Pinterest’s New Lens Your Look And Pincodes are a Vast Improvement

With more people using Pinterest to discover new products and ideas, the site has been actively providing a helping hand in making it easier easier to do so. Newly announced visual discovery tools, know as Lens Your Look and Pincodes, will surely help even more.

A more powerful Lens

The first new tool that Pinterest unveiled is Lens Your Look, an improved version of its existing Lens feature. Lens Your Look lets users provide more context to their searches by adding relevant images taken using the Lens feature.

To use the feature, just tap the camera icon and take a picture of the item you want to search for. Pinterest will return relevant search terms that you can include to refine the results, as shown here, so you can drive more Pinterest traffic.

pinterest lens your look feature example

Pinterest said that Lens Your Look is the next major evolution for its Lens feature. The Lens feature lets users discover relevant pins and ideas just by taking a photo of an object that they want to look up. The tool uses machine vision to compare the uploaded image to the millions of pins on the site and return matches.

The site said that the text cues introduced in the update bring in a more conversational element to using Lens. This lets people do their Pinterest searches in whichever way they feel more comfortable.

More marketing opportunities using Pincodes

Pinterest is also introducing Pincodes to help users discover more products. Pincodes are unique QR-based codes that people can scan on their phones to see various product pins and listings on the relevant brand’s Pinterest boards.

The site is currently working with major brands like:

  • Nordstrom
  • Home Depot
  • Kia

As they rollout Pincodes to the wider public.

Users can also create their own Pincodes. To  generate your Pincode, just tap the profile image on your profile page. You will then see a series of colored dots surrounding the image, which will serve as your own Pincode.

pinterest pincode example

Using Lens and Pincodes to boost sales

The two new features can help marketers make their products more visible to a larger audience:

  • Anticipating the text cues that will appear in Lens Your Look searches will let you better label and categorize your product pins.
  • Prominently displaying your brand Pincode on your products can lead an audience to more of your offerings.

To further draw the attention of people to your product pins, you also need to draw their attention with a little bit of social success. Use our Pinterest Repins to give your product pins a push and help your audience discover them using these new tools.

Product discovery with Pinterest’s Lens and Pincode features

Pinterest’s two new features open a lot of avenues for users to discover more ideas and products. As a marketer or Pinterest user, you should definitely not miss the opportunity to connect with people through these features. With the Lens Your Look and Pincode features, as well as yesterday’s Pinterest Board Sections announcement, you will find all-new ways to enhance your Pinterest marketing strategy.