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All The Things: Highlighting Our Best Social Media Services

Written by John Beckett on April 11, 2017

Social media is considered as an important component of any marketing strategy. Doing the task of promoting on the socials is by no means easy. Sometimes, even the best of your efforts might not be enough. This is where our social media services can lend you a helping hand.

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Incredible YouTube Promotion Tactics, With Help From our Services!

Written by John Beckett on August 26, 2016

When it comes to YouTube promotion, every little bit helps. Why? Well it seems like everyone and their 12 year old brother is opening up a YouTube channel in order to chase that YouTube money. Competition is really picking up. To succeed, you will have to spend a little money to make a lot of […]

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How to Get the Most from the Vine App Using Devumi

Written by John Beckett on August 19, 2016

The rising popularity of Vine, with its ‘tell me a story right now and do it quickly’ features, fits the escalating speed of today’s Internet audience. Those of us here at Devumi love the Vine app as it’s quite entertaining and informative, and because we know that we can help you join the ranks of […]

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Getting Started Using Vine on Twitter

Written by John Beckett on July 1, 2016

If I’ve said it once, and I have, I’ve said it a thousand times: Video is the future of content on Twitter. A great way to meet this growing content demand is using Vine on Twitter. But how, and why, does this work exactly? There are reasons to be on both Twitter  and Vine, and […]

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The 3 Best Vine Users, and How to be Like Them!

Written by John Beckett on May 27, 2016

Every social media channel has its stars, and this goes double for channels that feature video like Vine. The best Vine users we’ll look at each offer unique content, and have teachable moments in them that you can use to build your own Vine account. The 3 accounts in question are: Gerald Andal Jerry Purpdrank MLB […]

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