Perfect your Content Marketing Strategy with this Infographic Checklist

Creating and promoting content is an important part of any marketing effort. I recently discovered a very useful infographic for further developing a content marketing strategy. This infographic will show you some interesting information relating to content marketing, and I’ll dissect it so you can learn how to use this information.

The value of a content marketing strategy

We found some of the statistics in this infographic very interesting:

  • 86% of business-to-customer marketers use content marketing to engage their clients.
  • Business-to-business brands have it higher at 91%.
  • Around 90% of non-business organizations also utilize it to promote their content.

The widespread use of content marketing can be attributed to the benefits that it provides. A well-planned strategy can generate at least 3 times the leads that come from traditional marketing techniques, and at 62% lower cost. These benefits alone should convince you to start developing your content marketing strategy.

Content-Marketing-strategy checklist

Infographic by PageTraffic

Building your content strategy: Content curation sites

Social bookmarking sites like Digg and Delicious still remain important for content curation. Submitting your website content or blog posts to these sites will provide you extra channels with an awaiting audience.

The infographic suggests that you look out for content curation sites specific to your niche or industry. This will guarantee that the right audience will discover your articles.

Getting the most out of social media

Being on the right channels is just the start when incorporating social media into your content marketing strategy. Take advantage of specific features to further promote your content. LinkedIn’s Groups, for instance, are useful for connecting with other members of your industry and showing them your content.

Connecting with influencers on social media will also give your content a big push. Identify the ones that are well-trusted by your audience. Anyone wanting to push content related to the fashion world would be wise to contact a YouTube vlogger such as Zoella who creates content related to that industry:

Here you can see she is pushing content related to @sugglifeshop, the photo of her in their clothing, while also promoting the @username.

Be ready with a well-planned influencer engagement strategy that will get them promoting your content more. Influencer marketing is a huge point of discussion in 2018.

Creating fresh content

Being able to deliver new and engaging content to your audience frequently is at the heart of any effective content strategy. The infographic offered some useful tips on how to come up with this fresh content:

  • Use the news: Look at the news headlines for interesting events and topics that you can relate to your own content.
  • Check your competitors: See the kind of content they are producing and think about how you can come up with better pieces.
  • Repurpose content: Take your existing content and repurpose it into useful videos, infographics, and SlideShares.

Those are just a few ways to freshen your content repertoire. Need more help? We have 75 more ideas that you can explore. Content marketing is an ongoing process. This has always been true. You have never been able to create just one commercial and walk away. The Internet has certainly pushed us all to increase our need to create content, but the theme remains the same as you want to continually connect with your potential customers frequently, and over the duration of specific campaigns.