LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms Make It Easier to Gather Prospect Information

Trying to attract quality leads within LinkedIn can be a challenge. They have made this easier easier with the LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms feature, which has some ease-of-use automation to speed things up.

A more efficient way of capturing leads

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms let marketers capture leads from over 500 million users through a streamlined process. The feature automatically pulls out relevant information directly from your prospective leads’ profile when they click your ads, as shown below.

This removes the need for prospects to fill out forms manually, which can often dissuade them from completing the submission. They have the option to submit the form or not, meaning they actively decide to contact you.

When they submit the form, the information that was provided is recorded. Since the data is taken directly from their LinkedIn profiles, it is up-to-date and accurate. Once done, the feature directs your leads to a Thank You page after submitting. The page brings them either to your content or website for more information. This gives you additional engagement opportunities.

There are many more benefits to the LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms:

  • Managing leads: You can download your list of leads from Campaign Manager or sync it with your CRM system.
  • Measuring ROI: Lead Gen Forms are directly linked to the reporting tools contained in the LinkedIn Campaign Manager. You can quickly measure key metrics like form fill rate and cost per lead.
  • Ensuring the quality of leads: The accurate profile data that LinkedIn provides guarantees that the leads you are getting are more likely to convert into sales.

These benefits make the feature an indispensable tool for marketers like you.

Using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms to your advantage

You can create your Lead Gen Form templates from within the Campaign Manager section by heading to the account you want to make the template for. You will find the Lead Gen Forms under Account Assets.

There are three parts to creating your template:

  1. Describing your offer: Create an interesting offer headline and describe that offer in detail. Don’t forget to add a Privacy Policy URL.
  2. Selecting fields to add to the template: You choose up to 7 fields to add to the template. While the forms will be prefilled in use, your prospects can still edit missing fields.
  3. Creating your Thank You page: Add the links that you want to bring your leads to after they submit the form. You can also write a custom message to greet them.

Once you have your template made, you can save it to add to your advertisements later.

To get your Lead Gen Forms gathering data, your ads need to be fully optimized. Additionally, your ad message should match the CTA that you provide for the form. Ensure that the CTAs you provide are specific to the action you want your leads to take.

Increasing the social proof of your company’s LinkedIn page also helps make your Lead Gen Forms more effective. Purchase LinkedIn Followers from us to give your company that added boost of social proof. Your leads are more likely to pay attention to, and fill out the forms of, a successful business.

Gather leads more effectively with LinkedIn’s Lead Gen Forms

LinkedIn’s Lead Gen Forms feature is a nifty way to more efficiently get information about your prospects. Not only that, this tool will help you keep track of the leads that you have gathered and measure your efforts’ success. Take advantage of it to make your LinkedIn ads more effective at driving sales, and use it as a great addition to your LinkedIn efforts along with LinkedIn’s Smart Replies.