LinkedIn In-Demand Skills: New Auto-Notification Alerts to Trending Skills

Having the right set of skills is essential for landing the job you want. LinkedIn is giving job seekers a hand  in this department with the new LinkedIn in-demand skills notification feature.

Know the skills you need

The site’s new feature is designed to help users find out the latest in-demand skills for their chosen fields. The monthly notifications will suggest relevant skills based on a user’s job title, like in this sample.

linkedin in-demand skills notification example

They can then click on on the displayed skill to know more about it, including which companies are hiring people who possess those skills.

The site also helps applicants acquire the suggested skills by recommending the LinkedIn Learning courses that they need to take to hone those skills. LinkedIn says that this works for people looking to get new skills and those wanting to refresh their knowledge.

linkedin indemand skills learning course

Once you feel that you are proficient in the trending skill you can add it to your LinkedIn profile. The site encourages users to add as many relevant skills as possible. It’s noted that applicants with five or more relevant skills listed on their profiles are 27 times more likely to be hired.

Why LinkedIn In-Demand Skills was built

In-demand skills notifications are the latest in LinkedIn’s efforts to use its extensive dataset to bring professionals more career opportunities. In November, the site unveiled its Careers Advice feature that connects users with potential career mentors.

LinkedIn also revealed that users will soon receive notifications on the hiring trends within their industries. The upcoming feature will provide job seekers with useful insights like

  • Overall hiring trends
  • Skill gaps for your location
  • Migration trends for your area

These insights will come from LinkedIn’s monthly publication, Workforce Report, and will help people looking for career opportunities in a new city.

Highlighting your job skills

Listing a relevant set of in-demand skills is just the first step in leveraging them for your job application. Showing your skills in action will draw the attention of recruiters. Create content that demonstrates your knowledge and proficiency in the chosen skills.

Data scientist and writer Pratik Ravani demonstrates his knowledge of the above machine learning skills by publishing insightful articles on the topic.

linkedin indemand skills example profile

When companies see your content and expertise, they become more certain that you are an expert at it and increase their interest in hiring you.

Once you get recruiters viewing your profile, impress them with not just your set of skills. Strong social proof will also draw their attention. Build that social proof by getting LinkedIn connections and endorsements from us. When recruiters see many people networked to you, they are more likely to view you as a potentially good hire.

LinkedIn In-Demand skills notifications for career building

LinkedIn’s new In-Demand Skills notifications are certainly going to be a lot of help for job seekers. With it, you can more effectively plan your applications by knowing which skills to highlight in your CV. Take advantage of the feature, and LinkedIn as a whole, to land the job you are gunning for.