Best Landing Pages For Twitter: Turn Tweets into Website Clicks

Twitter can be a great tool for driving people to your landing pages. An effective landing page for your Twitter visitors will help turn all that potential traffic into actual clicks and conversions. Find out how you can create the best landing pages for the platform and get people to pay you a visit.

Building the best landing pages for Twitter

To better engage visitors from Twitter, your landing pages should reflect the quick and on-point nature of the platform. Use a short and concise headline that quickly tells visitors what that specific page is all about. Here, you can re-use the same headline text found on your lead-in tweet to better establish the connection.  You have to give people what they clicked for right away.

Let’s look at example from Nike as they try to push their new app. Shutout to Demar Derozan, 52 points, #WeTheNorth:

When you click on the link you are sent to a great landing page which expands upon everything you need to know about the Nike app:

best landing pages for twitter example

The best landing pages for Twitter are designed for easy navigation. Break it down into sections, and allow people to learn more as they continued to scroll down. At the appropriate time, have clear calls to action to prompt your readers to take the next step.

For example, if you scroll all the way to the bottom of that Nike page you get a call to action for other apps. They have a call to action higher up for the app you clicked for originally (look in the top right), but they keep their options open with another call to action:

best landing pages example next click

If your users don’t find what they’re looking for and click on nothing by the time they scroll to the bottom, give them more options. Never give up when you have someone on your landing pages!

Best landing pages for products

Developing product landing pages for your Twitter visitors follows the same strategy as other Twitter-specific landing pages. Here, your goal is to let customers quickly make purchases right from the platform. Here are a few ways to do this:

  • Greet incoming shoppers with higher resolution versions of the product images that you have tweeted.
  • Add other images that were not included in your tweets to give visitors a better look at the product.
  • Put everything into an interactive image carousel for easier browsing.
  • Neatly list important product information below the images. Use a table for easier navigation.

Under the product information list, highlight any value-added services that you are offering:

  • Free shipping
  • Free trials
  • Money back guarantees
  • Free returns and exchanges

By emphasizing any value-added service that your competitors don’t offer, you better entice visitors to make a purchase. Here’s an example from Champs Sports stemming from this tweet:

When you click they feature the actual shoe in several high resolution photos, but also highlight possible deals to push for more clicks:

best landing pages product example

You have to give the people what they clicked for, but don’t be afraid push for more deals. At the bottom they show the status of free shipping:

best landing pages shipping example

Convince your visitors more to make purchases by adding a customer review section that they can check. This could be as simple as a star rating system, or short written reviews. Encourage them to submit their own reviews by providing an easy to use form.

best landing pages customer review example

Alongside on-site reviews, display comments made by people on Twitter about your products. Establish the authenticity of these comments by linking to the original tweets, or embedding the live tweets.

The benefits of Twitter-specific landing pages

Creating the best landing pages for Twitter users provides a variety of advantages over just using generic website pages.

  • Cohesive user experience: A Twitter-specific landing page lets you capture visitors better by helping them seamlessly move from the platform to your site.
  • Faster purchases: By using dedicated Twitter landing pages for your products, you make it easier for followers to make purchases right from your tweets.
  • Track visitor traffic: Since your landing page is specifically aimed towards Twitter visitors, you get a better picture of the effectiveness of your campaigns on the platform.

All of these benefits should be enough to encourage you to build more Twitter landing pages into your website.

Posting your links on Twitter

One of the quickest ways to lead people from Twitter to your website is by putting links in your profile. Don’t limit the URLs to just your home page. Add links to landing pages that are connected to your current campaigns. Lebron James has the obvious link to his homepage, but also features a link to his family foundation:

twitter website traffic from bio

Another way to make your site links visible is by pinning your tweets at the top of your feed. Pinned tweets can generate as much as five times more engagements than regular tweets. Like your profile links, the pinned tweets and links should also lead to the landing page of your current campaign.

Twitter Cards are also useful for further highlighting the links you tweet. This Twitter feature lets you present your links in a more attractive manner. There are several types of Cards that you can use depending on the kind of links you are highlighting.

Getting people to click your links

Having the best landing pages for Twitter is good, but you need to actually get people to click on your links. Here are a few ideas to get people clicking:

  • Use a strong call to action for them to click on the link.
  • Mention any added value that is on the landing page, such as a special deal or discount.
  • Tell them how your landing pages can help solve relevant problems that they might have.
  • Use our Twitter Retweet Service to add to the social proof that the tweet has attract, and get more attention to it overall, as well as more link clicks.

Influencers can also help promote links to your landing pages. Their social media clout will strengthen the perceived value of your link, encouraging more people to click. The large following that these influencers have also give you a lot of potential site visitors.

The tweet below has so much influencer marketing go on I don’t know where to start:

The Rock is an influencer for Under Armour. Steph Curry is being an influencer for The Rock, but since he is an Under Armour sponsored athlete he is also being an influencer for them. Meta-influence. And all of this is being done for a link back to a landing page.

Create the best landing pages for your Twitter visitors

Creating landing pages specifically aimed towards your Twitter visitors will be a lot of help in getting them to your website. Make your Twitter landing page more effective by:

  • Twitter user-experience: Make your landing page scroll just like your Twitter page, and allow visitors to learn more as they scroll down.
  • Address Twitter visitors: Fill your page with content directly aimed towards your Twitter visitors to better focus their attention.
  • Easy purchases: Provide visitors with all the product information they need right on the page, and highlight exclusive deals you offer.
  • Calls to action: You need to push people to click on your links on Twitter with effective calls to action.

These steps will help you build the best landing pages to attract more traffic from Twitter. Start building your Twitter landing pages and learn how you can better incorporate these into your overall Twitter marketing strategy.