Goodyear’s #MakeaName Tribute to the Earnhardt Family Uses Effective Hashtag Marketing

Tributes to great athletes are always a popular subject matter for brands. Goodyear recently rolled out a touching one to NASCAR  legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. that got Twitter talking.

#MakeaName celebrates the Earnhardt family

The tribute commercial, dubbed “Make a Name,” celebrated Earnhardt’s career through a touching one-minute video that featured clips from his racing days. The montage also includes archival footage, provided by the Earnhardt family, featuring the racer during his younger days. Many clips show him watching his father, Dale Earnhardt Sr., who was also a legendary NASCAR driver.

June Bug’s (as fans know him) story is set to the tune of Jim Croce’s iconic song “I Got a Name”. The song was used in the 1971 biopic of another legendary NASCAR driver Junior Johnson, and is actually covered here by A.J Croce, Jim’s son. The entire video is a statement on fathers, and a statement on family name’s and living up to them.

The video ends with Earnhardt musing about his father’s legacy and how he was able to honor it through his own achievements.

The release of the video

Goodyear released the commercial for the 2018 Daytona 500 on February 18. It was simultaneously released on television and online. The commercial has since attracted almost 405,000 views on Twitter, and another 150,000 on YouTube.

In a statement, Goodyear‘s Director of North America Marketing Seth Klugherz remarked that they were excited about doing the ad with one of the sport’s legendary drivers. He added that Earnhardt’s story mirrors their own commitment to hard work.

Building up the hype for #MakeaName

To build up the anticipation for the commercial’s release, Goodyear took to Twitter. They began teasing the ad on February 5 with a photo of the iconic Goodyear blimp.

The tweet encouraged followers to watch out for the big reveal on February 14. As the date approached, the company released more hints. They finally revealed Earnhardt Jr.’s participation with a screenshot from the ad on February 12.

Throughout the tease, Goodyear used the hashtag #MakeAName to grab the interest of its audience. The company even displayed the tag on its blimp for greater visibility. This helped generate plenty of conversations around the ad on Twitter. Even other NASCAR teams showed their support for the commercial.

What you can learn from #MakeaName

To promote the commercial on Twitter, Goodyear chose a simple hashtag marketing strategy that still works well to create audience interest. The brand then went beyond Twitter and made the tag visible in other places to build interest, and to let people know that something was going to happen. If you are implementing a similar campaign, it is definitely worth following the brand’s example.

The campaign was missing a little bit of cross promotional work. They could’ve done in a little bit more to drive people to their YouTube channel to watch it there, or perhaps watch some bonus footage. As it is, the YouTube video view count is weak and could have greatly benefited from our YouTube Views Service.

Goodyear’s #MakeaName ad isn’t just an example of how to create an engaging tribute ad, but also how to take advantage of Twitter to promote it. Take a second look at the ad and the surrounding campaign. You will surely find a lot of effective Twitter marketing strategies you can apply to your own campaign.