Twitter February Events Calendar: So Much Snow, So Much Fun

February is commonly a dreary month, but the Twitter February events calendar is full of excitement. Read about all the exciting events, hashtags, and content to come!

Sports and entertainment

To my millions and millions of friends in the north east, February can be a tough month. It’s cold. It snows a lot. Fortunately, there’s a lot going on in the world, and therefore a lot going on in the world of Twitter:

twitter February events calendar 2018

Sports fans will love February with the many events coming their way. The NFL Honors TV special gets the ball rolling on February 3. The ceremony for the best members of the league serves as an appetizer for Super Bowl  52 on February 4.

Start preparing your Super Bowl campaign early, as the event is always a hot topic on Twitter. Budweiser did just that last year and released their campaign days before Super Bowl 51.

After that stint on the gridiron, head to the snow for the Winter Olympics on February. 9-25. Meanwhile, basketball fans get a double treat with the NBA All-Star Weekend on February 17-18 and the NCAA Conference Tournament on February 28 – March 4.

Tennis fans are not to be left behind with the ABN Amro World Tennis Tournament on February 12-18. And if you are a motorhead, head to the track for the Daytona 500 on February 18.

Fashion parade

Fashion lovers will also have their hands full this February with four major shows.

  • #NewYorkFashionWeek, February 8-16
  • #LondonFashionWeek, February 16-20
  • #MilanFashionWeek, February 21-27
  • #ParisFashionWeek, February 27 – March 6

All these catwalk events are surely going to be the talk of the fashion industry. You have to have content ready for these events if you are anywhere near related to the fashion industry.

The biggest February event on Twitter

The biggest event of February is, of course, Valentine’s  Day on the 14th. With over 2.6 billion Twitter impressions in 2017, expect a lot of engagements during the occasion. Be creative in your marketing campaign to get lovers swooning.

You can even look at love from a different angle, like some of the best Valentine’s campaigns in the last few years.

Even more celebrations

Aside from Valentine’s Day, there are other important holidays to mark this month.

  • #BlackHistoryMonth: Entire month
  • #Carnival: February 9-17
  • #MardiGras: February 13
  • #ChineseNewYear: February 16

These holidays offer plenty of conversational topics for you and your followers on Twitter.

Don’t forget the quirky holidays that are becoming a signature of Twitter.

  • #NationalPizzaDay: February 9
  • #PancakeDay: February 13
  • #NationalDrinkWineDay: February 18
  • #NationalMargaritaDay: February 22

These unconventional holidays offer novel engagement opportunities with your followers. They can help build personal connections that turn into long-lasting relationships. You don’t have to take Twitter so seriously all of the time.

Have fun with the Twitter February events calendar

If you have already decided on the events to be part of, it’s time to launch your campaign. Start reading your content, and use the right hashtag to join the conversations. To draw more attention to your tweets, you should be at the top of these conversations. Purchase some retweets from us to give your February event tweets that needed push quickly.

February is packed with a lot of events and marketing opportunities. Grab your Twitter February Events Calendar now and plan your campaigns early. Stay tuned for our monthly coverage of Twitter’s Events Calendars for more updates.