Pinterest Lens Text Search Added to Celebrate 1 Exciting Year of Lens Searching!

Pinterest is celebrating the first year anniversary of its Lens search feature with a bang by announcing the new Pinterest Lens Text Search feature. Read how this new feature will help you find even more relevant pins.

Pinterest Lens text search added

The first iteration of the Pinterest Lens tool started rolling out in February of 2017. Lens allows users to take a photo of any object to look for and initiate a search for related content. Since its launch, Pinterest has increased the tool’s capabilities greatly and added a variety of features.

pinterest lens text search feature

The site has announced a new feature in celebration of its first anniversary; Pinterest Lens Text Search. Users can now add a Lens image to any text search. Pinterest said that the new feature will help users refine their searches by adding a visual component. This mimics how people use visual references and text in the real world to find the best match.

Searches per month

Pinterest noted that users now do more than 600 million visual searches every month using Lens. This growth in usage prompted Pinterest to make the tool more prominent, placing it right on the Pinterest mobile app home screen. Additionally, the tool can be accessed from the home screen of Android devices through shortcuts.

The Pinterest Lens Text Search feature is set to be rolled out to iOS users starting next week, and will be coming to Android users soon.

Pinterest Lens text search is great for marketers

Marketers and brands have also found the Pinterest Lens feature useful for marketing purposes. By taking the tool into consideration when building their Pinterest content, brands were able to deliver content that matched more closely with their audience’s specific preferences.

Target is one of the brands that has begun incorporating Lens support to their product catalogs, with the goal of making them more accessible.

To help brands better use Lens for engaging customers, Pinterest has added some handy features:

  • Pincodes: Customers can use these QR-based codes to quickly bring up relevant product pins from a brand’s Pinterest boards.
  • Lens Your Look: The feature provides additional text cues to the image results provided by Lens to help customers refine their search.

Both features help customers discover the products that best suit their needs on the platform quickly. These tools are helping blur the line between the digital world and the real world.

Top searches using Pinterest Lens

It was also interesting to see Pinterest share the top searches in their Lens feature. Here is what people have been searching for over the last year:

  • Tattoos
  • Nails
  • Sunglasses
  • Jeans
  • Cats
  • Wedding dress
  • Plants
  • Quilts
  • Brownies
  • Natural hair

Many industries can fit into these searches. And even if you don’t fit into one of these popular searches, there is still a targeted audience on Pinterest for you.

For even more ideas, they also revealed the top categories people are using on Lens:

  • Fashion
  • Home decor
  • Art
  • Food
  • Products
  • Animals
  • Outfits
  • Beauty
  • Vehicles
  • Travel

Hopefully these popular categories and searches get you thinking about how you can appeal to a broader audience on the platform.

Getting more out of Pinterest Lens this year

Be ready to bring your brand’s products to the top of the search results once the Pinterest Lens Text Search feature is rolled out. Anticipate both the images and search terms that your customers are more likely to use to search for products. This will give you an opportunity to refine your images, and text, to better match what your audience is looking for.

The new Lens Text Search feature is likely just the first of the new improvements that Pinterest is planning for the tool. Be ready to take advantage of these developments as you work on your Pinterest branding strategies.