The Pinterest Possibilities Planner Helps Marketers Plan Their Holiday Campaigns Early

Holidays and events are always great opportunities for brands to engage their audiences. Pinterest is lending marketers a hand in better timing their holiday campaigns with the launch of the Pinterest Possibilities Planner calendar.

What is the Pinterest Possibilities Planner?

The Possibilities Planner is a handy calendar and guide that lists the major seasonal moments of the year. It gives marketers an idea of when people are starting to plan for these events by highlighting the periods when interest on them starts to rise.

pinteresst possibilities planner

Many people, for instance, start planning their Mother’s Day celebrations as early as February, a good five months ahead of the actual date.

Pinterest says that its users start searching for ideas about the events they are planning for twice as early as those on other platforms. Launching your Pinterest marketing campaign early in your audience’s planning stage will help you better position yourself amongst your followers.

The Pinterest Possibilities Planner also provides useful details about the events, including:

  • Numbers of pinners searching for the given event
  • Volume of pins saved about the event
  • Most searched terms about the event

These pieces of information will help you optimize your holiday event pins and make them more visible to your audience.

Creating more engaging holiday campaigns

Providing your audience with engaging content on Pinterest will encourage them to explore your Pinterest Boards more, increasing your ability to drive traffic to your website. The Possibilities Planner provides you with several content ideas for each event, like these for Mother’s Day:

pinterest possibilities planner mothers day example

Use these ideas as they are, or put your own twists on them to get your Pinterest followers more interested in checking you out.

Keeping your holiday pins organized helps your audience better navigate your Pinterest page and quickly find specific ideas that they need. This will help you have them engage more with you. Home Depot does this for all their holiday content.

pinterest possibilities planner example

Take advantage of features like Board Sections to further sort your content and make your best pins easier to find.

When the holidays end

After the holiday is over, don’t remove your holiday-themed pins and boards. Your best-performing content would still be visible during the off-season and will attract residual traffic. This also serves as an even earlier start for the same season next year, increasing recall for your account.

With 73% of Pinterest users saying that pins coming from brands are useful, being ready to help them in their holiday planning will give your brand a big marketing boost. Take advantage of the Pinterest Possibilities Planner to get your holiday pins to your audience early. That will help you engage them more effectively and establish long-term interaction beyond the holidays.