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Get Your Marketing Campaigns Ready With Twitter’s September Event Calendar

Written by local on August 28, 2017

With just four months left until the end of 2017, brands are now in the rush to plan out their year-end marketing campaigns. Twitter gives them a hand with the release of its September events calendar.

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Pinterest Promoted Videos Now Available to All Advertisers

Written by John Beckett on August 9, 2017

Pinterest Promoted Videos have been highly anticipated ever since the site announced it for testing in 2016. Now, the wait is over as Pinterest makes the feature available for all advertisers.

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Using LinkedIn’s Photo Comments Feature to Get Noticed!

Written by John Beckett on August 2, 2017

Engaging your audience using your LinkedIn posts’ comments section is a good way to capture their interest. The site has now launched its new Images in Comments feature that will take your comment responses to a whole new level.

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Use Pinterest Search from the Home Screen, New Stats Show Success

Written by John Beckett on August 1, 2017

While Pinterest may be great for finding inspirational ideas, searching for specific pins is a different story. To remedy that, the site has made a small tweak to its mobile app’s user interface. The new Pinterest search feature is easy to use, and very functional.

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The New LinkedIn Suggested Stories Feature: Use it to Be Discovered

Written by John Beckett on July 20, 2017

LinkedIn is slowly rolling out a new feature that will influence the platform’s news feed experience. With the launch of trending storylines, you’ll notice curated, interest-based feeds. This will help you connect to relevant stories and discover diverse ideas. Let’s see how you can use LinkedIn’s latest addition to expand your reach and influence.

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