How To Launch Your Website’s Social Media with Devumi

Launching a new website can be a daunting task, from initial concept and design to platform choice and coding, there are hundreds of choices to be made. One universal truth to web design in 2016 is the incorporation of social media into the site’s design. It doesn’t matter if the website is a personal blog or a 10,000 page eCommerce mega-store, social media will be the promotional backbone of the site.

You’ll need to use social media for your website to:

  • Build trust through social proof
  • Share exciting content with users to keep them engaged
  • Spread your brand message
  • Connect on a personal level as often as you can
  • Manage your reputation
  • Do initial customer support
  • Find new customers

Before a single line of code is written for the new site social media accounts need to be created and populated with profiles, pictures, bios and links to the URL. This will start building the buzz about the new website and can help bring in initial traffic before the site is picked up by search. The best SEO will take weeks to bring people to the site even for the easiest keywords, social media can bring thousands of targeted viewers the second your website goes live.

This guide is going to show you each of the major social media marketing channels and how they apply to a new website and how Devumi can help you rapidly build those social media accounts for your website. This is all written to give your new website a serious boost immediately, and help you reach your goals over the long term.

Your Website’s Social Media Accounts

Social media collectively accounts for over 75% of all web traffic every single day. People spend their time sharing ideas, pictures, videos and blogs throughout the day and are a captive audience on these platforms. Tapping into this massive pool of people should be a priority for any new website.

There are hundreds of social media websites and no one will have enough time to effectively market the new website on every platform. Here’s a quick rundown on the top 6 platforms in the context of online marketing, and what each platform can do for you:

  • Twitter: The world’s #1 microblogging social network is a huge value for any website. You can keep visitors and customers informed and updated instantly, reach targeted users around the world, drive traffic, and better your SEO results.
  • Pinterest: Using photographs and hashtags can highlight products, show amazing before and after shots, and even highlight company culture. The key to keeping interest is exciting imagery, with real interaction a close second.
  • YouTube: An image is worth 1000 words. YouTube is showing us that video is worth a whole lot more. Video marketing is one of the best ways to promote a website, create sales, and make brand loyalists.
  • Vimeo: You can think of Vimeo as the Rolls Royce of video marketing because Vimeo users expect high end content. Brands which deliver it reap the rewards of a highly engaged audience with a longer attention span.
  • Vine: Vine is the newest social media phenom and with its 6 second limit has the ability to hold anyone’s attention. Websites that incorporate new social media will immediately capture more viewers because everyone wants to get in on what’s new.
  • SoundCloud: SoundCloud is audio hosting, usually reserved for bands and musicians. New websites can utilize SoundCloud followers to drive traffic with things like Podcasts and recorded interviews.

Most people would assume that Facebook would be on the top 6 and for a long time it was. To read about Facebook’s rapidly declining reach, read our blog about Facebook vs. Twitter for brands.

This guide is going to focus on the first three major social platforms. Follow the links if you wish to know more about getting SoundCloud followers, or getting more Vimeo views. The general advice given in this guide will apply directly to these two platforms as well.

Integrating Your Social Media with Your Website

Depending on the platform of the website there are multiple ways to incorporate social media directly onsite. Platforms like Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal all have plugins that are simple to use and will offer users to share the page on social media and also provide an aspect of social proof by counting how many shares were already posted.

Here’s an example of what they look like:

The higher the counters for each of these share buttons the better as people’s choice to visit the website will be validated by other people sharing it on their social media platforms.

Integrating Twitter

Multiple pages on have a live Twitter feed on them:

This is an aspect of social proof that we are, in fact an active website and are producing content regularity. This will also direct them to our twitter account to follow and retweet furthering our social proof. Any new website should be tweeting regularly and have at least one feed on the site.

The Importance of Twitter

Twitter is the biggest opportunity for any new website to rapidly gain exposure by getting more Twitter followers. A Twitter account with no followers is almost worse than having no Twitter account. This is a problem since it usually takes followers to get followers.

Using our Twitter Follower service is a great way to start off with a bang. It will give a new Twitter account the kickstart it needs to get started. 5,000 or 10,000 Twitter followers work great for a new website.

Check out all the followers that the Devumi Gorilla has. With over 100,000 followers, our account continues to gain more and more organic followers daily, attract new visitors to our website consistently, and it increases the credibility of our brand.


This will work for any account no matter how many followers it currently has. Once the followers have been kick-started with our service, you need to start using Twitter by tweeting effectively. A new account can be forgiven for tweeting a bit more often than an established one. For the first month or two, up to once an hour should be the limit.

Keep your content fresh by making sure that it:

  • Is not 100% marketing. The general rule of thumb is to limit your marketing / promotional tweets to 20% of your total. The majority of tweets should be interactions with your audience, informational content from your website, and sharing content from others in your industry.
  • Uses a variety of pictures, video, and GIFs. Pictures, videos, and GIFs can help get more information across in 140 characters in a visually appealing way.
  • Uses relevant hashtags. Watch for trending hashtags and feel free to join in on Twitter chats that are organized with hashtags. The more relevant the hashtags are, the better.

