Content Marketing Trends 2018: What you Need to Create this Year!

2018 is expected to be a big time for content marketing with all the major developments in the field. Here is a useful infographic that can help you take advantage of all of the content marketing trends 2018 has to offer.

Creating great content

This infographic is all about helping you learn what sort of content marketing is going to be popular not only in 2018, but likely into the future. Take a look, and then see our analysis below.

Content Marketing Trends 2018

Infographic created by Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya, the creator of this infographic, noted that 70% of B2B companies are creating more content that they had in 2017. However, it observed that 54% still struggle with coming up with content that really engages their audience.

Content marketing which guides your audience

The infographic also shows that you need to have a better understanding of your audience in order to create the correct content. The best way to do this is still with buyer personas. These personas are indispensable for deciding on the content to make.

Brands should have a clear plan on how they will build their audience. Your content should gradually guide customers through the buying cycle. Creating a series of connected content will help here, attracting return traffic. Here’s an example:

Marvel is creating a lot of great content for the upcoming Black Panther movie. Here you can see them using a recurring hashtag, as well as a place to click and make a purchase. This connected content allows users to look back at past content, and will increase the likelihood that they will eventually click on the link to make a purchase.

Creating the right type of content

One of the biggest content marketing trends 2018 brings concerns visual content marketing. The infographic noted that 62% of B2B marketers use infographics as part of their content repertoire. Infographics deliver information in an easy-to-digest manner and make for excellent social media content.

Digital Vidya doesn’t discount the value of long-form content either. It advises marketers to routinely create 1000-word content marketing articles for their audiences. The company said such long-form content will help provide more value to your customers and attract more traffic.

Content marketing trends 2018: Promotions

Digital Vidya’s infographic provides useful tips on how to better promote your content:

  • Blogging regularly: 82% of daily marketing bloggers get at least one new customer through it.
  • Shareable content: Add social media buttons to your blog to help visitors share it quickly.
  • Social ads: Social media ads can amplify your promotional reach and attract new audiences.
  • Tapping influencers: Influencers still remain as an important marketing force.

These tips will help you spread your content further online and attract a bigger audience.

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