New Instagram Stories Tools: Better Sharing Options Introduced

The Instagram’s Stories feature has become very popular with users and marketers alike. The site is now introducing a host of new Instagram Stories tools to enhance the feature.

Sharing posts in Stories

In a message to technology website  TechCrunch, Instagram confirmed that it is currently testing a new sharing function for Stories. The new tool lets users share either their own public posts or those of others in their Stories feeds. Software engineer Zachary Shakked was the first one to take note of the feature in a tweet.

To share public posts on their Stories, users just need to tap the Send To button on the post. They will then see a new Share option that lets them add the post to their Stories, as shown here.

The tool provides a variety of presentation settings, including a resizing option that sets the background color to the dominant color of the image. Users can also add stickers and other Stories decorations to the shared post.

The original poster’s details are included in the shared Story, helping other people know more about them.

Regram demand

There has been a lot of demand from users for Instagram to add a “Regram” function for sharing posts. TechCrunch also noted that sharing screenshots of posts on one’s Story is already a common activity, with the new tool seemingly formalizing it. However, the feature still provides users with an additional means of creating content for their Stories and generating engagement.

The new Instagram Stories tool is currently available only to a handful of users. This is likely a beta test until a full rollout. Most users already have an option for turning the feature off in their Privacy Settings, indicating imminent rollout.

Using Instagram Stories for promotions

While the new Instagram Stories tool is not yet widely available, it is already expected to see a lot of use for marketing purposes. Encouraging your Instagram followers to share your posts on their Stories will expand your reach.

Take this further by using Instagram to cross-promote your other social media channels. If you want to drive more traffic to your YouTube channel, for instance, create a short teaser video for it on Instagram and add a link back to the channel. When you and your followers share this post on your Stories, the link becomes more visible. This beats just taking a screenshot of the post, which is why Deadpool loves it.

You can enhance these shared posts with the other Instagram Stories tools being rolled out, like:

These tools will be useful in making your shared post stand out more on your audience’s Instagram Stories feeds.

These new Instagram Stories tools really add a lot of functionality to the beloved feature and will help it attract more engagements. Try these new tools out and see for yourself how you can better take advantage of this ephemeral content.