LinkedIn Job Hunting Infographic Profile Advice to get Hired!

LinkedIn is a great platform for job seekers to present themselves the right way to get noticed by potential employers and recruiting agents. Take a look at the perfect LinkedIn job hunting profile that will help you grab that desired position.

LinkedIn job hunting: Attracting attention

According to research, around 94% of recruiters now turn to LinkedIn to search, keep tabs on, and reach out to potential candidates. LinkedIn has always been about searching for jobs. To help applicants take advantage of this, Bellvue Students Accommodation outlined the elements of an effective LinkedIn profile in this infographic.

The Anatomy Of A Perfect Job Hunter’s LinkedIn Profile – An infographic by the team at Bellvue Students

Introduce yourself the right way on LinkedIn

The infographic stressed the importance of:

  • Using relevant keywords in the right sections of your profile to ensure that it will show up in the search results.
  • Once found, catch the interest of recruiters with an on-point professional title and a compelling summary.
  • Make sure to link to relevant content like blog posts and videos in your summary to further interest.  
  • An eye-catching background photo behind your profile image will help recruiters recall you.

These are the very basics of your LinkedIn job hunting. Spend time perfecting them.

LinkedIn job hunting: Show what you can offer

You need to start treating LinkedIn like a giant resume. Some advanced things you can do to help show your worth to recruiters include:

  • Highlighting your work experience through a detailed summary of current and previous employment.
  • Making that presentation more compelling by adding relevant rich media content.
  • Showcasing your skills by presenting certifications you have.
  • Listing any LinkedIn groups which you frequently use.

The infographic notes the importance of having many connections to show recruiters how well-networked you are. Use our LinkedIn Connections Service to quickly build your connections to the desired amount and seriously impress recruiters.

The next step in your LinkedIn job hunting

Creating the perfect profile is just the start of your LinkedIn job hunting efforts. Once recruiters reach out to you on the platform, you should know how to effectively engage them. Don’t forget to be active on the site to make your profile visible to even more employers.