New LinkedIn Groups Tools Launch to Make Connecting to Groups Easier

LinkedIn is set to boost the use of its Groups feature with a host of new tools and changes. Read how these new LinkedIn Groups tools will help you use the platform.

New LinkedIn Groups tools

LinkedIn is now making it easier for users to access the groups that they belong to by providing a direct link from their LinkedIn homepages. They can now also get notifications about the latest activities in their respective groups. These group notifications can be turned on and off from the Notifications settings tab.

new linkedin groups notifications

You’ll always know when something is going on in one of your groups if you choose to.

Videos within LinkedIn Groups

Beyond the new navigation and notification tools, members will soon be able to post videos within group threads. They will also be able to tag other members of the group with @mentions and invite them to comment. The ability to post videos has been one of the most requested additions to Groups.

LinkedIn announced these new Groups features through an email that they sent out to group admins. In the letter, the site said that it aims to further develop Groups into a larger part of the LinkedIn experience.

LinkedIn Groups app to be shut down

In conjunction with these announcements, LinkedIn revealed that it is killing off its standalone Groups IOS app on Feb. 15. The app was launched in 2015 to a mixed reception. LinkedIn assured users that it will not affect their engagements with other members in their groups.

Most agree that this is a great move!

What this means for LinkedIn Groups marketing

Many professionals see LinkedIn Groups as a great source of leads for marketing and:

  • Finding new jobs
  • Business to business opportunities
  • Chances to start collaborations
  • Way to meet others in your industry

Many are concerned that LinkedIn might not be putting enough effort to develop the Groups feature enough. The changes announced by the site is seen as a good indicator that Groups still remain as one of its top priorities.

These new tools also have an impact on how do you will use groups for reaching out to potential leads. By being active in your groups, you make yourself more visible on other members’ news feeds. This will encourage more engagements between you and them that can eventually lead to further professional interactions.

Being active within your groups also helps a lot in building yourself as a thought leader on the platform. By posting valuable content and engaging in meaningful discussions with other members, like below, you present yourself as an important voice in the group.

new linkedin groups tools example

In both instances, other members will want to know more about you. To maximize your impact from groups, boost your LinkedIn profile by purchasing LinkedIn connections from us. When they see that you have a large network of connections, they will become more interested in engaging you outside of the groups.

Take advantage of new LinkedIn Groups tools

LinkedIn’s latest updates for Groups may seem minor, but it is still a strong signal of its renewed push to focus more on the feature. Stay tuned for what other things LinkedIn has in store for Groups and discover how you can take advantage of these developments, and learn effective LinkedIn Groups marketing from us!