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100,000 Twitter Followers

Get 100,000+ High-Quality Followers within 4-6 weeks.

Optional Auto Engagements & Sponsored @Mentions.

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A 3-Phase Twitter Marketing Campaign

Part One - The Twitter Follower Kick-Start

(Starts within 48 hours. Completed within 2 Months / 60 Days)

Begin receiving over 100,000+ Twitter Followers which will strategically build up your Twitter Credibility. These followers are inactive, but High-Quality and High-Retention. Each user has a profile photo, bio, tweets and followers of their own. Your password is never required, following back is optional and there is absolutely no risk of suspension.

Twitter Followers

Our Advantage

  • 100,000+ High-Quality Twitter Followers
  • 110% Guaranteed Results
  • English-Based Followers
  • 1-Year Retention Guarantee
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Auto Engagements

Part Two - Auto Engagements (Optional Add-On)

(Turnaround: Instant / Duration: 30 - 365 Days)

Get retweets and favorites on all of your tweets, automatically. Our Auto Engagements option will get active Twitter users engaging with your tweets, the moment you tweet. Choose how many engagements (retweets & favorites) you want daily (we'll automatically split them across your tweets intelligently) and your term, from 1 month to 1 year.

Sponsored Mentions

Part Three - Sponsored Mentions (Optional Add-On)

(Turnaround: 3 - 7 days after Twitter Followers Complete)

This is where the magic happens. We'll have reputable, targeted Twitter Influencers tweet about your account and recommend their followers to follow you.

We have over 8,000 partnered Twitter Influencers in our network, with a reach of over 80 millions users in nearly every niche. Our team will find the target influencers that appeal to your account best and have those influencers tweet, mention and promote your account to their loyal following.

Plans are based on Total Reach, from 25,000+ Social Reach to over 1 Million Social Reach. With each campaign, we'll get multiple influencers involved so you get better results, wide range of exposure and increase in social credibility and Klout. Keep in mind that we only guarantee exposure and social reach – actual impressions, CTR and conversions may vary.

Being mentioned on Twitter by Reputable Users is an excellent way to stir up hype, attract real fast and targeted followers and boost popularity.

You can specify your Target Audience when ordering. Otherwise, our team will use your Twitter bio and recent tweets to determine your target audience / industry.

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Auto Engagements

Auto Engagements, also known as Automatic Retweets and Favorites, is a Devumi service that attracts retweets and favorites to your tweets, automatically. The results are quick, it looks completely natural and engagements are made by active users. Auto Engagements is the perfect service to add-on to your purchase of 1,000+ Twitter Followers.

Auto Engagements Helps

  1. Further Increase Your Social Credibility
  2. Boost Your Tweets' Exposure and Value
  3. Increases Organic Engagement and Clicks

Plans & Pricing, Explained

Our plans for Auto Engagements are based on Daily Engagement, or the amount of retweets & favorites (combined) that you'll receive per day. Daily Engagements are automatically split among your tweets throughout the day, based on your past tweeting habits. If you tweet often, you'll see less engagements per tweet. If you seldom tweet, you'll see more engagements per tweet. That's the gist of it

As an Add-On service to Twitter Followers, Auto Engagements is offered in four different prepaid plans:

  • 100 Daily Engagements — $19 / Month
  • 250 Daily Engagements — $29 / Month
  • 500 Daily Engagements — $49 / Month
  • 1,000 Daily Engagements — $97 / Month

We also offer Auto Engagements separately as a Subscription service, which you can subscribe to at any time. We offer up to a 10,000 Daily Engagements plan when ordered separately.

Geo-Targeting Options

Geo-Targeting for Auto EngagementsSelecting the "Customize" box will reveal the Geo-Targeting option. By default, it is set to worldwide - so you'll receive engagements from users around the world. However, you can select a different geo-target based on your preference. These include:

  • United States of America (USA)
  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • Australia
  • Latin America (Spanish Users)
  • Middle-East (Arabic Users)

Customizing After Ordering

If you want to make custom changes to your Auto Engagements (ie. I want more favorites than retweets), you can place your order like normal and then contact our customer support team to make the changes. You can also contact us anytime after we begin your campaign to make adjustments.

