Making Music Industry Contacts on LinkedIn: Being a Professional Musician

Musicians are always looking for ways to make contacts in the music industry. You may not think this, but LinkedIn is a surprisingly useful tool for reaching out to music industry contacts. It’s not just for white collar employees as musicians can benefit from it.

Reaching out to music industry contactslinkedin logo

Connecting with music industry contacts will be the primary reason why artists would want to be on LinkedIn. Many record label executives and music industry professionals have LinkedIn accounts for maintaining their own professional networks. Aside from them, you can also contact:

  • Music promoters
  • Booking agents
  • Music journalists
  • Music bloggers

You can quickly find these contacts by doing People searches and specifying the industry you are in. Before sending them a connection request, engage them first by commenting on their posts. This will give you the opportunity to gradually introduce yourself to them.

Get music industry contacts using Groups

Another way to reach out to potential music industry contacts is by being part of relevant LinkedIn Groups. Focus on the ones that specifically centered around the music industry. Examples include:

These groups tackle the various issues and developments in the industry, and will be great places to learn more about marketing your music.

Better presenting yourself

A well-made LinkedIn profile will better show off your professional side and attract the attention of potential music industry contacts:

  • Use a headshot for your profile image instead of your band logo to better present yourself.
  • Give a brief background of your musical career in your profile summary.
  • Provide all the relevant professional information, including jobs in the music industry.

These steps will make your professional career more presentable.

Here is an example of a musician with a well put together a LinkedIn profile:

music industry contacts linkedin

Create more interest in your desired interest by regularly posting samples of your work. These could be in-progress tracks or unpublished songs. You can also link to blogs, articles, or other external content where you might have been featured. Keep this up an you may one day be a music industry influencer on LinkedIn!

Making connections on LinkedIn

The number of connections you have on LinkedIn also plays an important role in attracting the interest of music industry contacts. They will perceive you as being better networked when they see you have more connections. Buy LinkedIn connections from us to quickly give your profile that boost. Our service has helped many professionals improve the appearance of their LinkedIn profile, and you can help the musician just is easily. 

Keep in mind that connecting with music industry contacts is just the start. You need to regularly keep in touch with them to better present your music and get them to send it to producers. This will keep you on track to landing that potential record deal. Just remember to post the appropriate kind of content on here. This is LinkedIn and not Twitter. Present your self professionally.