Pinterest Integrates with Facebook Messenger, Also Launches New Chatbot

With Facebook being the most used social media platform, Pinterest decided to ride that popularity with two new tools for the former’s Messenger app.

Better Facebook Messenger integration

The first of the two new tools is a chat extension for the Messenger app. The extension lets users share Pins within the Facebook Messenger app. The pins are displayed in full, including the links, as shown below.

facebook messenger pinterest integration sharing

This means that chat participants would not need to leave Facebook Messenger to view the pin as long as they have updated to Pinterest version 6.40 on iOS, or 6.45 on Android.

Users can also access both the search bar and related pins. Pinterest said that this will let people quickly look for related content and share it back into the conversation.

Pinterest chabot in Messenger

In addition to the chat extension, Pinterest also developed a chatbot that can help Pinners discover pinned content right from within Facebook Messenger. Users conversing with the chatbot are given a set of search options based on the most popular categories. They can also initiate their own search by searching desired keywords.

pinterest facebook messenger integration

Once they find the pin they like, users can tap on it to view in full. There is also a share button for sending the pin out to family and friends.

Pinterest said that the chatbot will enhance the user experience by providing people with a more natural and conversational way of searching its content. The site added that the tool is an early exploration of bringing in artificial intelligence interactions for its service. Pinterest has already successfully used AI to run some of its new features, like Lens Your Look.

The site noted that there are almost a million pins shared on Facebook Messenger every week already. It said that the two new tools will help it tap into the Messenger app’s massive audience and bring more people to its site.

How marketers can use these tools

While Pinterest’s new tools for Facebook’s Messenger app are geared towards general users, brands can also take advantage of it for marketing. The chat extension lets you share your product pins in full to customers you are communicating with on Messenger. Meanwhile, the chatbot is another avenue where people can discover your product pins.

In both of these applications, you need to make your pins more prominent to catch the attention of both people and AI. Purchase some Pinterest likes and repins from us to give your content that extra push up. When people see your pins being shared a lot, they will be encouraged to send it to their Messenger chatmates. The algorithm which controls the chatbot will also be more prone to notice your pins and display them.

Promoting pins through Facebook Messenger

The two new tools that Pinterest introduced for Facebook Messenger are a great gift for marketers looking for better cross-platform marketing opportunities. Take advantage of these tools to attract more conversions, and get more followers.