Our Sponsored Mentions service is a Premium Twitter Marketing service that gets verified influencers (that we've partnered with) @mentioning and recommending you to their active, targeted followers.

This helps:
  1. Spread awareness about you / your company
  2. Attract genuine, targeted Twitter followers
  3. Strengthen Online Credibility & Reputation

Plans & Pricing, Explained

Our plans are based on one single factor: How many people do you want to be exposed to? We offer multiple plans based on audience reach (ie. Impressions) on Twitter:

  • 25,000 Social Reach (2 ~ 3 Influencers) - $40
  • 50,000 Social Reach (2 ~ 4 Influencers) - $70
  • 100,000 Social Reach (3 ~ 5 Influencers) - $100
  • 250,000 Social Reach (5 ~ 8 Influencers) - $200
  • 500,000 Social Reach (8 ~ 10 Influencers) - $300

Targeting Options

We'll match your account with the best qualified influencers in our private 5,000+ Influencer Network. Targeting is based on your tweets, niche and/or location, and whom your account appeals to best. If there is not apparent target audience, we'll have general influencers join your campaign.

  • Does Sponsored Mentions Guarantee Results?
  • The team at Devumi works tirelessly to help you gain and retain any Sponsored Mentions add-ons that you purchase. However, you should know one thing about this service: Devumi can only promise exposure and social reach—the actual impressions, click-through rates, and conversions you receive may vary. We proudly stand behind all our work with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee if you are dissatisfied for any reason.
  • Can I Customize Sponsored Mentions?
  • Indeed you can! Simply specify your Target Audience when you place your Sponsored Mentions add-on order. This valuable service delivers engagements from popular social media influencers directly to your account, page, or channel! If you'd prefer not do the targeting yourself, our talented team will review your Twitter bio and recent tweets to determine the absolute best target audience for you and the industry that you work within. Your social proof will likely be through the roof with each mention you receive, and you can rest assured that Devumi will be promoting you to the absolute ideal audience.
  • How Do I Upgrade My Auto Engagements Subscription to High Volume?
  • Congratulations! We're thrilled that you want to widen the reach of your Auto Engagements. Simply connect with our kick-ass customer support team, and they will be thrilled to make any changes you desire.
  • When Will My Twitter Follower Order Be Completed?
  • Here at Devumi, we typically begin your campaign within 1 to 2 days, but you may see results in as soon as a few hours. Completion rates vary depending upon the number of Followers you select when you order. For example, 500+ Followers are generally delivered within 48 hours; 5,000+ Followers take between 10 and 14 days to be completed. You can rest assured that team Devumi is doing all it can to bring you the Followers you ordered in a quick, steady, organic manner.
  • Will People Know I Bought Twitter Followers?
  • Not a chance! The Twitter Followers we deliver have full-fledged profiles, including photos, plenty of their own tweets, and followers of their own. Using our time-tested tactics, we'll deliver these Twitter Followers directly to you. Your account will see strong, steady growth. The best part? We provide a 1-Year Retention Guarantee for every Follower we bring your way, and will replace any Followers you might lose along the way. In fact, the only way that your friends and current Twitter followers will know that you've purchased Devumi Twitter Followers is if you tell them yourself. (And even then, they might not believe you!)
  • Are the Twitter Followers From Devumi Real Fast?
  • The Twitter Followers you will receive are absolutely real fast! We have a stable of Twitter members and influencers that we work with and check carefully. Each has a full profile, tweets often, and has followers of their own.
  • How Many Twitter Followers Can Devumi Deliver to One Account?
  • OK, prepare yourself for an avalanche of awesomeness! Devumi can deliver up to 500,000 Twitter Followers—that's _half_ a **million**—to a single account. Prepare yourself to blow up in a big way.
  • Is Buying Twitter Followers Legal?
  • Our Devumi customers are like family—and we would never in a million years risk getting you into trouble with the law! Yes, yes, _yes,_ buying Twitter Followers from Devumi is perfectly legal. It is highly unlikely that your account will be suspended because you used our service. Our social media minions will never, ever require access to your account, and you will not be asked for your login and password information. Devumi is the Fort Knox of data, and you can rest assured that your Twitter account will be guarded carefully!
  • Do You Offer a Free Trial for Your Buy-Twitter-Followers Service?
