Twitter January Events Calendar: Awards Season is Upon Us

With the holiday festivities over, it’s time to buckle down to work. Twitter is helping marketers start 2018 right with the release of its January events calendar.

Twitter January 2018 events calendar

After the hectic holiday marketing rush culminating with the New Year celebrations, January is loaded with fresh events and marketing opportunities.

twitter january 2018 events calendar

Sports fans have a lot to get excited about with the opening of the NFL Playoffs on the 6th. This is followed by the College Football Championship on January 8.

Meanwhile, expect to see a lot of winter sports action on January 25-28 with the annual Winter X-Games.

The 28th also sees several other major sporting events:

  • NHL All-Star Game: January 28
  • NFL Pro-Bowl: January 28
  • WWE Royal Rumble: January 28

In short, you had better get ready for January 28 if you want to attract sports fans! All three events attract a large crowd of enthusiastic Twitter fans, and offer a great marketing opportunity for everyone on the platform.

Entertainment and award events January 2018

Movie and entertainment lovers also have plenty to look forward to this January with the bevy of awards nights and festivals coming their way.

  • Golden Globe Awards: January 7
  • People’s Choice Awards: January 9
  • Sundance Film Festival: January 18-28
  • Screen Actors Guild Awards: January 21
  • Grammy Awards: January 28

Like the various sporting events, these entertainment events attract a huge crowd and are popular topics on Twitter as people react in real-time. The Grammys alone generated more than 45 million tweets in 2017.

Brands like Oreo took advantage by creating their own Grammys-related tweets as part of their Twitter hashtag marketing strategy.

Business events January 2018

Aside from the sporting and entertainment events, there are two important business and marketing-related events to take note of this January. The Consumer Electronics Show on Jan. 9 is one of the biggest consumer trade events in the country. It regularly showcases the latest technologies and products in the consumer electronics scene.

Meanwhile, the World Economic Forum will be holding its annual meeting on Jan. 23. The Forum will bring together top economic, political, and academic leaders from around the globe. These leaders are expected to tackle important issues affecting various fields.

Using the Twitter January events calendar

Anyone can use all of the events on Twitter’s January calendar. Create promotional content that suits each event and use the appropriate hashtags, like:

  • #NFLPlayoffs
  • #Grammys
  • #CES2018
  • #royalrumble2018

By using these hashtags, you will make your tweets visible to people talking about these events. This will give you the opening to start a conversation with them and bring them to your Twitter account.

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Start 2018 with Twitter’s January events calendar

January marks the start of a new marketing cycle for brands. Begin 2018 right by reviewing Twitter’s January events calendar and planning some great marketing campaigns. Stay tuned as we will continue to cover the newest events calendar releases every month.