A great way to manage a new account, especially while promoting a new website is to use our Twitter Auto Engagement service. You’ll begin to see a rise in natural follower interaction, and gain real exposure for your brand message on Twitter automatically every time you tweet.

Integrating Pinterest

Pinterest’s embedding feature has been helping new websites build relationships with their social media in interesting new ways. Embedding a popular pin on a page, particularly the landing page of a product, can capture those leads that aren’t quite ready to make a purchase. It can also help push them to actually make the purchase when they see how popular that pin is already.

Better Homes and Gardens understand the importance of integrating Pinterest on their website. It’s no mistake that they’re one of the most popular brand pinners. Tools like this on their website show why they do so well:

Using Pinterest for your new website

Pinterest pins have some of the longest staying power of anything on social media.

This is for two reasons:

  • Pinterest users permanently ‘pin’ items to their virtual boards, and are able to see the pins over and over again.
  • Rich Pins allow websites with products for sale to include prices in the pins they create. When the price is changed anyone who has pinned it to their board is notified.

Including pinterest pins on the new site is incredibly important for creating brand recognition and long lasting customers. The three most important things you can do are:

  • Interacting regularly with those who take the time to repin or reply to pins. If a person is engaging with the account, that means they are interested in the site and the products or services the site is providing.
  • Running with success when you find it. If a certain pin is popular, create more like it. If one board is taking off with lots of followers, focus on growing it. If another board in your industry is very popular, go join in with the goal of building trust.
  • Using Pinterest message marketing. Amongst your followers, and in your industry, there are going to be users with larger amounts of influence. Having a direct chat with them through Pinterest messages can do a lot to raise the credibility of your account, and get them to share your content.

Marketing a new site is difficult enough without having to worry about gaining followers on all social media accounts. Using our Pinterest follower service has been shown to positively influence new follows. This also applies to our repins and likes service. No one wants to be the first one to repin something, give them that little push with our service.

Integrating Videos

Embedded YouTubeVimeo, and Vine videos have helped thousands of website owners meet their goals.

This can include:

  • Increasing sales with product demonstrations that show the value of products.
  • Giving visitors a visual FAQ that helps convey vital information. The bonus is that this can decrease workloads on support staff.
  • Keeping blog visitors interested in your content, increasing the chances of gaining subscribers, and growing your ad revenue.
  • App websites using video to show how the apps impact people which leads to increasing your downloads and better user retention

The number of ways that video can impact a website are nearly limitless. Connecting the video efforts of your website to a successful YouTube channel, with plenty of subscribers, will give you the benefit of social proof as well.

Let’s look at a branded example. Vans sneakers have been around for years and are the defacto shoe for skateboarders. Vans has done the right thing on their website by using video from their YouTube page to establish their brand as one associated with skate culture:

Youtube videos accomplish many things for Vans:

  • Skate videos closely associate their brand with skate culture.
  • Having the videos hosted on their website increases visits, leads to subscribers, and gives Vans more online sales.
  • Having them hosted on YouTube draws visitors from there to the website where their eCommerce section is.
  • YouTube also affords them the chance to gain subscribers. They may not make a purchase today, but will very likely lead to one in the future.

Brand loyalty to Vans is high, their videos that show the culture are a big part of this. Video marketing is one of the most exciting things going on in online marketing right now. Using this tool properly on your website will be a decisive factor in your success.

Video Marketing and YouTube

Every major brand is seeing huge gains from an honest video marketing strategy. I’m not talking about brands that publish their TV commercials and walk away. I’m talking about some of the most successful video marketing brands that have created their own online TV channel full of great content.

The keys to success on any video marketing channel for a website are:

  • Gaining subscribers who will come back and watch your new videos as you upload them.
  • Getting more views on each video. The point above will help, but each video needs to be looked at as a unique piece of content.
  • Getting your branding right so that your website logo and style are properly presented.

Having a large subscriber base is a huge challenge. Our YouTube subscriber service has helped more than a few YouTube users grow their following as they have a higher chance of someone subscribing to them when they have more subscribers already.

Going viral on YouTube, with a video that ties in directly with your website, is a goal of many video marketers. The hardest moments in any video’s life are the first few. A truly viral video gains some of it’s popularity from Paris Hilton syndrome – it’s famous for being famous.

Gaining enough initial traction to go viral is the BIG challenge. How can you push your views higher to gain that ‘famous for being famous’ feeling that really gets people watching your video and visiting your website? The easy answer to that is our YouTube views service. You’ll get that last push that has thousands, even tens of thousands, of people now flocking to your ‘famous for being famous’ video.

Using Social Media platforms to promote your new website

When you have a new website that you want to promote you don’t have to sit back and hope that your visitors show up. You can get out there, be proactive, and engage via social media. The current online climate is very much in favor of those who put in the extra work to connect with real people.

With the right plan, and by using the right social channels and a little help from us at Devumi, using the services discussed above to quickly push up your social proof, you can really kickstart your social media accounts. This will start promoting your website right away. Don’t wait to see if it takes off all on its own – start using our services, work on your social media, and achieve success today!

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