Should I Buy Twitter Followers? I Want to be Twitter Famous…

Twitter is known as the social media platform of choice for famous people like Katy Perry, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and many others. If you want to join their ranks, and get attention on a national or international scale, growing your influence on Twitter is a great place to start. One question that will likely be on your mind is “Should I buy Twitter followers?” to accomplish this goal? Let’s answer that question.

Should I buy Twitter followers: Establish your presence

Starting a new Twitter account from scratch is no easy task. Your initial tweets will be drowned by the more than 500 million tweets being sent out every day. With that, your fledgling Twitter presence will likely go unnoticed for days or even months.

Buying Twitter followers is an effective way to boost your numbers past the point where people ignore you for being so unpopular. By having a few thousand followers attached to your Twitter account right at the start, you make it more visible. When people catch a glimpse of your tweets and profile, they will see that you already have a following. This will convince them to check you out further.

Build valuable social proof

Social proof is an important concept that every Twitter user should understand. It is a measure of how positively people see something based on the number of people responding to it. In this case, the larger the number of followers your account has, the more important it will seem in the eyes of everyone on Twitter.

The concept also works the other way. If you have a low follower count, people will see your Twitter presence to be of little value since not many are paying attention. Building your social proof early will create a good foundation for your later efforts at attaining fame.

Attract natural followers faster

The ultimate goal of anyone starting a new Twitter account is to attract actual followers. At this point, you might still wonder “Why should I buy Twitter followers then if natural followers are what I want?” The answer is that it makes attracting those natural followers easier.

The increased visibility and positive social proof that your account gets will create a lot of interest in you. That will convince people to follow you and see more of your content. That initial influx of natural followers will further attract more people to your account. Twitter is a numbers game, and you have to have a lot of followers if you want to play.

Should I buy Twitter followers: Tweet popularity

Having more Twitter followers will also impart more credibility to your content. When the audience sees that there are many people following you, they will assume that it is because of the quality of your tweets. You can even actively leverage that idea by talking about how your large following is supportive of your tweets.

That increased interest results in more engagements for your content. People always want to be part of popular conversations. When they see many followers crowding around your account, they will start commenting on and sharing your tweets. This makes your tweets more visible, resulting in a continuous chain of growth in your popularity.

Making your tweets go viral

While having even one of your tweets go viral is a sure way to catapult you to instant Twitter fame, it is not easy. However, the large engagements generated by your growing follower base will give your tweets a better chance at virality. It’s no wonder that many of the popular tweets of 2017 came from famous personalities like J.K. Rowling.

They already have a lot of fans who would quickly like and retweet any tweet they send, ensuring virality.

Should I buy Twitter follower: Furthering your popularity

Once you have a large Twitter following, you are on your way to firmly establishing your presence on the site. You might feel the need to no longer buy Twitter followers, but there is still a lot of merit to purchasing followers at this point of the game. When you near the peak of your initial popularity, your follower acquisition rate will often slow down. By purchasing some additional followers, you sustain your growth.

Timing your follower purchases right is important here. These should coincide with major developments in your Twitter career. If you are nearing the 1 million followers mark, for instance, buy some more followers to quickly cross it. You can then start celebrating that achievement with your fans.

The great thing about these tweets is that your followers will love to retweet them as they feel like they are part of your success. When they retweet them they are great tweets for their followers to see and become interested in following you.  

Increasing public recall

Keeping the momentum of your follower growth going also increases your public image recall. As your follower count increases, more people will take notice. This will get you featured in more conversations on and off of Twitter until you become a household name in your industry.

Furthermore, your continued growth in popularity will surely catch the interest of influencers within your niche. Aside from a large following, these influencers have an extensive network of connections that will help you reach more audiences. By boosting your follower count a bit more, you can better position yourself to engage and connect with influencers.

Should I buy followers: Solidifying your fame

By now, you already have a clear answer to the question “Should I buy Twitter followers?” But just making a purchase will not instantly bring you to fame. What you do after making your purchase will have a big impact on how effective it will be in building your fame.

Strengthen the popular image that you want to convey to your audience by making your Twitter profile more appealing. Cristiano Ronaldo uses some great looking Twitter header images to catch the attention of visitors and draw their eyes towards his profile stats. This really highlights his large follower numbers.

should i buy twitter followers example

Linking your Twitter profile to your blog, website, or other external content will help people get to know you more and increase their interest.

Marketing yourself the right way

Part of what makes many Twitter personalities successful at attracting a large audience is how effectively they market themselves. Thus, you need to return to some good old Twitter marketing strategies which actually work.

Launching a hashtag campaign is one such strategy. By identifying the right hashtag trends to use, you can better insert yourself into Twitter conversations. Alternately, creating a memorable hashtag to use on your tweets will help increase public recall. Celebrity influencers are fond of these when endorsing products.

Since their hordes of fans will enthusiastically retweet their every content, the hashtags will quickly climb up the trending topics. This makes them more notable to the wider public.

Being active on other social media channels also helps solidify your Twitter popularity. Here, you need to create a sense of urgency to get your followers on other channels to visit your Twitter profile. Talk about the large number of Twitter followers you have to convince them to pay you a visit. Once they see that, they will be enticed to also follow.

Using our other services

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Start your rise to fame: Buy Twitter followers

After all that you have seen, your answer to the question “Should I buy Twitter followers?” is now surely a “Yes.” Even a small purchase can help a lot in every step of your journey to becoming a famed Twitter user, and overall popular personality on and offline.