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YouTube Ranking Experiment: What Happens When You Buy YouTube Views?

Written by John Beckett on September 7, 2017

Here at Devumi, we are not just talk. We are here to truly help you improve your YouTube channel through our services. If our services don’t work, then we can’t help you. We run experiments to make sure that our techniques are still working, and I would like to share our YouTube ranking experiment with […]

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How To Keep Track Of Your Video Marketing ROI: Profitable Online Video

Written by John Beckett on December 29, 2016

Online video marketing is one of the biggest developments in marketing in recent years. It can be used to reach out to more people and provide more information than other marketing methods. This is why it is often recommended as part of your business’ overall promotional strategy. A question those coming into video marketing ask is […]

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Auto Engagements Will Increase Tweet’s Success

Written by John Beckett on September 12, 2016

.entry-title {font-size: 55px;} The success of your tweets comes down to being able to get retweets and likes. Every single tweet which gets this coveted recognition has a better chance of spreading your ideas, and your account, further. This can help you gain more exposure, make a larger impact and gain new followers. Many people are turning […]

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