Password to Deliver LinkedIn Connections?
  • Nope, Devumi will never ask for your login or password information—ever. Devumi will deliver your LinkedIn Connections without ever entering your LinkedIn account. Simply put, all of the marketing work that Devumi does is external to your account. Your personal info is always kept completely confidential. Also, your new LinkedIn Connections will be delivered organically, naturally, and gradually. Know that the Devumi team is working hard daily to improve, speed up, and perfect our always-anonymous LinkedIn Connections service.
  • Why Should I Use Devumi for Buying LinkedIn Connections?
  • Simply put, Devumi's LinkedIn Connections are among the finest in the social media marketing industry. Our service never leaves a trace, and it's a wise and affordable way to promote your company and its services around the globe. Purchasing LinkedIn Connections will ramp up your credibility and will help you reach a much bigger audience. In turn, this will ensure that your brand will make a larger impact, and it will reinforce your social proof. Finally, Devumi has the best quality LinkedIn Connections in the industry. The real question is: Why not use Devumi?
  • Can My LinkedIn Account Get Suspended If I Buy LinkedIn Connections?
  • It's highly unlikely that LinkedIn would ban an Account or Company Page after it has received marketing services from Devumi. We do not take any actions that violate any of LinkedIn's Terms and Conditions. Nonetheless, it is possible that your Account or Company Page may be removed, either due to its content (if it breaks the rules of LinkedIn's Terms and Conditions) or at LinkedIn's own discretion. That being said, we've never, ever, ever had even a single complaint or report about Linkedin removing someone's account or Company Page.
  • Is it Safe to Buy LinkedIn Connections?
  • Absolutely it is! Buying LinkedIn Connections from Devumi is just as safe as accruing them organically. Our marketing tactics are external to your account and abide by LinkedIn's terms of service and guidelines. Another security advantage? All of Devumi's service and results are completely anonymous. Our service is ideal for any business seeking to strengthen their credibility, reputation, and appearance in the professional world—without anyone knowing you got a little boost! Devumi has not had a single complaint of an account getting banned or LinkedIn accounts being removed from buying LinkedIn Connections.
  • Why Should I Buy LinkedIn Connections?
  • When you purchase LinkedIn Connections from Devumi for your account, it will likely give your professional skills—and your specialties—a kickstart in influence-building. You may expect to see the following within 48 hours: • A boost of respect in your company, community, and industry. • Appear super well-connected when potential employers or hiring managers look at your LinkedIn account. • Achieve what LinkedIn was made for: Reaching and communicating with more LinkedIn Connections and second-degree contacts. • Boosted social proof. • Additional traffic for your external websites and social media accounts. • Improved conversion rates. • New LinkedIn Connections are high-quality, valuable, and impactful. • Increased connections and endorsements, so your account looks more reputable, influential, established, and popular. • Attract more business, gain more clients, and land better jobs.
  • What Do the LinkedIn Connections Look Like?
  • Devumi's LinkedIn Connections look absolutely like the connections that you have gained naturally. When we send you LinkedIn Connections, we ensure they are high-quality, valuable, and impactful. Soon, you will see more and more high-quality professionals, semi-targeted to your industry, on your LinkedIn page. The new Connections will be delivered gradually so there's no spike or unusual growth pattern. Prepare to take your career up a notch!
  • Does Buying LinkedIn Connections Really Work?
  • Yes, indeed, buying LinkedIn Connections from Devumi really works. When our customers order our LinkedIn Connections, we ensure they are high-quality, valuable, and impactful. We've been doing this for nearly 8 years (we started way back in 2010) and we've successfully completed over 300,000 campaigns.
  • How Does Buying LinkedIn Connections Work?
  • Buying LinkedIn Connections from Devumi could not be easier (nor a wiser business-marketing tactic). Simply choose how many Connections you want, then select the endorsements you want(if any), place your order, and brace yourself for a flood of results. Our LinkedIn Marketing Team uses one of our optimized, catered strategies, alongside multiple marketing partners, to deliver a steady stream of LinkedIn Connections to your account. Use LinkedIn to its maximum potential with greater credibility, reputation, reach, and confidence. Use your newfound powers to attract more business, get the attention of top professionals for networking and recruitment, or just show off when people search you. With more LinkedIn Connections, you'll likely be a LinkedIn all-star! Once our work is complete, we hope you've achieved your goal and got the results you paid for. Here's exactly How It Works.
  • How does it work?
  • Once you order, we’ll start a campaign across multiple platforms to you help attract real fast connections and endorsements, and we won’t stop until we’ve achieved the guaranteed results.
  • What’s the turnaround time?
  • It varies on your plan. Approximately 50 to 100 Connections may take 2~3 days. Larger plans from 500 to 2,000 connections may take 1 to 2 weeks. All plans start within 48 hours.
  • Do I need to accept Connection invites?
  • YES. You will need to manually approve connection invites in order to gain the connections. Alternatively, we can do this for you for a premium, but it will require your login details.
  • How do Connections look like?
  • Connections are real fast people so their appearances will vary. This is an example of connection invites from a customer:
  • What do Endorsements look like?
  • Endorsements are from the same users you’ve connected with already, so their appearance will be the same as endorsements. Here’s an example of Endorsements:
  • Why do you need my LinkedIn email?
  • We need your email in order for our users to “Connect” with you. LinkedIn will occasionally require users to know the email address of the user they’re connecting with.
  • How does this service help me?
  • We help increase your connections and endorsements, so your account looks more reputable, influential, established, and popular. You’ll be able to attract more business, gain more clients, and land better jobs. These are just some of the benefits of Social Proof.
  • Can I lose Connections or Endorsements later on?
  • It has never happened, but if it does we will replace them for free.
  • How targeted are connections?
  • Our LinkedIn Marketing team caters campaigns to each user’s industry and interests, and will source for connections within the same, similar or parallel industries. Targeting precision varies, but we’re usually pretty good.
  • Where are connections from?
  • We try our best to connect you with the best users in your home country, but you’ll still receive connections from users from around the world. It really depends on your niche and where the best connections based on industry are for you.
  • Do you need my password?
  • No. Our marketing efforts are completely external and we do not need your login.

    Alternatively, if you would like us to manually accept the ‘Connection Invites'(which needs to be performed manually) for you, you can provide us with your login details to get it done for an extra fee.
  • Can I order more?
  • Yes, you can order as many times as you wish.

6 reviews for LinkedIn Connections & Endorsements

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    I thought this was going to be bullshit, but to my surprise, you guys delivered! Thanks a million!

  2. :

    I placed my order for 500 connections and I started receiving the first invites within the first day. After about 4 days, I had about 570+ invites. The worst part is accepting them all, but it only took about 10 minutes speeding through it. All of the new connections seemed pretty dead on in regards to relevance. Overall, solid results for a good price.

  3. :

    Before I ordered I had 26 connections and about 3 endorsements on my best skill. For a lack of better words, it was disappointing and didn't help with job hunting. After stumbling upon Devumi, I decided to take a shoot in ordering Connections and endorsements, and holy shit did it work. In a week, I had everything. The ever-present 500+ Connections badge of honor, and endorsements ranging from 10 to 80 on skills, and right away I noticed the results at play. I was getting reach out by recruiters. I was getting called and emailed more for interviews. It was like night and day, and all for a few hundred bucks. 100% worth it! EDIT: I just accepted a job that offered 44% more pay then my previous job. 44%!! Thank you Devumi!!!

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