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Fight Twitter Censorship: They are Silencing You

Written by John Beckett on March 28, 2017

Twitter is considered to be one of the most important social media platforms. The site gives small businesses, cause-oriented organizations, and even ordinary users the opportunity to engage with others and express their thoughts and opinions.

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Social Media for Nonprofits: Boost your Followers and Donations

Written by John Beckett on February 24, 2017

For nonprofit organizations, finding new ways to spread and get support for their causes have always been an important endeavor. The birth of social media in the early 2000s has given them a new avenue for that purpose. Using social media for nonprofits can be a challenge to use effectively.

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How to Set up a Twitter Account, and Start Tweeting!

Written by John Beckett on February 20, 2017

Ever since its launch in 2006, Twitter has become an important marketing platform for companies as well as their brands. Today, businesses that haven’t already done so are advised to get onboard and start tweeting as early as they can. To make the most out of Twitter you need to start with a well-built account. […]

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How a New User Can Create a Twitter Account with Lots of Followers

Written by John Beckett on August 12, 2016

Hello and greetings, new Twitter user! Your goal, as many millions of Twitter accounts before you have had, is to create a Twitter account with lots of followers, right? Of course! It’s no fun if you’re shouting into the great void of Twitter and no one is listening. Let’s get your account in order and […]

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Getting Started Using Vine on Twitter

Written by John Beckett on July 1, 2016

If I’ve said it once, and I have, I’ve said it a thousand times: Video is the future of content on Twitter. A great way to meet this growing content demand is using Vine on Twitter. But how, and why, does this work exactly? There are reasons to be on both Twitter  and Vine, and […]

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