Why Influencer Marketing is HUGE in 2018, and How to Use It

Influencer marketing is an important strategy for many brands wishing to expand their online reach. A new infographic explores why it is set to be able to be the most important online marketing strategy going on in 2018.

Influencer marketing matures in 2018

The infographic revealed that 71% of marketers now see influencer marketing as an essential strategy. Furthermore, 59% are planning to increase their budget allocations for the marketing tactic in the next 12 months. This growth has helped pushed influencer marketing to be one of the biggest digital marketing trends this year.

Check out the infographic, and see our insights afterwards to find out how you can take advantage of this information:


Infographic by Dot Com Infoway

The infographic also detailed some of the major benefits brands can gain from online influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing has more credibility

People are now less likely to trust online ads, with 309 million people employing ad blockers to screen ads out from the websites they visit. Partnering with trusted influencers will help you get around this problem.

You may have never heard of her, but Laura Lee has 2 million followers on Instagram that are always interested in what she’s doing. That includes when she makes ads like this:


Popular personalities like her will give a large amount of credibility to your brand. Best of all, it can be to a highly focused audience. Laura is a fashion and makeup blogger; her advertising cosmetics is a perfect fit.

Influencers offer greater content reach

The following that influencers have are often quite large, and typically focus on one platform. The biggest influencers cross multiple platforms. Connecting with the right ones, like Kendall Jenner, will help you more effectively tap into audiences on these channels.

This will greatly increase the visibility of your content and boost its popularity, as @Missoni surely enjoyed more followers above, especially if you have a small account right now.

Better sales

According to the data provided by the infographic, brands can earn as much as $6.50 for every $1 that they put into influencer marketing. Furthermore, 51% of marketers said that they were able to capture better quality prospects. These figures highlight the effectiveness of influencers in attracting good leads and helping generate more sales.

Creating a better influencer marketing strategy

Reaching out to influencers on the right channels will help you effectively engage and sign them up for your marketing campaigns. The infographic identified some of the best channels to do your influencer marketing on.

  • Blogs: 37%
  • Facebook: 25%
  • YouTube: 6%
  • Instagram: 6%
  • Twitter: 5%

By establishing your presence early on these platforms, you can position yourself to better catch the attention of your target influencers. Having a popular account of your own will make influencers more prone to wanting to work with you as they will be able to tap into your audience as well.

Making your presence stronger on these channels is also vital to attracting these influencers. Boost your content and increase your presence by using services of ours like:

When influencers see your content being consumed and shared often they automatically become more interested in all aspects of your content and account. Be prepared with an effective engagement plan to get them to follow you, share you, or advertise your products. I mean, who wouldn’t want to advertise Nutella, especially when it has its own hashtag marketing campaign built for it:

Influencers are set to become an even more important marketing force this year. Don’t be left behind and prepare a comprehensive influencer marketing plan that will get these popular figures promoting your brand.