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Vine Strategies for Mardi Gras Success

Written by John Beckett on February 16, 2016

For years, people believed that they had to go to New Orleans to get the complete Mardi Gras experience. That has changed in recent years, though, thanks in large part to the Internet. This year, social video site Vine took that concept to the next level. The network exploded over Mardi Gras as people uploaded […]

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Get More Vine Loops: 5 Tactics You Need

Written by John Beckett on January 29, 2016

Vine is the coolest mashup between YouTube and Twitter from some tech geek’s dream that is possible. You get the video fun of YouTube combined with the quickness of Twitter. And, what the heck, why not throw hashtags into it as well? If you’re new to the Vine game, or just looking to get more […]

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Our 27 Step Vine Marketing Guide | Get Free Vine Followers

Written by John Beckett on October 23, 2015

With Vine’s popularity exploding, the task of getting free Vine followers has become the goal of many online marketers. With more Vine followers, you’re able to share your videos with more people. Those people can in turn share your Vines with more of the followers with revines, and on it goes! Whether you’re a brand […]

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Social Media Tips from Celebrities that Are AWESOME for Marketing

Written by John Beckett on October 16, 2015

Out of all the places you could get social media tips, the last place you’d expect to look is celebrities. They have lots of followers because they’re already famous, right? Well, yes and no. First, some celebrities built themselves purely on social media. There are also plenty of famous people, but not all of them […]

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How to Make Vines that People LOVE to Watch

Written by John Beckett on August 14, 2015

Ever since it was bought up by Twitter back in 2013, Vine has been taking off at an astronomical pace. In January of this year they claimed to be at around 1.5 billion loops PER DAY. With the platform taking off, more and more people are asking how to make Vines. With the right content, […]

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