YouTube Advertiser Changes Involve Human Reviews, Higher Requirements

YouTube is instituting sweeping changes to its Google Preferred program in a bid to reassure advertisers of its integrity as an advertising platform. Read about these YouTube advertiser changes and prepare your channel.

YouTube advertiser changes: Manual reviews

One of the significant YouTube advertiser changes announced was the introduction of manual reviews for videos included in the program. The site said in a statement that human reviewers will be curating the content of each channel. It added that ads will only run on videos and channels that have passed its guidelines.

Google Preferred is a YouTube program where advertisers pay to place their ads on the site’s most popular content. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki hinted at the introduction of manual reviews for the program in December when she announced plans to get around 10,000 reviewers appointed this year.

YouTube expects to complete the manual review of Google Preferred channels by mid-February in the US, and by the end of March in other territories.

YouTube advertiser changes: Strict YouTube Partners criteria

Aside from the above YouTube advertisers changes, the site also announced a revamp of the criteria for joining the YouTube Partner Program. Under the new guidelines, only channels which have already accumulated more than 10,000 views during the last year will be eligible to join. Additionally, they are required to have accumulated over 4000 watch time hours  in the last 12 months, and have over 1000 subscribers for their videos to be monetized. Many have reacted harshly:

Others have taken a more… Sober approach:

YouTube said that the new criteria will help identify and protect creators producing quality content while weeding out spammers, impersonators, and other bad actors. It added that it will continuously monitor other signals like community strikes and abuse flags to better block inappropriate videos from getting monetized.

The new criteria are set to be implemented starting Feb. 20, 2018. Any channel which fails to meet the requirements will be stripped of monetization. They can still be re-evaluated later once they reach the required watch time.

What these changes mean

The latest YouTube advertiser changes have a large impact on both advertisers and creators. Brands now know that their ads won’t end up being placed alongside undesirable content which can hurt their images.

Meanwhile, creators need to exert extra effort to meet the guidelines set by YouTube. Aside from the ranking algorithms, you now have to contend with human reviewers. Setting up a stringent editorial review process will help ensure that your videos meet the guidelines for publication. Our gorilla had a thought about the other issues:

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Note that these are not just for maintaining your required statistics. Use these services to attract more people to your channel and ensure that you are seen as a quality creator on the platform. It’s time for you to take social proof seriously.

Be prepared for these YouTube advertiser changes

The recently announced YouTube advertiser changes have a significant effect on all the members of its community. Whether you are a channel owner or an advertiser, you have to be prepared to deal with the impact of these developments. Take these changes into account when planning your overall YouTube marketing strategy to ensure success.