The Best YouTube Keyword Tool Options to Make your Videos Popular

Having the right keywords for your YouTube videos and channel will make you more visible through search engines. Here are the best YouTube keyword tool options that you can use to find these keywords, and then be found on YouTube.

YouTube keyword tool: Google Keyword Planner

Being under the same umbrella as YouTube, the Google Keyword Planner is the first tool you should use when searching for YouTube keywords. The Keyword Planner provides plenty of descriptive data about the keywords you are looking into, including:

  • General search volume
  • Level of competition
  • Suggested Adwords bid
  • Historical statistics
  • Forecasted traffic

This data will help you better assess the popularity of your desired keywords and determine which ones will best suit your campaign.

youtube keyword tool google adwords

The Keyword Planner can be used if you are simply looking for quick search volume information. You only get more detailed data when you are running an Adwords campaign. Which is a little annoying, they used to give you more data before an update about two years ago.

Finding more keywords

Keyword Planner can also be used to discover new keywords. It provides two different options for this purpose.

  • Multiple keywords lists: This option lets you combine your current lists of keywords to come up with thousands of new keyword combinations.
  • Search for new keywords: You can specify a phrase, website, or category related to your brand to discover potential keywords tied to them.

These tools will help expand your keyword sets to improve how often your videos are found through search engines.

YouTube keyword tool: BirdSong Analytics

Doing competitor research is useful for planning your own channel optimization strategy. BirdSong Analytics is a YouTube keyword tool that can help you do that. Typing in the name of a competing YouTube channel can show you a lot of useful information. Examples include:

  • Times when they most commonly upload videos
  • Effects of video duration on viewing statistics and engagement
  • Words that your competitors most commonly use for captions

The information that BirdSong provides is presented in easy-to-use reports. Full reports typically cost $99. You can lower this cost by only selecting certain types of information, going as low as $5.99.

Taking advantage of BirdSong Analytics

Aside from competitors, you can use BirdSong to generate reports on popular YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Here’s an example:

youtube keyword tool birdsong analytics

You can also go deeper and study specific videos from your competitors. Use what you learned to determine the optimal length for your videos and the best publishing times.

YouTube keyword tool: Cyfe

Cyfe is more than just a regular YouTube keyword tool, giving you a comprehensive social media monitoring and analytics solution. You can use it to:

  • Track the overall progress of your YouTube channel.
  • Track statistics for specific videos individual videos.
  • Monitor specific sets of metrics like views, audience engagement, and traffic sources.
  • Track the variations in the keywords you are interested in.
  • Track the mentions of your YouTube channel across different social media platforms.

The various things you can do with Cyfe will help you better plan the overall promotional strategy for your channel.

Customize your work

Cyfe lets you customize your work dashboard, making it easier to manage everything. You can, for instance, set up a YouTube keyword research panel on your dashboard to monitor Twitter traffic results. It also provides dashboards for other parts of your business management effort, like:

  • Marketing
  • Web analytics
  • Finance
  • Sales

These dashboards help you tie your YouTube channel’s performance to your overall business marketing plan to drive sales to your website.

YouTube Keyword tool: Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool has the most obvious name in this article, and it claims to be the best alternative to Google Keyword Planner. To back its claim, the tool provides simple yet effective keyword research through the use of the auto-complete functions of search engines.

Using this tactic, the tool lets you discover the most popular search terms people are actually using to find your video, brand, or products.

Keyword Tool works on more than just Google and YouTube. It also works on other search engines, such as:

  • Bing
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Apple App Store

The results from these search engines will help you better choose your keywords and make your video content more searchable on different platforms. If you use it correctly, it will help you track video marketing trends.

Deeper keyword data points

This YouTube keyword tool provides users with plenty of additional keyword data points. The free version can generate up to 750 long-tail keyword suggestions from a single search term. These long-tail keywords are useful for attracting the right audience to your channel.

Signing up for the paid version of the tool lets you get even more keyword suggestions. It also gives you access to Keyword Tool’s analytics tools such as search volume results.

YouTube keyword tool: TubeBuddy

If you are looking for a YouTube Keyword tool that doesn‘t require a lot of setup time, TubeBuddy is one option to consider. TubeBuddy comes as an extension for Google Chrome. Once installed, it provides you with a pop-up menu showing a quick glimpse of your YouTube channel’s performance. The extension integrates easily into your YouTube account for faster access.

TubeBuddy also makes keyword research easy. It highlights the ones that you are already using. Based on that, it then provides you with a list of keyword suggestions that you can incorporate into your channel.

Support features

Beyond being a YouTube keyword tool, TubeBuddy can help optimize your channel. The tool analyzes your entire channel and provides a tailored checklist of the things that you need to do to improve its performance. TubeBuddy also automatically determines the best times to publish your videos based on the habits of your audience.

There are also various promotional tools that you can use:

  • GIF generator: Create a GIF to preview different sections of your video. These are great to share on social media.
  • Brand alerts: You will be notified whenever your channel is mentioned online.
  • Description promotion: Promote one of your videos easily using descriptions from your other videos.
  • Professional captions: Transcripts and captions can help increase your video views by 7.3%, while also making your video content more accessible.

These tools will help enhance the presentation of your videos and make them more eye-catching to your audience.

YouTube Keyword tool: VidIQ

VidIQ is a handy YouTube keyword tool for discovering the best terms and tags for your channel. The tool uses high-quality data to determine the most relevant keywords for your channel. It then analyzes the difficulty for you to rank in the suggested search terms. This helps you discover keywords where you have less competition.

VidIQ also analyzes the tags that your competitors are using. You can use that knowledge to better tag your own videos and ensure that they will appear more prominently.

Ease of use

The tool was designed to be set up quickly. All that you have to do is connect your YouTube account and it automatically imports your channel content to a customizable dashboard. The dashboard lets you sort your videos based on major metrics. This gives you a clearer picture of your content’s performance.

VidIQ’s free version gives you access to all the basic features like keyword suggestions. The Pro version gives you access to advanced tools:

  • Tracking social media conversations: VidIQ can track mentions of your brand across different platforms, like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Collaboration management: The tool lets you keep in touch with other members of your YouTube channel management team. Additionally, you can keep track of multiple channels.
  • Managing audience engagements: VidIQ has tools for monitoring the types of engagements your video content receives and helps you better sustain these metrics.

You can get all of these features for a low starting price of $10 a month.

Use the best YouTube keyword tool for your channel

The YouTube keyword tools listed here all offer features that will help you find the best search terms to use for your videos and channel. Each also has additional features you can use to optimize and promote your channel even more. Take a closer look at these tools and find out how you can incorporate each into your overall YouTube channel marketing strategy.