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Creating Interactive Marketing Campaigns: Engage Customers In New Ways

Written by Matthew on January 26, 2018

Digital marketing is becoming more and more about a two-way conversation between brands and their customers. Interactive marketing can help you meet this demand and engage your customers better.

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YouTube Branding Attracts More Subscribers to Your Channel

Written by local on October 11, 2017

With all the new channels popping up on YouTube daily, it can be a challenge to get noticed by viewers. This is where excellent YouTube branding becomes vital. Learn how you can build a brand that would attract people to your channel.

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Save Mobile Data on Pinterest by Stopping Autoplay Videos and Ads

Written by local on September 18, 2017

While Pinterest’s video autoplay function on mobile has been a boon for marketers, it can be an annoyance to users. Luckily, the platform gives users an easy way to turn the feature off. Not only can you turn off auto play videos, saving you mobile data, but you can also turn off advertisements from certain […]

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Using Storytelling Strategies To Enhance Your Social Media Campaign

Written by John Beckett on September 15, 2017

Being able to capture your audience’s attention long enough to push your brand is important for any marketing effort. This is when being a good storyteller becomes important. You can enhance your social media campaign using the storytelling structure presented in this article.

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Let Them Create: Harnessing User-Generated Content For Marketing

Written by John Beckett on September 4, 2017

In most marketing campaigns, you create the content. However, giving your audience the opportunity to come up with content for you can help you create something truly interesting. Learn how to effectively leverage user generated content and attract more engagements to your brand’s social marketing.

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