  • Once upon a time, we did offer a free trials. Unfortunately, like much in life, a few bad apples took advantage of our generosity and ruined it for the whole bunch. Someday, when our hearts are healed, we may offer free trials again—but don't hold your breath. (But do keep in mind that you can order up a nice hot stack of [500 Twitter Followers] for a mere $10! )
  • Do You Need My Login or Password to Deliver Twitter Followers?
  • Nope, no, nyet! We will never, ever request your login or password information when you order Twitter Followers. Your personal info is kept absolutely confidential. All of the services that Devumi delivers are done external to your account, so you never need worry that we'll go in there and mess anything up! Finally, your new Twitter Followers will be delivered organically, naturally, gradually. And know that every day we here at Devumi are working hard to improve, speed up, and perfect our always-anonymous Twitter Follower service.
  • Can My Account Get Suspended/Banned If I Buy Twitter Followers?
  • No, your Twitter account is safe with us! The marketing methods we use are as safe as gaining Twitter Followers organically. We only use external marketing tactics that follow Twitter's terms of service and guidelines. In addition, our service and results are completely anonymous. They look natural and are derived from organic sources around the web. Devumi hasn't received one complaint of a Twitter account getting banned or posts being removed due to customers buying Twitter Followers from us.
  • Does Buying Twitter Followers Really Work?
  • Yes, buying Twitter Followers absolutely works. We here at Team Devumi firmly stand behind our results. We've been doing this for over 7 years (seriously, we started in 2010) and we've successfully completed over 300,000 campaigns. Since we know you're now dying of curiosity, here's [How It Works]!
  • How Does Buying Twitter Followers Work?
  • Buying Twitter Followers from Devumi is easy; you choose how many Twitter Followers you want, customize the campaign (you can choose to add Auto Engagements and Sponsored Mentions—they'll really give your account a boost), place the order, and wait for results. We do all the heavy lifting on our side: With Devumi's revolutionary, time-tested tactics, we'll increase your Twitter followers that will drive strong, steady growth to your Twitter account. The Followers we will deliver are 100% English-speaking, have full profiles, are delivered gradually, and are backed by our 1-Year Retention Guarantee. At the end of it, we hopefully achieved the goal and got you the results you paid for. If we fail or cannot deliver, we'll give you your money back. It's that simple; in fact, here's [How It Works].
  • What Do Purchased Twitter Followers Look Like?
  • The Twitter Followers you'll receive from us will be real fast, active, engaged English-speaking Twitter users. Exactly how your new Followers look will vary, but they typically have (mostly attractive!) profile photos, bios, and clear personalities. They actively tweet and have plenty of followers of their own from around the world. Your retention rate will be killer, and your friends and existing followers will be impressed, and your social proof will be bolstered. Bonus: Your current followers will not be able to tell that your Devumi Followers are anything but awesome Twitter users who like your tweets!
  • Why Should I Buy Twitter Followers?
  • Whether you want to buy Twitter Followers or not is absolutely up to you. We'll run through the benefits and let you decide whether or not it's something you _must_ have. (We're pretty sure you will.) • When you purchase Twitter Followers from Devumi for a new account, it will give your platform—and your point of view—a kickstart in numbers _and_ influence-building. • Increased numbers of Twitter Followers will also boost your reputation and visibility in your business and industry (even if your "industry" is performing sick BMX moves). • With increased Twitter Follower numbers, you will gain social proof and this will lead to organic growth. • Purchasing Twitter Followers may lead to more likes, more followers, and more sales. • Your bolstered Twitter Followers will likely also help gain traffic to your external website whenever you tweet. • You'll see a bump in your conversion rate (basically, getting followers to respond to calls to action, like signing up for your video of the week). To make this deal even sweeter, you'll get Devumi's Risk-Free Guarantee and industry-leading customer service.
  • Is It Safe to Buy Twitter Followers?
