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A LinkedIn Advertising Guide For the LinkedIn Ads Platform

Written by Matthew on March 12, 2018

LinkedIn ads are incredibly useful tools which increase the number of customers attracted to your brand. Many of those using ads strategically on LinkedIn have been both successful and profitable. This LinkedIn advertising guide will help you develop an effective LinkedIn advertising campaign that will introduce more B2C or B2B clients to your brand.

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The Latest LinkedIn Search Options Update Makes Finding Jobs and Connections Easier

Written by Matthew on February 26, 2018

LinkedIn is making it easier for users to search for jobs and find useful professional connections. Let’s take a quick look at what the latest LinkedIn search options update offers to jobseekers and professionals.

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The Right Social Media Image Sizes to Create the Perfect Profiles and Content in 2018

Written by Matthew on February 20, 2018

Social media image sizes have a significant effect on the level of engagement you get from your visual content. Here is a useful infographic to guide you in choosing the right sizes for your images and videos.

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Facebook Reach Decline is Getting Worse, Which Social Media will Help the Most?

Written by Matthew on February 19, 2018

With reports of significant Facebook reach decline surfacing, marketers have started looking for alternative social media sites to maintain their online presence. Let’s explore the best ones and find out how you can make the shift from Facebook to another site to make up for the lost traffic.

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LinkedIn Salary Insights Gives Applicants Salary Expectations On Job Postings

Written by Matthew on February 14, 2018

LinkedIn is helping job seekers know the salary that they will be getting for the position they want with the new LinkedIn Salary Insights feature. Read how it will work, and what you can do to get the best possible salary.

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