YouTube Community and Reels Features Provide More Fan Engagement

Major social media platforms have been incorporating the ”Stories” content format into their features lately. YouTube is the latest one to follow the trend with its new Reels feature, which is part of their larger YouTube Community plan.

A new spin on Storiesyoutube reels feature

YouTube’s Reels takes a vastly different approach to the Stories format found on other sites. To create a Reel, users just need to combine several 30-second mobile video clips. They then add filters, music, text, and other enhancements to the finished Reel.

Unlike other platforms’ Stories features, creators can make several different Reels that can be displayed at the same time, as shown to the right. The biggest difference of Reels from other similar features is that the clips do not expire, giving creators more opportunities to engage their audience.

YouTube said that its goal was to develop a format that lets creators engage their audiences without the need to upload a full video. To better facilitate that engagement, the site designed Reels to be non-intrusive. Instead of being shown on the top of people’s news feeds, the collected stories can be accessed via a separate tab on the creator’s channel. This gives viewers the option to watch the videos or not.

YouTube has yet to announce when beta testing will begin on Reels, or when the feature will be publicly available.

YouTube Community engagements

Reels is just one of the new features and improvements that YouTube is developing for its Community platform. Community is a social feature that lets creators engage with their fans and other YouTube users. You can use the feature to strengthen your subscriber community via:

  • Fan involvement: Get your audience to suggest new video ideas and share their opinions on your content.
  • Behind-the-scenes peek: Give them exclusive access to your video production process and other happenings behind the cameras.
  • Reach out to creators: Doing collaborations with other YouTube creators can help you bring in fresh content for your own audience and do cross-promotions.
  • Hastening discovery: Your most engaged subscribers will now see your Community posts right on their home screen. YouTube has also optimized Community posts notifications to ensure that fans get the updates they want to receive from you.

All of these strategies come together to help you get people talking more about your video content and creating a loyal following. Popular YouTubers like Nightwing2303 have already been using Community to interact with fans.

youtube community example

With all the potential of the Community platform, you definitely will want to make the most out of it. To access and use Community, you need to have at least 10,000 subscribers. Our YouTube Subscriber Service will help you quickly build that number so that you can start engaging with your growing community even deeper.

YouTube Community features and Reels

YouTube has been busy developing new features that can help creators better engage their fan communities. Reels and the new features for the Community platform are just some of the newest ones to watch out for. Include them in your YouTube marketing strategy and you will soon be attracting engaged to viewers that’ll be with you for years to come.