Social Media Case Studies: Jimmy Fallon Can Teach Social Media

The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon is one of the most popular late night hosts. A large part of that success is thanks to his major presence on social media. Read how the late night comedian uses his online presence to boost his show in this social media case study.

What Jimmy Fallon does on social media

The bulk of the content that Jimmy Fallon posts on social media are clips taken from his show on NBC. Most of these video clips are found on The Tonight Show’s official YouTube channel, which has over 14 million subscribers. One of the most popular clips was Fallon’s interview with singer Ariana Grande.

Fallon also has a significant presence on Twitter, with his personal account having 49.9 million followers. Meanwhile, his official Facebook page is followed by 2.1 million people.

How Jimmy Fallon Succeeded on YouTube

One noticeable thing about The Tonight Show’s official channel is the custom thumbnails that it uses for its videos. The thumbnails contain quick info about the clip’s content, plus a candid screenshot of whoever is featured. The channel uses different thumbnail formats for each kind of clip:

  • Celebrity clips: The celebrity’s name is written using a large font, musical guests have the song they’re performing added below their name.

social media case study youtube jimmy fallon

  • Segment clips: Each regular segment is given its own graphic.

jimmy fallon thumbnail examples

  • Random clips: Random clips just get the NBC logo.

jimmy fallon thumbnail example youtube marketing

The different thumbnail formats let viewers quickly know what they are watching, and are an effective way to organize the channel’s videos.

YouTube channel trailer

Jimmy Fallon also draws subscribers to The Tonight Show channel with an entertaining trailer.

It gives a rundown of what the show and the YouTube channel is all about through a hilarious mashup of clips. At the end, Fallon and Higgins go into a hilariously long pause waiting for viewers to click the Subscribe button.

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Getting people to watch more videos

Each video has an outro. The outro directs viewers to Fallon’s other videos with a clickable card. There is also a large Subscribe button. The outro is an excellent way to keep people on the channel longer by bringing them to the rest of his content.

Another way that Fallon’s Tonight Show channel encourages continuous viewing is through playlists. Each playlist covers a specific segment of  The Tonight Show. They also create playlists for dates. Either way, the playlists let people binge-watch their favorite Tonight Show segments or episodes.

Interacting with fans

Jimmy Fallon actively engages his channel subscribers. He does this through the channel’s Community section. Here, he occasionally posts messages for his fans, and shows some absurd content from outside of the show.

The channel also posts plenty of behind-the-scenes and extra content to keep fans interested.

Why Jimmy Fallon is popular on Twitter

Fallon mainly uses his personal Twitter account to promote upcoming episodes of his show. He will post previews of the episodes several days before the airdate. He then gives more details leading to the episode in his next tweets. This gets people hyped for the show.

Another tactic Fallon does to build excitement for the show’s latest episode is leveraging the popularity of his celebrity guests. He tags them in his tweets about the episodes they appear in.

This makes his posts show up on their fans’ feeds and gets them to watch the show. He will then tag them after the episode airs to draw people to the YouTube channel.

While Fallon does his own promotions for The Tonight Show, he also lends a hand to the program’s official Twitter account. He retweets its posts, making the official account visible to more people. This boosts its popularity and creates a more integrated promotion.

Incorporating Twitter into The Tonight Show

The comedian takes his use of Twitter further by incorporating it into his show. The show has a weekly “Hashtag Game” where Fallon asks viewers to tweet stories based on the hashtag he gives.

He then reads some of the best responses during the show’s next episode.

The segment is quite popular, generating a lot of engagements on social media. Fallon’s initial call for #MisheardLyrics attracted more than 4500 comments while its clip has been watched over 10 million times.

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How Jimmy Fallon made his Facebook page a hit

Outside of promotions for his show, Fallon posts plenty of personal content on his Facebook page

These types of posts make his page more engaging and approachable to fans.

Integrating Facebook into The Tonight Show

Facebook was one of the social media sites that helped hype Fallon’s takeover of the show after Jay Leno left in 2014. From there, he has incorporated the site into the program like he does with Twitter.

Fallon often reads out the comments posted on his page on air.

This generates a lot of engagements for his page as people comment more and look forward to being mentioned on the show.

The lessons that Jimmy Fallon can teach you

As seen throughout this social media case study, Jimmy Fallon knows the importance of proper branding on YouTube. He labels all of his video content with customized thumbnails. Fallon extends that branding to his other social media channels, creating a more recognizable presence online.

Develop your distinct brand identity and incorporate it into all your social media content. When people see your logos and brand graphics online often, they can recall you better. This eventually leads to more engagements and potential conversions.

Give good content for free

Fallon posts some of the best segments from his show on social media for people to watch at their own leisure. This helps the show as it increases audience interest, boosting viewership. By making some of your best content readily available to your audience, you get them to want more, making it easier to bring them to your sales pages. Playstation use this strategy as well.

Maintain your authenticity

Jimmy Fallon is well known as a quick-witted and disarming host. He made sure to carry that persona over to his social media presence, and with how he interacts with fans online. Fallon actively engages in conversations with his followers and shares a lot of entertaining personal content.

That level of authenticity helped him cultivate a loyal online fanbase. This support increased viewership for The Tonight Show.  

Let Jimmy Fallon teach you about social media marketing

Jimmy Fallon’s successful use of social media has done a lot for his career. No matter what genre you are in, or what product you are selling, or if you are just a person who wants to be popular on social media, you can definitely learn from his tactics.