The Latest LinkedIn Search Options Update Makes Finding Jobs and Connections Easier

LinkedIn is making it easier for users to search for jobs and find useful professional connections. Let’s take a quick look at what the latest LinkedIn search options update offers to jobseekers and professionals.

LinkedIn search options update

This site has been making it easier to set up searches the way you need. The first thing they did was move the filters section from the sidebar to the top of the search results. Furthermore, your most commonly used filters now appear first by default.

linkedin search options update example search

To view the other filters, just click on the “All Filters” tab and the drop down screen will appear.

LinkedIn has also revamped the search results to display more relevant kinds of information. The site now predicts what you might be looking for and displays those results first. If you type in “content writer,” for example, LinkedIn will display people with that job title at the top. The site also displays open job listings for the indicated title.

linkedin search results update screenshot

The listings are placed in a separate section, making it easier for you to browse through them.

Using LinkedIn search for connections

LinkedIn has made it easier to search through your extended network of connections. Using the Connections Of filter, you can now search for the people who are connected to your own linkedin search features example

You can narrow the results by providing more specific details like location and company you want to look for. Finding the right information online is vital, and that is what LinkedIn wants to help you do on their platform.

LinkedIn said that the search option updates will help job seekers better position themselves for work opportunities. The site noted that 70% of applicants are hired in a company that they have a connection in. By reaching out to these extended connections, you can get useful recommendations for when you submit your application.

Using the new LinkedIn search options effectively

These new LinkedIn search options are definitely going to make it easier for job seekers to search and apply for jobs right on the platform. Using the search filters will help you narrow down your search results. With more relevant results showing up, you can find exactly what you are looking for much faster.

The most significant of these updates is the improved Connections Of filter. It will allow you to present yourself properly, and more effectively reach out to these connection. Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is optimized for the greatest impact.

Boosting your LinkedIn profile

Boosting the prominence of your profile also helps draw the attention of these extended connections better. Purchase LinkedIn connections from us for that bit of a push. When your extended connections see that they are networked to a prominent profile like yours, they are more likely to respond to your applications.

The latest LinkedIn search option update is another of the site’s small but significant changes that contribute to a better user experience. Take the time to read through our LinkedIn update section for all of the interesting things they have done to improve the platform. Jobseekers like you will surely find this update useful as you find that perfect new job.