SoundCloud Stats Cards: Attract More Fans With Your Impressive Stats

One of the most effective ways to attract more listeners on Soundcloud is by showcasing how popular your tracks are. Now, the site is making that effort easier with its new SoundCloud Stats cards.

Show off your SoundCloud stats

The new feature lets creators download a snapshot of their tracks’ performance via the SoundCloud Pulse app. The stats are presented in a stylized card like the one here, highlighting the overall statistics of your content.

SoundCloud says that the feature is an easier way for creators to showcase their  success on the platform and further increase their following.

Create SoundCloud Stats cards

To create and share stats cards:

  1. Open your Stats page in the SoundCloud Pulse app
  2. Tap the Share icon in the top right corner to display an image of your stats
  3. Click on the Share button to quickly share the image to your social media profiles
  4. You can also download the image for later sharing, or other uses.

The site also encourages creators to use the hashtag #SoundCloudStats when sharing their cards to better catch the interest of the larger SoundCloud community.


Taking advantage of stats cards

Stats cards are a great tool for budding SoundCloud creators to impress their audiences and attract more plays. To really get these stats cards to work you should have some good numbers to show off to your fans. You don’t want to share statistics which are low and unimpressive. Give your tracks that push by purchasing the following from us:

When fans and haters see your stats going up with every card you share they will know that your music is something to be taken seriously.

Another great thing about SoundCloud stat cards is that these look really good when shared on social media sites like Twitter. Before, all you can do is get a screenshot of your stats page to show off your numbers, which rarely looked good:

With the feature, you get to package all that info in an eye-catching presentation and really emphasize the numbers you have. Your statistics themselves can even become popular if you buy Twitter retweets from us. This will push the popularity of the tweet, and compound the success you have on SoundCloud.

Showcase your popularity of SoundCloud Stat Cards

SoundCloud Stat cards are a nifty way for SoundCloud creators like you to impress listeners by showing off your growing popularity. Use it often to create a positive impression of your musical content. Who knows, it might even land you that coveted record deal.