The Best Music Maker Online for your YouTube Videos & Music Projects

Having a great soundtrack to accompany your YouTube videos can really make it more engaging for your audience, and help you avoid copyright problems with existing music. The music maker tools in this article will help you whip up some great beats and spice up your videos.

Browser-based music maker tools: Soundtrap

Soundtrap is a browser-based DAW that lets users quickly create and edit audio tracks for their videos. The tool makes YouTube collaborations easy by letting team members quickly do editing. A neat video chat feature is useful for discussing the work with your peers. Soundtrap comes in four different versions:

  • BASIC: This is the free version. It lets users work on up to five different projects and access 190 different instruments.
  • Pro: Users can work on up to 50 different projects and access 250 different sounds and 2070 loops. It costs $4 a month.
  • Premium: Creators can do unlimited projects and have access to all available sounds and loops. Additional features include Auto-tune and Automation. It costs $8 a month.
  • Supreme: Users get to use all features, as well as priority mixing and download higher quality files of their tracks. It costs $12 a month.

The versions cover the entire user range from beginners and casual users to more experienced creators.

Soundtrap is also a great tool for learning the basics of sound editing. While it doesn’t have a dedicated mobile app, users can still use Soundtrap via mobile browsers.

Browser-based music maker tools: AudioTool

Another popular online music maker, AudioTool uses cloud storage for hosting tracks. This lets creators access their content wherever they are. The tool is designed to provide users with easy workflow features like:

  • A modular workplace: Users can freely add and arrange the tools they want to use on the app’s desktop.
  • Community-based sound library: AudioTool boasts over 250,000 sound samples sourced from its creator community. It also features 50,000 different device presets.
  • Dedicated publishing platform: Creators can quickly upload and publish finished tracks on SoundCloud, YouTube, and Facebook through the app’s in-house publishing platform.
  • An active online community: AudioTool has integrated the forum section directly into the online software. This lets users quickly connect with other creators to ask questions.

These features make AudioTool an ideal platform for both solo and collaborative work.

AudioTool is completely free, making it great for casual users. The large number of sound samples makes this browser-based DAW very versatile. It is also regularly updated by developers, ensuring that it keeps up to user demands.

Browser-based music maker tools: Soundation

Soundation is geared towards users who might not have enough resources to do sound editing on their own. Like other online music makers, it comes in several different versions for specific users:

  • Free: Access to unlimited projects, virtual instruments, and more than 700 different loops and sounds.
  • Intro: Users can record and import live audio and have 100MB worth of storage space for $2 a month.
  • Power: Users get 2GB of storage space and 20 included sound sets for $5 a month.
  • Premium: Allows access to 12,000 loops and effects. They also get 5GB of audio storage space and 20 soundsets for $7 a month.

Soundation lets creators use any pre-recorded file that they have, regardless of tempo or key. Additionally, they can alter any of the built-in sound loops to suit their needs. Once done with their work, creators can quickly export and share tracks in a variety of formats.

Browser-based music maker tools: AudioSauna

AudioSauna is a completely free online music maker for those looking for a basic DAW for quick editing needs. It has several versatile tools, including:

  • A virtual analog synthesizer: The synthesizer comes with 2 oscillators and various filter types for modifying tracks.
  • Frequency modulator synthesizer: The FM synthesizer has 4 sine wave operators, 8 FM algorithms, and various filters.
  • Advanced sampler: Users can quickly upload files into the sampler without using a dedicated file browser through the app’s cloud servers.  

These key features are useful for creating quick tracks for your videos.

Beginners might find getting used to AudioSauna’s controls a challenge, since the interface follows the layout of physical mixers. However, once you get the hang of using it, you can quickly take advantage of the various tools it offers.

Browser-based music maker tools: Looplabs

One of the newer browser-based music makers, Looplabs’ biggest draw is the large selection of built-in sounds that it has. It boasts thousands of royalty-free sounds that users can mix and match to create their tracks. Other features include:

  • Easy-to-use editing tools: Looplabs supplies users with a variety of editing tools that can help you fine-tune your tracks.
  • Automation: The automation feature is useful for creating smoother transitions between loops, resulting in cleaner-sounding tracks.
  • Quick publishing: The site lets creators quickly publish tracks on various social media outlets. They can even specify who can reuse and remix their tracks.
  • Social networking: Creators can quickly send tracks to their peers for collaboration. They can also set up chats to discuss the work.

Looplabs is still in beta testing and is expected to develop more features for its full launch. The site has also partnered with online music store Beatport to provide more sounds to creators.