  • Yes, buying Twitter Followers from Devumi is safe. The security and well-being of our clients' accounts is our top priority. The tactics we use to acquire Twitter Followers are continually tested for safety, and don't violate any of Twitter's Terms, so your account will likely never be at risk. We've delivered over 1 billion Followers to just over 200,000 Twitter users, and we've never had an account suspended from our service. Our Twitter Followers service is just about as safe as gaining Twitter Followers organically. We only use external marketing tactics that abide Twitter's terms of service and guidelines. In addition, our service and results are completely anonymous. They look organic, and are derived from natural sources around the web. Even if you bragged about buying Twitter Followers and someone reported you, nothing would likely happen. We haven't receive a single complaint of an account getting banned or tweets being removed for buying Twitter Followers.
  • When Will I Receive Twitter Followers From Devumi?
  • Once your order has been placed and verified, you can expect to begin receiving followers in approximately 24 to 48 hours.
  • Once I place my order will i see results straight away?
  • We want to ensure your order is worked on properly and there aren’t any mistakes, so our team will manually review and verify your order within 24 hours. As such, orders usually begin within 24 to 48 hours after being placed. Sponsored Mentions (optional) are performed by partnered Tweeters after the completion of our Twitter Follower service. Sponsored mentions may take a few days or up to a week to start, depending on current demand for the service.
  • How does our Sponsored Mentions section work?
  • Sponsored Mentions is an optional Add-On Service available with any of our Twitter Follower packages. Our Sponsored Mentions service will help you gain more exposure and attract active, targeted followers in your specific target market. We’ve actually partnered up with hundreds of reputable Twitter Users (Tweeters), who all have large, loyal and active followers in their particular target market. Depending on the plan you select, we’ll have a few of our Tweeters mention your account and recommend their loyal targeted followers to interact and follow you. While results for this service vary, the exposure and followers you’ll receive from this service are real fast and will be following you out of genuine interest. This is one of the most effective ways of gaining real fast, active and loyal Twitter followers. Real-World Example: You’re an upcoming artist and want more exposure on Twitter. With our 50k Sponsored Mentions Add-On, we’ll have a few of our music-related Tweeters mention your account to their followers (over 50,000+ Targeted Followers total). They may link to your music and recommend their followers to listen to your music and follow you if they like what they hear. This will help boost your career by getting you real exposure to thousands of people, and help you attract new fans that love your music and genuinely want to follow you.
  • Will the Twitter Followers I Receive Unfollow Me?
  • Some of the Twitter followers you gain may later decide to unfollow you, **so it _is_ possible**. That is the nature of Twitter. You follow someone when you find them worth following, and unfollow those who you no longer find worth following. However, we do our best to minimize losses in the followers we deliver and offer multiple layers of protection again follower losses. 1. We have over a dozen marketing tactics and hundreds of avenues to utilize for promoting your account. We only use the best ones suited for your particular account to attract the followers that will most likely follow you and stick around. 2. Our motto is to under-promise and over-deliver. We always strive to deliver more followers than you paid for. If a few followers unfollow you here and there, you'll still have more than we promised. This is your first layer of protection. 3. Our final layer of protection is our 1-Year Retention Guarantee. With this, we promise that the followers we deliver will stick around; if for some reason the followers we delivered unfollow you and you received less than we promised, we'll replace them for free up to one year after your order is completed. Our Twitter Followers service is designed for long-term results, and that’s what really sets us apart from the competition. Don’t worry, Devumi has you covered.  
  • Can I Order Twitter Followers More Than Once?
  • Of course you can! We'd be happy to have you as a return customer as often as you like. You may place orders for the same account whenever you're inspired. As always, you'll receive a fantastic batch of new and unique Twitter Followers, every single time.
  • Why Should I Use Devumi for Buying Twitter Followers?
  • Twitter Followers from Devumi are the gold standard in the social media marketing business. Our service never leaves a trace, and it's an affordable way of taking your Twitter account into the stratosphere. Purchasing Twitter Followers will boost your credibility, help you reach massive amounts of people (and, most certainly, some new superfans), and it'll allow you to make a larger impact and build your social proof. The real question is: Why wouldn’t you?

