2018 Social Media Calendar: All the Holidays to Prepare Content for this Year!

Holidays are great not just for the celebrations, but also for the many social media marketing opportunities they present. Take a look at this 2018 social media calendar to plan your content for 2018.

2018 social media calendar: Holidays and hashtags

The folks from Depositphotos created this social media holiday calendar to help marketers plan out their campaigns early this year. Having content ideas ready well in advance is going to be your key to your success in 2018:
2018 social media holiday calendar
Social Media Holiday Calendar-Infographic by Depositphotos

Aside from the familiar holidays, the calendar lists notable events and quirky holidays that will make for engaging campaigns.


The Golden Globes last January 7 was a fun conversation topic. Meanwhile, January 10 is a great day to give away tasty treats to your followers in celebration of #NationalChocolateDay.


Feb. 4 is Super Bowl Sunday and you better be ready with a Twitter campaign that will get people talking during #SuperBowl52. T-Mobile definitely had a great one last year with this hilarious Justin Bieber video.

Grab retweets from us to boost your Super Bowl tweets to the top of the topic’s timeline when people click on the hashtag. People will surely notice and talk about you more during and after the game when they see your tweets shared a lot.


Let your inner geek out on Apr. 28 and celebrate #NationalSuperheroDay. Talk about your favorite caped crusaders with your social media fans. You can even create superhero-themed events, like this one from Funimation.


Show your appreciation for all the dads around the world on June 17. Celebrate #FathersDay with a heartwarming video campaign like this one from Foot Locker.

Purchase YouTube views from us to build up the popularity of your Father’s Day video. You have a much better chance of appearing on the YouTube homepage as a trending video and truly going viral.

And don’t forget the very important #NationalDonutDay on June 1:

This is just a small and tasty portion of… Wait. Get your mind off the donuts. Ok, above we saw a small portion on the numerous holidays lined up for this year. Luckily, you still have a lot of time to prepare social media marketing campaigns for them. Drop by the Devumi blog every month for our regular look at the latest Twitter Event Calendar to discover even more holidays and events to be a part of.