Infographic Shows The Strength Of Influencer Marketing

Marketers put a lot of effort into recruiting influencers for their online campaigns. Here is a useful infographic exploring what they can bring to your brand and how you can mount an effective campaign to get them to work with you.

What influencer marketing can do for your brand

94% of marketers agree that influencers can effectively boost their marketing efforts. In fact, these influencers will help generate 11 times greater ROI than traditional advertising.

The infographic also noted that 88% trust reviews made by strangers in the same way as those coming from their peers. This makes recommendations coming from influencers like Kylie Jenner even more highly regarded.

Other benefits of influencing marketing

There are other benefits that brands can get from influencers, including:

  • Creating authentic content
  • Driving more engagements around a product/brand
  • Driving more traffic to websites
  • Reaching out to younger audiences

These benefits have encouraged more brands to use influencer marketing, making it an important marketing trend for 2018. Read the infographic below to learn more about what it can bring to your brand, and keep reading to see our analysis of effective strategies to work with influencers.

influencer marketing infographic

Infographic by One Productions

Choosing the right kind of influencers

There are two different types of influencers you can reach out to for your marketing campaigns:

  • Micro influencers: People that have anywhere from 1000 to around 900,000 followers online. Popular bloggers, industry experts, and widely-trusted sources belong to this category. With 240,000 followers, this Twitter account is the perfect example of a micro influencer for someone who works in the beauty and fashion industry.

  • Macro influencers: These are the personalities who have attracted at least a million followers on social media. International celebrities are a large portion of this group.

Choosing the right kind of influencer will help you better utilize them for your campaign, and help you better align your budget.

What micro influencers can bring

Micro influencers offer three major advantages over signing up macro influencers:

  • Greater engagements: The infographic noted that you are 10 times more likely to attract likes and comments on Instagram with micro influencers than macro influencers.
  • Greater audience trust: 30% of consumers are more likely to purchase products endorsed by a non-celebrity blogger. Celebrity influencers command only 3% of conversions.
  • Lower cost: A micro influencer post on Twitter costs only around $400 compared to as much as $30,000 for a macro influencer.

These benefits make going with micro influencers ideal for smaller brands.

What macro influencers can bring

Using macro influencers still has its own benefits. The large following that celebrities like Desi Perkins have lets you attract proportionally more engagement to your brand. This makes them ideal for promoting your products to larger audiences fast.

That was a whole lot of brands getting promotion for their accounts right there!

Paying for influencer marketing

There are many different ways to compensate those you pay for influencer marketing:

  • Pay per post: A one-off payment for a single social media post.
  • Cost per engagement: Influencers get paid based on the number of engagements their content gets.
  • Cost per click: Influencers are paid based on the number of website clicks their content generates.
  • Pay per acquisition: Influencers are paid based on the sales they generate.
  • Free products: Influencers can opt to accept free goods in exchange for their services.

Consider which of these pricing options would best suit your social media marketing budget when planning your campaign.

Influencers have changed online marketing by providing brands with a more effective means of attracting audiences. Don’t be left behind in the growing trend and start developing an influencer marketing strategy so that they can help you promote your brand, products, and social media accounts.