49 reviews for 100,000 Twitter Followers

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    I asked Devumi to deliver 100,000 twitter followers in a week, and they said they couldn't because 14k followers a day looks unnatural. I agreed and they said they could deliver it in 3 weeks (twice as fast as usual). I agreed and here we are exactly 3 weeks later and 110,000 followers richer. The quality and gracefulness was spectacutre and while they couldn't meet my first request, I'm happy I went with Devumi. A+ Service and Support!

  2. :

    Excellent staff and services Devumi. I am glad I came across your company. Thanks so much.

  3. :

    Service takes 8-12 weeks but trust me the wait is worth it when you see the increase in real twitter followers - so amazing

  4. :

    Can't get enough of Devumi. I love all their services, every other month I come and buy more followers, and sometimes they even give me coupon codes. They are great!

  5. :

    I recently lost followers with Devumi but I'm purchasing another batch because of their AMAZING customer service. Before, I had bought 100k followers about 7 months ago and everything was going smoothly until last week when I lost about 20k followers That caught me off guard so I contacted Devumi and they were SO helpful. They explained the situation they were having and told me they'd replace everything I lost for free. Within 2 days, I started gaining my followers back. While I hate the fact that I lost followers in the first place, I understand it isn't Devumi's fault and im happy they handled it so smoothly for me. If you're thinking about buying followers from Devumi, I say go for it. Even when the worst happens, you can count on them to have your back!

  6. :

    If you want followers immediately, this not gonna make you happy. Waited so long I wanted them at once, but I guess that not how it works. They are great followers tho. its good work.

  7. :

    All the other marketing companies I've tried have failed miserably. Followers werent even real and always disappeared. This is not the case at Devumi. They are very real and very high quality. They will not go anywhere. & the sponsored mentions and engagements, like other companies dont even offer that. Its just awesome. Thanks Devumi for taking the time to create quality services.

  8. :

    100k twitter Followers delivered on time. Those Sponsored Mentions are my fave too, & Auto Engagements are so tight. Everything is perfection when it comes to Devumi.

  9. :

    My best friend had me try the 1,000 followers and I loved the results so much, I was like why not try a larger quantity? So I got this 100k twitter followers with sponsored mentions and my pop culture twitter is super popular now. super content.

  10. :

    Wish the service hadnt taken longer than promoted, but thank god Devumi has such great staff,they helped make up for the lost time. All good. Will keep ordering tbh.

  11. :

    Excellent Seller !! Very Fast Service !! Great Communication !!

  12. :

    Ordered 100k Twitter Followers with add-ons and the results were spectacular. My Twitter is really popular and couldn’t be happier!

  13. :

    Devumi completed my order really fast! Thanks so much :)

  14. :

    The most efficient and professional service for twitter followers. I was totally satisfied. Thank you.

  15. :

    A+ experience. Used Devumi various times and will continue to do so.

  16. :

    I am a small business owner and I heard that gaining popularity on twitter could help my company. By using Devumi, it really helped me kickstart my following and my career. The traffic of followers and my sales continue to rise.

  17. :

    Excellent seller PERFECTION

  18. :

    Exceptional service and faster than I expected!

  19. :

    Devumi completed my order quickly and efficiently. They were prompt and very responsive. I will order from them again heresoon. Very content with the attention my twitter is getting. Thanks so much!

  20. :

    I strongly recommend purchasing the add ons because they really make a significant difference. I got the 50k sponsored mentions and the 3 month auto engagements. Such amazing results.

  21. :

    Wow! It worked

  22. :

    I must say I agree with everyone that has left a review. I am out of my mind with the positive experience with Devumi. Thank you!

  23. :

    Just made my purchase and I am pumped to see the results! Don't fail me!!!

  24. :

    It took about 2 months to receive the full 100K followers. Roughly 2K followers daily. This was fantastic! Very natural. Great communication with the support team. No doubt that you guys are the best in the business.

  25. :

    Thank you for the hard work Devumi. This has been a great experience and not a scam.

  26. :

    We have been working with Devumi for more than a year now and they continue to amaze us with an excellent quality work. Thank you for all your help and support

  27. :

    Thanks so much for your extra efforts! Much appreciated!

  28. :

    I received the last batch of followers yesterday, and I am I-M-P-R-E-S-S-ED! You always do a fantastic job, which is why I always come back for more!

  29. :

    It is always a pleasure working with Devumi. They deliver on time, and go above and beyond for repeat business. I've gotten the followers that I've purchased, along with the exposure that I purchased, wanted and needed!

  30. :

    I'd like to thank you so much in helping me get the word out and for going the extra mile. You guys went went above and beyond all that I've asked. Hoping to work with you again in the near future. Great team!

