The Home Depot’s Built-In Pins Offer a New Pin Experience for DIY

The Home Depot has really taken advantage of Pinterest to reach out to its customers. Now, the retailer is taking its Pinterest marketing strategy a step further with its new “Built-In Pins” campaign.

The Home Depot on Pinterest

Developed by advertising agency 22squared for Home Depot, the campaign runs a series of videos featuring a complete makeover of different rooms around the house, including:

  • Living rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms

Each 30-second video is presented in time-lapse, allowing Pinterest users to quickly get a before and after look at the rooms.

the home depot pinterest pin example

The videos were specifically tailored for mobile users, being shot in a square format, and take advantage of Pinterest’s new auto-play feature. They also offer a 360-degree view of the rooms. People will be able to see different angles by swiping on their screens or tilting their phones.

According to Home Depot Vice President for Marketing Lisa DeStefano, their goal is to let their Pinterest followers see all the work that went behind each finished room.

“We don’t use Pinterest as a platform just to inspire, we are there for you through the whole process of the planning of the ‘before’ to the ‘look what I did’ afters.”

DeStefano said.

Creating a full content hub

The Home Depot takes its campaign premise further and uses the videos to direct users to other pins detailing the various processes involved in the makeovers.

the home depot built in pins board

There is even a dedicated pin that that leads users to an interactive 360-degree view of the room. By clicking on the orange dots scattered on the display, they can check out the products used for the makeovers on The Home Depot website.

the home depot pinterest marketing

Taking inspiration

The Home Depot’s Built-In Pins campaign is a great demonstration of the effectiveness of using videos to engage your Pinterest audience. Take advantage of various features like Autoplay to quickly draw the attention of your audience to your own videos. Follow the retailer’s lead and build relevant content and boards around your videos to further engage users.

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Check out the Home Depot campaign for yourself and you will find more Pinterest marketing strategies that you can use for your own efforts.