Social Media Trends 2018: Here Is What Will Happen During 2018 (Infographic)

Social media is an ever-changing field, with new developments coming constantly as platforms seek to improve their product. Here is a handy infographic listing some of the major social media trends 2018 is set to unveil.

Social media trends 2018

The infographic highlights some of the biggest content trends coming this year. Videos will become more preferred for information delivery. It is projected that by 2020, video will make up 80% of all Internet traffic. That growth is unsurprising as audiences are able to retain 95% of the messages delivered by video, making it invaluable to marketers. Take a look at how much information Pokemon share about new developments in their game:

Try doing that in print advertising!

Live streaming is also seen to expand further. 80% of customers now prefer to watch live videos from brands than going through regular posts. Most social media platforms provide live streaming support, allowing brands to broadcast in real time.

Social media trends 2018: New content formats

2018 will also see ephemeral content being used more by brands. Short-lived content can help brands attract more audience engagement by creating a sense of exclusivity around their content. Having a well-planned strategy will help you take advantage of this type of content too.

Meanwhile, augmented reality technology is giving brands a novel way of connecting with their customers and audiences. The increased use of AR for marketing is largely due to the technology’s faster integration into mobile devices.

The infographic also explores changing customer engagement trends.


Infographic prepared by Filmora

Social media trends 2018: Generation Z

Generation Z are those people who were born between 1995 and 2012. Because they were born at a time of ubiquitous Internet adoption, members of this generation are often referred to as the “true digital natives.”

Despite their affinity for social media, Generation Z members have varied preferences on the platforms they use. The most popular social media sites of choice for you to focus on for your social media calendar this year are:

  • YouTube: 31%
  • Instagram: 24%
  • SnapChat: 14%
  • Facebook: 11%

By being on these popular platforms, brands can better position themselves to capture the Gen-Z audience as their buying power will grow over the coming years.

Social media trends 2018: Dark social

In a bid to better engage the Generation Z market, brands will also be delving deeper into dark social in 2018. Dark social is the encompassing term for methods of sharing links and content outside of social media. This includes email, messenger apps, and private browsing. Worldwide, dark social makes up a 69% market share of online social activities.

To better tap into the large number of engagements on dark social, brands are making wider use of chatbots. The infographic is a little dated since Facebook has killed their messenger, but new chatbots will surely be developed.

Creating a social media automation strategy will help you better deploy chatbots and attract more engagement on dark social.

Social media trends 2018: Investing in influencers

Influencers have also become essential for capturing the Gen-Z crowd. 49% of Twitter and Instagram users, for example, are more likely to follow their recommendations. This, in turn, can increase conversions by up to 10 times. This gives you all the reasons to develop an influencer marketing strategy to get these popular figures promoting your brand.

The social media trends I discuss here are just some of the developments expected to happen this year. Take a look at some of the content marketing trends 2018 has to offer so that you know what to create, and be sure to stay tuned to our blog to see developments as they happen.