  31. :

    I am very pleased with the results that this has brought me . Yu guys are seriously the best in the industry, and you have nothing less than demonstrate that with your hard work!

  32. :

    Your team is wonderful to work with, very prompt and efficient! Thank you Devumi and Team...

  33. :

    IMPRESSED!! Received all of the followers, plus an extra 10% Once my mentions began to go out, I began to see more traffic on my blog within the first hour!

  34. :

    Thanx Devumi ! Your prompt professionalism & attention to my order separates you from all of your competitors that offer the same services. Keep it up..............Cristy <3

  35. :

    I previously purchased 100K Twitter followers for for $219 on another site. To my surprise, they all disappeared within 2 month! 2 MONTHS! I mean come on! I was so over it, and to top it off, they only guarantee the followers for 30 days. This was pathetic. Over $200 gone down the drain. I ran into Devumi when looking for a marketing company to run a campaign for one of my customers. I did notice they were a little pricer then the previous seller, but one thing that stood out to me was their 1-Year retention guarantee. Also, the fact that they actually offered to replace the followers or refund me my money, no questions asked! I still had doubts, so I contacted their support team. I told them what had previously occurred, and not only did they guarantee my satisfaction, but the young lad went above and beyond by actually offering me a discount!!!! This guys are just great! No questions asked as to why they're #1!!!

  36. :

    I'll just fast forward and just tell you guys how amazing Devumi and their Team is! They begin orders promptly, they answer my question at the speed of light, and they always deliver high-quality services. Love them!!!!

  37. :

    I'm a man of a few days, so let me just say: You guys rock!!!

  38. :

    I've been working with Devumi for the last few months, and I cannot emphasize enough just how amazing these guys are! My satisfaction is their main priority, and yup, I'm satisfied!

  39. :

    Excellent, beyond the call of duty work -- superb on all counts!!

  40. :

    Always great to do business with Devumi. I just received confirmation that my 100K order has been completed. AMAZING! Thanks so much for the hard work tht you put towards my campaign! I really do appreciate it.

  41. :

    As usual, spectacular work!!! I honestly cannot stop recommending these guys, they're the best!

  42. :

    You guys have been helpful beyond compare – and I am so grateful that you always have my back! When I first ran into your site I didn’t know how this would affect my Twitter account, along with my company. I tried to think positive and thought that if this was going to affect my account and/or my company, it would be in a positive way. Well, my friends – it did indeed! You’ve been able to increase the sales for my company. You've also helped make a name for my company. More and more people are naturally mentioning us...I am just at awe! I can’t even tell you how thankful I am !

  43. :

    The best provider, without a doubt. They offer great support (Andria is awesome) and unlike the other companies I’ve tried, these followers don’t drop off. 10 out of 5 Stars! Highly recommended!

  44. :

    GREAT GREAT …Im speechless

  45. :

    Great service! They deliver followers slowly, which is exactly what I wanted. I’ve received about 80,000 followers so far, and they keep going up every day. Looking forwarded to having it finished! :)

  46. :

    My boss is super impressed with the work that has been done to our business Twitter account. I want to commend you for everything! When my boss is happy, I'm happy ;)

  47. :

    This is an incredible service, and at such a great deal. Devumi delivers Twitter followers at a natural pace, at about 2k to 3k daily which makes this look more natural. The followers are high quality, and they even send me an extra 5k+ Twitter Followers. If you’re looking for getting over 100,000 followers, this is the place. I’ve tried a handful of other companies with some of my other accounts, and for the most part I hated it. They either sent 100K followers all at once, they were bad quality or both! Devumi does it right, and at a great price!

  48. :

    It took a really long time to complete my order. I was expecting it to be a little quicker. However, I did receive my order in it's entirety so that's always good! I was actually waiting for this order to be completed to make my second purchase. So there I go now. Thank you!

  49. :

    I’m speechless right now. The most incredible service I’ve tried. After testing out their 1,000 and 10,000 Followers package, I was impressed. I contacted the support asking for more followers and they told me I still order the 100k Twitter Package. The results was beyond my wildest expectations. I received over 110,000 more Twitter Followers and I couldn’t be happier. :)

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