LinkedIn Top Voices 2017: The People To Look Up To For Budding Influencers

If you are trying to build yourself as an influencer, knowing who to look up to and emulate will help in achieving that goal. LinkedIn gives a hand in your search with the reveal of its Top Voices for 2017.

The most important influencers of the year

linkedin logoFor its choice of this year’s top influencers, the site looked into several key categories, including:

  • Number of engagements
  • Follower growth
  • Editorial calendar appearances

These criteria helped LinkedIn get a clearer picture of the level of influence that each candidate possessed. Using its criteria, LinkedIn picked the following personalities as the most important influencers of the year.

  • Ian Bremmer, President & founder of the Eurasia Group: Bremmer’s main focus is global politics and economics.
  • Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada: Trudeau often talks about the developments within Canada, and why it matters to the global community.
  • Mohamed El-Erian, Chief Economic Adviser for Allianz: El-Erian covers a wide range of topics concerning the global economy.
  • Liz Ryan, Founder & CEO of Human Workplace: Ryan touches upon a lot of topics about employment and labor issues.
  • Sallie Krawcheck, Co-founder & CEO of Ellevest: Krawcheck largely tackles business and investment issues, using her personal experiences on Wall Street.
  • Naomi Simson, Founder of Red Balloon: Simson provides plenty of helpful insights about how to succeed in business and investing.
  • Adam Grant, Organizational psychologist from The Wharton School: The author talks about the psychology of work and how to improve productivity.
  • Sanyin Siang, Executive Director for the Coach K Center for Leadership and Ethics: Siang shares insights about personal development gained from her work with CEOs, athletes, and scholars.
  • Beth Comstock, Vice Chair at GE: She mainly talks about how companies and individuals can lead the way to innovation and global development.
  • Nicholas Thompson, Editor-In-Chief of Wired Magazine: Thompson writes about the way technology is changing the world.

The content that these influencers have written cover a wide range of topics. Those who are looking to build themselves up as thought leaders in related fields can gain a lot of useful insights from the articles they have written for LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Top Voices 2017: Social media

Aside from its top influencers, LinkedIn also published the list of the Top Voices in social media and marketing.

  • Tom Goodwin: Executive Vice President and Head of Innovation, Zenith
  • Michael Spencer: Freelance copywriter
  • Shama Hyder: Founder & CEO, The Marketing Zen Group
  • Dennis Williams, II: Senior Content Marketing manager, Skillshare
  • Martin Lindstrom: Branding expert and consultant, Lindstrom, Co.
  • Richard Shotton: Deputy head of evidence, Manning Gottlieb OMD
  • Julian Gamboa: Course instructor, Haas School of Business
  • Katie Martell: Marketing consultant
  • String Nguyen: International live video correspondent, Pause 2017
  • Misa Chien: Co-founder and chief operating officer, Praiseworthy

These marketing experts can serve as good models to follow for those who are building themselves to become influencers on social media.

Following the lead of these influencers

linkedin pulse publishingOne common thing about the various top influencers listed above is that they all publish a lot of high-quality content. By regularly providing useful information and insights through their content, they bring more people to their side. Take advantage of LinkedIn’s own Pulse Publishing platform to spread your own content to more readers and better influence them.

An increase in social proof is also essential for popularizing your content and pushing yourself up as a thought leader like the people on the list. When your audience see that more people are connecting with you, they will view you as an important resource person. Get some LinkedIn connections from us to jumpstart your bid to become an influencer.

LinkedIn’s Top Voices 2017: Modern thought-leaders

Being a thought leader in your industry can bring a lot of benefits to your career. LinkedIn’s 2017 Top Voices List has a lot of important names that you can take inspiration from. Check out their profiles and articles and learn how they were able to achieve their status. You will find a lot of useful lessons you can apply to your own efforts to be like them.