Downloadable music maker tools: Ableton Live

Ableton Live is one of the more popular downloadable music makers. It is part of the music software products published by Ableton AG. Some notable features are:

  • Seamless MIDI sequencing: Creators can connect several MIDI controllers with minimal effort.
  • A large array of sounds. The software packs in 23 different sound libraries, each containing hundreds of different sounds.
  • Easy-to-use interface: Live’s screen is divided into two different “Views” that make the workflow easier to follow.
  • Link: Users can now simultaneously use several music devices over a wireless network without latency issues.

These features come together to provide users with a rounded music production experience.

Live is a great tool for YouTube creators wanting to come up with more intricate tracks for their videos. It also supports a variety of equipment brands, adding a lot of versatility.

Downloadable music maker tools: Apple GarageBand

Apple Garageband is a DAW geared towards beginning and casual music makers. It packs an impressive feature set for quick music creation:

  • Large sample collection: GarageBand hosts a large selection of sampled instruments and synthesizers that can be used for both pre-recorded and live tracks.
  • Guitar features: The software lets users mix and edit guitar-specific tracks. Support features are modelled after equipment made by popular manufacturers.
  • Multi-take recording: Users can now do several recordings in one session and combine the best parts of each.
  • Support for Apple mobile devices: Creators can upload tracks on Apple’s iCloud services and access these through their iPads.

GarageBand shares most of the features with Apple’s higher-end Logic Pro DAW, making it a great gateway tool for people wanting to learn the latter.

The tool lacks some essential features of a full-fledged DAW, such as the ability to connect to external hardware via MIDI. Nevertheless, it still works well as an easy-to-use music production suite.

Downloadable music maker tools: Tracktion Waveform

The Tracktion Waveform follows in the long line of DAWs developed by Tracktion. One of its notable features is the Pattern Generator. This feature lets users string together MIDI notes and build chord progressions, melodies, and other track parts.

Other essential features include:

  • Collective Sample: Creators can use the tool to build sound patches using the pre-built samples, or their own sounds.
  • Micro-MIDI editor: This expands parts of tracks into a dedicated windows, making it easier to view MIDI information.
  • Revamped user interface: The new dedicated mixer view is going to be a great help in organizing your workflow.
  • MIDI Chord Generator plugin: This plugin lets users trigger chords from single notes.

All these features sit on top of the ones that are already present on earlier Tracktion DAWs, making the Waveform familiar to longtime users.

At just $99, Waveform’s basic package is very affordable. It packs in features that experienced and new users can take advantage of. Here is a sample track made using the software.

Downloadable music maker tools: Steinberg Cubase

Coming from one of the more popular music software manufacturers, the Steinberg Cubase is an all-around DAW. It comes in three different versions that cover music makers of all levels. Some of its notable features are:

  • Lower Zone section: This new layout brings the mixer tracks and MIDI editing screens into one section.
  • Unlimited tracks: Users can import an unlimited number of audio, instrument, and MIDI tracks in the work screen.
  • Quick render: Completely render audio and effects with a single press of a key.
  • Cloud-based collaboration: Upload tracks to Steinberg’s cloud servers for use in remote recordings.

The features are seamlessly integrated, making Cubase very easy to get into and use. Furthermore, the software is very stable. You don’t need to worry about potential crashes when doing intensive editing.

Downloadable music maker tools: Audacity

One of the most popular free DAWs, Audacity is great for people wanting to create quick tracks for videos or other purposes. Its open-source nature means that there is a lot of development around it. Some of Audacity’s noteworthy features are:

  • Audio-processing effects: Audacity hosts a large number of audio-processing effects for cleaning and enhancing tracks.
  • External devices: Users can quickly connect and set up external equipment like USB microphones and audio interfaces via the on-screen controls.
  • Import and export features: Audacity supports most commonly used audio file formats and offer quick export tools for such files.
  • Ease of use: All of the on-screen tools and tracks can be quickly accessed and manipulated using the keyboard.

These features are backed up by a thriving online community who can help creators learn more about the software.

Because of its accessibility and ease of use, Audacity has become a favorite of podcasters. It also works well for those wanting to experiment and learn more about audio editing.

Music makers to create great music for your Youtube videos

All of the tools in this list come with loads of features for creating great sounding music, and these music makers will be a great addition to your video production equipment. You can use them to create your own unique theme song, or as backing tracks to your main content. Use these tools to create a unique soundtrack for your videos and build your YouTube identity.